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The night had been long, exhausting and quiet for the author as she worked non-stop through the night. Colorful lights and decorations were strung throughout every room, even up the stairs and in the rooms where everyone was currently sleeping. Having to decorate the upstairs while everyone was asleep was difficult but she managed to get it done without waking everyone. Although she did have one close call when Nick woke up to use the bathroom. Luckily he didn't see anything.

After the final last present was wrapped the author let out a sigh as she sat down in her chair, the lit fireplace keeping her warm. "Finally I can relax..." she said, her eyes closing as she fell asleep.

However as soon as she fell asleep the sun began to rise as morning came around, and Amy happened to wake up as soon as the light from the sun hit her face through the window. Amy opened her eyes and slowly sat up, letting out a tiresome yawn before leaving the room to head downstairs. Surprisingly she failed to notice the decorations and colorful lights that were placed everywhere. That soon changed when she entered the main room.

Her eyes widened as she stood and stared at the tree sitting in the corner of the room, fully decorated along with the room itself and noticed the many wrapped presents sitting under the tree. She followed the lights and decorations, realizing they also went upstairs and wondered to herself how she hadn't noticed that.

"What the fuck..." Amy muttered, walking over to the chair the author was currently sleeping in. She saw a card held in the author's hand and carefully grabbed the card and pulled it away, opening it and reading what was written inside. "To cast and staff, this card is the only thing I'm using for the Valentine's holiday. I'm not good with love and romance. So this card is for everyone. There's also a box of chocolates if you guys want those too. Anyways, I might not show that I care about you all, but the truth is without all of you I wouldn't have a story to write and I wouldn't have anything to give the people to read. Sure not a lot of people are interested in this kind of story, but at least there are a few that do care and take the time to read it. Thank you all for being able to help me make this happen. PS: Everyone gets one present. They have your name on it."

It was signed by the author and Amy couldn't help but smile as she set the card on the table sitting next to the chair. When Amy turned around she was startled to see several others awake and also stunned to see the decorated room. "Nice to see I'm not the only one awake.." she said with a bit of disdain. Amy wanted to see what presents the author got for everyone and find the chocolate before anyone else could.

"What's with the tree and decorations?" Nick asked, being one of the people that had woken up early. "Did the author finally lose her mind?"

"The author lost her mind?" Joker asked as he made his way to the tree. "I knew my insanity was rubbing off on her." he chuckled, looking at the presents in curiosity.

Amy rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up, Joker. She hasn't lost her mind...I think." she grabbed the card from the table and held it out to Nick. "Read this."

Nick grabbed the card and read what was written inside, looking up at Amy once he was finished reading. "Nice I guess. Should we wake her up?"

"No. Just let her sleep. Besides I want to see what my present is!" Amy said, rushing over to the tree in search of her present.

Nick couldn't hold back the smile that appeared on his face as he set the card down and quickly made his way over to the tree. "Don't touch my present! I hope she got me something good!"

The more commotion they made the more everyone else woke up to come downstairs and see what everyone else was doing. The author, who looked to be asleep, was actually awake and listening to all the talking in the room. She wanted to open her eyes and just tell them to open their presents but she had to be patient. Thankfully someone finally opened a present.

"Hey...there's nothing in here!" Amy shouted. "What the fu-" she was cut off when a bright flash of light exploded from the empty box she held and disappeared.

The author had to restrain herself from smiling when Nick began to freak out immediately. "Amy! Amy! Where'd she go!" he shouted, looking inside the empty box.

Figuring no one would understand at this point, the author opened her eyes and sat up, watching Nick with a smile. "Amy is fine. She's in a place where she's got what she always wanted."

Nick was unsure whether to believe the author or not, but then again why would she purposely lie to them. "Uh...not sure if I understood that. Could you repeat it again?" he asked.

The author sighed and glared at Nick. "She went to a place where there's one thing that makes her happy and at peace. That's my present to all of you." she explained. "Of course it only lasts until midnight. So when everyone returns, prepare to get ready for the next chapter!"

There was nothing but silence.

"You guys might want to move your asses because I'm only doing this once for you all!" she yelled.

