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It felt like hours had passed by with each step she took but only 20 minutes had passed since she had started walking. So far Amy was in the middle if an empty street with little to know lights, making the shadows around her darker and sinister looking. And to make things even worse it was also the middle of the night. Her eyesight wasn't the best as she did a quick scan around her, squinting her eyes to try and see better in the darkness, which did not help her too much. Every shadow made her feel nervous and fidgety, making her think there was someone or something moving around, closing in on her with each passing second.

"I hate this I hate this I FUCKING hate this!" Amy whispered loudly, folding her arms as she paced back and forth like she usually did when she felt upset. "If I stay here someone might find me." she said with a hopeful smile which quickly turned into a frown. "But if it's someone that likes to hurt people rather than help...then I'm in trouble." she drummed her fingers against her arm, deep in thought. "On the other hand if I keep moving I might find someplace safe to stay at or maybe find someone to help me get out of this place." It was another sign of hope for her only to be dashed away. "But that would also increase my chances of being killed quicker.." Unfortunately Amy didn't have much choice either way she looked at it.

Suddenly the sound of voices caught her attention and she looked around her, trying to pinpoint the direction of the voices. "I heard Bruce Wayne got put in Arkham City. I'd like to get five minutes with that rich son of a bitch." said a rough male voice.

"Bruce Wayne? Forgot about him. No way he'd make it in here." said another male voice that was different from the first voice. Not as rough sounding but a little deep in tone.

Footsteps were soon heard heading in her direction, coming closer and closer. Amy's eyes widened in fear as she quickly moved from the street, desperately looking for a place to hide. That however was a challenge in itself since there were barely any good places to conceal herself from view. The only place to hide, however, was a lone trashcan sitting on the sidewalk. Taking the chance she ran over to the trashcan and crouched down behind it, staying silent while she listened and peeked around the trashcan to see what was going on.

What she saw were two mean looking thugs that were big, muscled and armed. One of them carried a metal bat while the other held a long lead pipe, both which could deal very serious damage to a person. /At least they don't have guns./ Amy thought as she continued to silently watch the two, also noting that the two men were wearing face paint to look like clowns. Even though they were carrying weapons and would most likely not hesitate to kill any person on sight, Amy couldn't help but smile, her body shaking slightly as she held in the strong urge to laugh.

"They have such interesting choices in make-up, I wonder what beauty salon they go to." she whispered, almost letting out a laugh when she started to fall but quickly gripped the edge of the trashcan to keep her balance. Unfortunately when she grabbed the trashcan, it moved enough to make noise which caught the attention of the thugs.

"What the hell was that?" the one with the bat began to look around frantically, searching for the cause of the mysterious noise.

"I don't know." the other man replied, raising the pipe he held, ready to attack. "Think it was the Bat?"

Amy let out a breath that she had unknowingly been holding in, letting herself relax for the moment. Unfortunately her small moment of peace was interrupted by her phone as a chilling music theme from Five Nights at Freddy's began to play, telling her that Nick was calling her. The music of course quickly drew the attention from both thugs, giving away her spot of safety.

"Is that music?" Bat boy asked, looking over to the other inmate.

"Yeah...and it's coming from over there near the trashcan." Pipe-head replied as he began moving towards the eerie playing music with Bat boy following close behind.

Crouching down as much as she could there was nothing to hide herself with, and soon they would find her. Amy had to think of something quick or she would either be killed..or worse, but there wasn't much she could do that would save her. "How ironic. Music that is the cause of my death playing before I'm killed." she said with a growl. "God damnit Nick! You just had to choose now to call me?!" she whispered in frustration, balling her hands into fists and digging her fingernails into her palms enough to make her bleed.

Feeling the wet and sticky blood, Amy opened her hands and stared at the blood, grinning as an idea came to her mind. She would have to work quickly though if she wanted her idea to work, hearing the thugs draw closer and closer. Amy silently prayed that her idea would be convincing enough.

Soon enough Bat boy and Pipe-head were at the trashcan, kicking it aside to reveal Amy sprawled out on the cold concrete sidewalk, her eyes were closed and her body was motionless. "What the- it's just a damn girl!" Pipe-head exclaimed, looking up and down her body.

"Wait a minute...what is that?" Bat boy asked, noticing dark red splotches on Amy's motionless body. Her shirt had a few slashes on her shirt as well as her jeans, and her face had slashes crisscrossing on the left side of her face and one nasty slash near her right eye.

"Holy shit...that's..that's blood!" Pipe-head shouted in fear, quickly stepping back.

"I think she's dead. She's not moving...or breathing I think." Bat boy replied, poking at Amy's body with the bat, half expecting to get a response.

Amy on the other hand was desperately trying not to laugh while keeping as still as possible, trying to look and act like she was dead. But that wouldn't last long, so she had to do something if these idiots didn't move on. Each time she felt the tip of the bat poking her side she had to resist the urge to react, which was proving harder and harder to do. The cold air made it even harder to keep still, each breeze she felt made her want to shiver.

Pipe-head kept staring at Amy, this time he was staring at her face. "She doesn't look like someone who would be tossed in a hell hole like this." he looked up at his companion. "Should we take her body to Joker?"

Bat boy tilted his head, shrugging. "I don't know. What would the boss want with a dead body?"

"What if she isn't dead?" Pipe-head retorted with a wicked smirk.

Hearing those words made Amy panic inside. /Fucking god shit! Looks like it's time for plan B./ she thought as she carefully moved her foot, hoping the two clown faces wouldn't notice. Thankfully they were too busy talking about what to do with Amy's body to even notice her foot moving. /Just a few more inches.../

A sudden noise made the two clown thugs silent, both looking around the area for the source of the noise with their backs turned to Amy. After seeing nothing that posed as a threat they reverted their attention back to Amy, deciding to take her to Joker if she was only unconscious, only to stare at her as a wave of fear began to slowly course through their bodies.

Amy had arose with her blood covered hair hanging down, covering her face. Blood was dripping from her wounds as she stood there silently. The clown thugs only continued to stare back at her, unsure of how to react to the situation. It seemed as if time itself slowed down around them to a crawl.



Amy only had to fake lunge at the thugs, mouth open and arms outstretched in a attempt to grab at the thug closest to her. The end result was of both thugs screaming in terror and running away from her. She smiled and giggled until they were out of sight before letting out a loud heart filled laugh.

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You stupid shits! Shows how tough you are!" she shouted, continuing to laugh.

The loud scream that she had used to help scare the thugs away was another ringtone on her phone that was also from Five Nights at Freddy's, as well as being one of her favorite ringtones to use to scare people with. She chuckled a bit, having finally calmed down enough as she leaned against the wall for a moment.

"That was fun while it lasted...but I still want to get out of here..." she said to herself, then began to walk away in the opposite direction from where the clown thugs had run off to.

Unbeknownst to her, however, a tall and lanky figure had stood in the darkness having watched the whole scene unfold before it. The figure kept it's gaze on Amy, watching her as she walked away. Suddenly the figure moved from it's spot as it began walking in the direction Amy had taken.

Mechanical sounds could be heard as it walked along the street, followed by a chilling mechanical voice.

"It's me! I'm gonna getcha!"
Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped! Ch. 2
second chapter, hope you like it (: enjoy
Ch. 1

It was a seemingly quiet and peaceful Saturday morning, a small town that was surrounded by a mountainous area sat in silence as most of the residents in town were enjoying their day off from work. However, in a three story log cabin that was settled on a hill that overlooked the small town, the sounds of shouting and yelling followed by several curses could be heard from inside the cabin very clearly.

On the third floor of the cabin was a seventeen year old girl shouting at the t.v. sitting on a large diamond willow dresser. She growled into the headset she was wearing before tossing the xbox controller aside in frustration, getting up from her bed and pacing back and forth.