Everyone immediately began grabbing their present and opened them, flashes of light illuminating the room. Once everyone was gone, the author closed her eyes again and smiled, actually falling asleep this time. She finally got the present she wanted.
Merry New Christmas Valentine Year!
The author decided to be generous and give everyone a break...including herself.
The day for Skye had been going great so far. He had been on his way to visit a friend of his that lived across town and had plans to use his paintball guns for a little game they made, along with a little surprise he had planned that was in his backpack. Skye was excited about visiting his friend since he hadn't seen her in a while, however today was going to turn out different for him as a white wolf had been following him for about a couple blocks.

How this boy had not noticed that he was being followed astonished the wolf as she focused on the backpack, the contents held within were beginning to move around. The boy didn't even notice the movement coming from his backpack as it unzipped itself, allowing a pink ball gag and two pairs of cuffs to slither out in silence. When the boy stopped at a four way intersection he leaned against the stop sign as he waited for his chance to cross the street.

This was the perfect time to strike as the wolf smirked, watching the boy's clothes come to life and carefully removed themselves from him, leaving Skye in his striped pink and blue panties. The wolf was beyond amazed at how distracted this boy was. He didn't seem to notice what was going on as he kept leaning against the stop sign. The wolf shrugged, knowing that he would soon notice what was happening, but by then it would be too late for him.

The cuffs quickly clasped themselves on Skye's wrists and ankles, bounding him to the stop sign. People walking by stared at Skye as if he were strange, some of them pointed and laugh which confused Skye. He shrugged and tried to cross the street but was surprised when he found that he couldn't move.

"What the-? Hey! What's going on!" he exclaimed, his tail wagging as he struggled in an attempt to get free.

Unfortunately his efforts were in vain as the ball gag quickly gagged him, locking in place with the key for the gag and cuffs tied to the ball gag. "Hymph! Lmph mmph gmph!" the ball gag muffled his voice as he continued to struggle.

As more people began to walk by they stopped to take pictures of Skye, some posing with him, others pointing and laughing as they went by. Skye couldn't stop himself from blushing, or stop his tail from wagging. The wolf smiled to herself as she watched from her spot, happy that she was able to cause a bit of mischief today. She trotted over to the bound boy and stood in front of him, casting him a glance along with a smirk before crossing the street, her head and tail held high in triumph as she crossed.

Skye watched the wolf curiously as it crossed the street, tilting his head and wondering if it had anything to do with what happened to him. Suddenly a single white flake of snow fell in front of Skye. He looked up at the sky as more flakes began to fall.

His ears flattened as he gave a muffled sigh. Hopefully he would find a way to get free before freezing in the cold as more snow began to fall...
Unlucky Skye
I apologize for how short this is and I apologize for getting it in so late, but I hope you enjoy it and I hope it cheers you up (:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
For a while Amy had been pacing back and forth on the metal platform, occasionally pausing to watch the shark when she glanced the sight of its dorsal fin breaking through the water, no doubt searching for food after catching the scent of her blood when it hit the water. Unfortunately for Amy she had no gadgets to help her cross the water like Batman did. The only thing she was carrying was a knife and that would prove useless for her in this situation...or maybe not.

" doubt the water is freezing cold. And no doubt that shark wants to grab me in its jaws and tear the shit out of me." she said out loud to herself, stopping to stare at the water that was still half covered with ice. She could see the figure of a body floating in the water, most likely dead already. /Why isn't the shark eating the body? Hmmm....if I could get to that body and use it to distract the shark long enough for me to get across that might work../ Amy smiled at her idea, then frowned when she realized in the end she would have no choice but to go in the water.

Memories of nearly drowning and freezing to death rushed at her like a tidal wave, not helping in boosting her confidence. She sighed and slapped her face. "No time to pussy out now. I have to do this." she muttered, her eyes searching for her destination. The neon words Iceberg Lounge caught her attention and it didn't take long for her to put two and two together.

"Of course, the Iceberg Lounge....well no time like the present I suppose." she said as she knelt down, beginning to maneuver herself down to the sheet of ice below her.