"Why do I bother playing this game if I keep fucking dying every five seconds!" she shouted, stomping her foot on the black carpet floor.

"Calm down Frost." said a male voice from the headset. "Playing Halo Reach on legendary is very difficult so you need to have patience."

Amy only rolled her eyes. "Thank you for the uplifting speech, Nick." she replied, staring at the t.v. with hatred. "Well I'm going to play something else. Any suggestions?" she asked as she removed the game from the xbox and began searching for a new game among the many other games she had in her closet.

"Uh....not really. I got nothing." he said.

"Not very helpful..." she muttered as she continued looking through her xbox games.

There was silence for a moment before Nick spoke up. "Did I tell you about the achievement that's in Batman Arkham City?"

"No. What about it?" Amy asked in reply.

"I don't know what it's supposed to be but you get the Joker skin for your avatar to wear." he replied back.

Just hearing the word Joker caught her attention, making her very interested in getting this achievement for her xbox avatar. "Are you being seriously for real about this? Because if you're not I'll have to hurt you." she said with a wicked grin.

"I'm telling the truth. I promise." Nick replied with a sincere tone in his voice.

Without another word Amy began looking for the game, having bought it several days after it came out. Nick had talked her into buying the game when it came out, and to this day she had forgotten why she had let him talk her into getting the game. She had barely played it after buying it and it became lost in her closet. Luckily for her it was not difficult to find as she pulled out the game and hurriedly put the disc in the xbox.

She impatiently waited as the game was loading, starting at the last place she saved. "Okay, where do I go to get this achievement?"

"It's right next to the alley where the outlines of Bruce's parents are." Nick said as he tried to remember. "You won't see it at first but just go right until you're alone in another alley."

Amy did as Nick told her until she was in a completely different alley alone. It seemed normal and nothing looked like it was out of place, until she spotted the infamous Joker smile that was spray painted on the left side of the alley wall. "Okay, I did that, now what?"

"Now go over to the Joker smile on the left side and press X."

After following the instructions she waited and waited for something to happen. Ten minutes had passed and still nothing happened. "Uh Nick, nothing is happening. What do I do next?" she asked with a confused tone of voice.

"You should've got the achievement-"

A noise was suddenly heard, followed by the achievement tag appearing at the top of the screen saying Achievement Unlocked: You Are Trapped! Amy stared at the screen until the achievement disappeared. "I think I got the achievement. Was it supposed to say You Are Trapped?" she asked.

"Uh no. It was supposed to say Joker Skin Unlocked." Nick replied, unsure of what to do. "That was strange though. Maybe it was a glitch or something?"

Amy rolled her eyes. "Of course. Only the games I play get a glitch when there's something awesome to get in the game." she sighed. "Well I'm going to head out to town and get some stuff for dinner. Text me if something comes up."

"Got it." Nick replied. "See ya later."

After turning the xbox off she grabbed her phone, making sure it was fully charged before shoving it in her back pocket, then she reached under her pillow and pulled out the large bowie knife that was still in its sheathe, hooking it to one of the belt loops on her jeans. Amy put her shoes on and went over to her bedroom door, planning on heading to the kitchen to get the money her parents left for her to buy food, but upon opening the door she did not see the hallway leading to the stairs.

Instead she saw the brick wall of a building with a few trashcans on the side of the wall, the ground was littered with various trash along with a few splatters of what looked like blood. But what really caught her attention was the green Joker face that was spray painted on the brick wall. It was the same exact one she saw on the game.

"...this can't be happening...I must've dozed off again." she said, trying to reassure herself. "I'll just close my eyes and I'll wake up..I hope..."

Amy closed her eyes for a minute or two before opening them, only to discover that she was no longer in the safety of her room and now in the dark alley alone. A harsh cold breeze made her shiver, also making her wish she had her black hoodie with her to keep her warm. So to escape the cold, Amy finally moved as she left the alley, hoping to find some sort of shelter to keep to keep her safe and warm until she could figure out what was going on.
Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped!
Yes it's another one, but this time I want to try to have less supernatural elements to this one.
It was almost midnight in town and everything was peaceful and calm for the moment, until it was suddenly interrupted by the loud noise of several things crashing and breaking, followed by shouting coming from one of the apartment houses sitting in between two larger apartment buildings. The lights were on in the house until they were suddenly turned off, the inside of the house now in complete darkness.

"God damnit!" shouted a feminine voice, shortly followed by the sounds of glass breaking.

The shouting and loud noises were enough to attract some attention from the people living beside the house as well as anyone who was walking by at the time. Several people had gathered close to the house, silently listening until all suddenly became eerily quiet within the house. A few people from the large crowd that had gathered foolishly moved closer, their curiosity getting the better of them.

Unfortunately the silence did not last long as a wooden table chair suddenly crashed through one of the windows, followed by the sound of an inhumane roar like howl. The people that had been standing in front of the house screamed and ran for their lives whilst the people living in the apartments shut and locked their windows, closing the curtains in fear.

Inside the house itself the rooms were a complete mess, the furniture and walls supported large bloody claw marks as well as on the floor. All the lights were out in each room, even a few of the lamps were broken. The t.v had been thrown across the room into the kitchen, the screen also supporting claw marks with larges webs of cracks that surrounded the claw marks. The kitchen and dining room were no better, the floor being littered with pieces of broken plates and bowls from the kitchen.

A tall feminine figure stood hunched over in the hall, tightly holding her stomach in pain as her whole body shook. Half of her clothes were shredded to pieces, leaving her in what little clothes she had left on her body. Her hands, once soft and smooth, were now covered in thick white fur, her short claws were replaced by long, black sharp claws.

"W-w-why...n-now?" she asked out loud, her breathing and voice hoarse as she leaned on her side against the wall. "A-at one is...h-h-here.." she said, struggling to to speak.

Unfortunately for her, it would only become worse for her.

The sound of the front door opening could be heard loud and clear throughout the house, along with two familiar voices. "Why are the lights off? Amy did Aura say anything about going out anywhere tonight?" Wynter asked with concern.

"Uh no...she never said anything about going out. She told me she was planning on staying here to read or something." Amy replied, her voice showing concern as well.

/Damnit...I can't let them see me...I have to get out of here before I lose control.../ Aura thought, making her way to the bedroom as quick as she could, if you could count having trouble walking being quick.

Wynter tried to turn the lights on only to discover that it was impossible, feeling the small pit of fear inside her begin to grow. "What the hell? The lights aren't turning on." Wynter said, feeling more concerned and afraid. "Aura are you here! What's going on!" she shouted, but did not get a response back.

Amy, who attempted to try and head to the living room in hopes to find any source of light, tripped over something and fell hard to the floor. "Ow...that hurt." she whined, sitting up and rubbing her leg.

"Amy you okay?" Wynter asked, carefully moving towards the sound of Amy's voice while doing her best to keep from tripping and falling as well.

Suddenly they heard a loud growl coming from the room at the end of the hall. They were both frozen in fear, afraid to move a muscle as their eyes tried desperately to focus in the darkness. Wynter finally found the courage to move and made her way over to Amy, leaning over to feel for Amy's hand, only to feel Amy grip her hand tightly.

Once she had a good enough grip, Wynter carefully pulled Amy up as quietly as she could, then they both slowly backed up towards the open door. However, whatever had growled began moving around in the room, causing several things to break and crash, snarling and growling. Wynter quickly pulled out her phone and dialed 911, staying in front of Amy as they kept backing up.

/Shit! The one time I decide to leave my staff in my room when I need it most right now!/ she thought, holding the phone to her ear as it rang.

"911 what is your emergency?" the woman on the end of the line asked.

Before Wynter could say anything, the sound of a window being broken was enough to send the silver panther and female lycan running out of the house in fright. Whatever or whoever broke the window was now outside. The only reason Wynter and Amy ran was because even if the intruder left they wouldn't feel safe. So they ran straight to Abby's shop, banging on the front door and yelling to be let in.

Lucky for them, Abby woke up at the sound of their yelling and quickly let them in, locking the door and grabbing her G36c in case something attacked. "Guys what the hell is going on?!" she asked, not taking her eyes away from the door, keeping the gun aimed on it.

"I don't know what's going on! I think something broke into the house and did something to Aura!"

"Before we head over there call the police first. I'm not taking the chance of being ambushed if there's something still in the house." Abby replied.

Wynter redialed 911 again after she had hung up the first time without noticing and explained the situation. In no time the police had finally arrived at the house, being very cautious when entering the house. When Abby, Wynter and Amy went back to the house, the police had put Do Not Cross tape around the house, keeping them out. So for that night, Amy and Wynter spent the night with Abby, feeling a little less scared than before.

However on the top of the house, a dark shadow of a large wolf creature sat unnoticed from the many police officers below as some of them stood outside of the house while the rest went inside. The shadow grinned wickedly at the sight below.

Tonight would be a delightfully large feast for her.

/Let the bloodshed begin.../
Night of the wolf
just thought of this last night and stayed up until 5 writing it. minor language and i only own Aura and Amy. hope you guys like it
Tonight was the night that Aura would meet Wynter's parents for the first time. Wynter was nervous and excited at the same time. However, Aura had a little plan of her own tonight, having thought of it all day nonstop. Just thinking of her plan caused her to smile mischievously, making Wynter a bit suspicious of her.

Night had approached quicker than she expected it to, but she had enough time to finish up her trap just in time as Wynter came inside. "Hey. Everything is ready. Your parents almost here?" she asked casually, trying to sound normal.

Wynter headed straight to the bedroom to change into something dressier for tonight while answering Aura's question. "Yes. They'll be here in ten minutes." she said, rushing as she began changing her clothes. "Sorry for being so late. Had to finish up a few things before coming here."

Aura only shrugged. "No big deal." she said, smiling. "Everything is clean and dinner is just about done."

"Cool. I'm glad that my parents agreed to this. At least you can meet them face to face without a whole bunch of people around." Wynter said as she finished changing.

"Me too...but unfortunately I won't be staying for long. I have something important to do tonight." Aura said, grinning and trying not to laugh.

The silver panther narrowed her eyes in suspicion at the wolf as she headed into the living room. The light was off, which she thought was strange considering her parents were about to be here any minute. She flicked the switch and groaned when the light did not turn on.

"Must be burnt out." she muttered, going over to the ceiling fan and checking the light.

Aura giggled and smirked as she peeked around from the kitchen corner, watching as her trap went into motion. Within a few minutes, Wynter was stripped down to her panties, bound and gagged with colored duct tape and a blue ball gag that was magically sealed in the back. Her arms were strung above her, a length of rope holding them from the ceiling fan. But the fun part was that Wynter's panties were tied to a thin piece of string that was tied to the rope. So anytime the silver panther would struggle, she would get a nasty wedgie in the process. 

The female werewolf turned the ceiling fan on, watching it slowly start to spin and move Wynter in a circle like a twisted carousel ride. Aura casually walked over to Wynter as she continued to struggle. "Payback for last time." she said before heading out the door, just as her parents arrived.

Aura paused for a moment, listening and laughing when they found Wynter strung up. With that done, the werewolf ran off into the night turning down a dark alley, the sounds of growling and fabric ripping apart could be clearly heard.
Meeting the parents
finally finished this P: only thing i have to say is NEVER work at the space and rocket center
If anyone has a request for a story or any specific stories they come up with, tell me and I'll do my best to get it done
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