The ice was very slippery the moment her shoes made contact with it, almost causing her to slip and fall before balancing herself. Amy let out a small sigh of relief and began her walk across the ice, each step making her nervous with each passing second. She moved towards the body that was lazily floating in the water, whoever it had been died either from the cold or by drowning, maybe both but it was of no concern to her. She paused for a moment to check the water, seeing no ripples, waves or a dorsal fin in sight.

Moving over to the edge of the ice carefully, Amy knelt down and unsheathed her knife, groaning in pain when using her left arm to reach out and grab a hold of the shirt that was still on the corpse. She inhaled deeply, exhaling calmly before plunging the knife into the back of the body. Amy could tell rigor mortis had long before set in because she had a difficult time in cutting down the back. Some of the blood from the body was either frozen or clotted up but there was just a small amount of fresh blood that escaped from the wound.

"I just love my fucking job." she said sarcastically, sheathing her knife and standing back up. Amy pushed the body with her foot and watched as it bobbed in the water, floating away from the ice.

Now all she had to do was wait-


Or not.

It sounded like Freddy had finally freed himself from the small elevator lift and was on the move, looking for her. Amy let out a frustrated whine and pulled her phone out from her pocket to hold it in her left hand as she quickly slipped into the freezing cold water, wincing in pain as she raised her left arm high into the air to keep her phone dry and to keep her wound away from the water. Memories of almost freezing to death as well as drowning came rushing back again but she pushed those away. She felt the adrenaline rushing through her from fear as she swam towards the other side towards the Iceberg Lounge.

Suddenly the sound of splashing water caught her attention quick enough to look behind her. The body was gone, leaving nothing but a large circle of blood where it had been. All thoughts on Freddy killing her, drowning and freezing to death immediately left her mind as it was replaced with the theme music from the movie Jaws, followed by a constant image of a large open mouth full of teeth rising up beneath her below the murky water she was in. It was enough to make her swim faster as well as panic along the way.

"Fucking god damnit why did I have to watch that fucking movie last night!" she shouted, finally reaching a large part of ice that covered the water right beneath the platform sitting outside of the Iceberg Lounge entrance.

Her clothes were once again soaked and her body was numb from the cold water, but Amy could care less about that as she intently watched the water, half expecting the shark to explode out in front of her and drag Amy to her death. The thought alone made her frightened enough to stay still for ten minutes, afraid that if she moved it would happen.

"Okay...I'm going to get up...and move before it gets me." she muttered, giving herself a bit of confidence to stand up and look for a way to get up to the platform above her.

She went out as far as the ice went and looked up, realizing the problem that was staring her in the face. Even if Amy was taller than she was now it wouldn't be enough to even grab the railing. And to add on top of the problem, she had no gadgets like Batman had to help her get up to the platform. She desperately tried to come up with a plan but sadly could think of nothing to help her.

"How the fuck am I supposed to get up there?!" she shouted, secretly wishing there would be a thug close enough to hear her and investigate, however her wish did not come true. "Hmmm..." her eyes slowly drifted down to the ice beneath her and her brow raised.


Amy prepared herself for what would come next.


Amy: "No! There's no way in hell I'm doing this shit! Fuck you!"

Author: *sighs and looks at Amy* "You're doing this for everyone's entertainment, get over it!"

Amy: "But this is such bullshit! There's now way this is possible!"

Author: "You don't have anything to help get you on the platform and this was all I could think of!"

Amy: *gives the Author a glare* "They're not going to believe this shit! It's physically impossible!"

Author: "Well then you can prove that to them by actually doing it. Now shut the fuck up and continue!"

Amy: "I hate you. I fucking HATE you."


There was a crack in the ice before it exploded beneath her feet as the large grey shark broke through the ice she was standing on, its jaws wide open and ready to bite down on Amy's legs. The snout of the shark pushed Amy upwards with a tremendous force. Fortunately, with just a bit of sheer luck or pure stupidity, Amy used the force of being propelled upwards to jump away and grab onto the railing above her, holding on with her good arm for dear life. Amy glanced below her, instantly regretting it when she saw that the shark was inches away from biting off her dangling legs, its large and powerful jaws biting the air before it slipped back into the murky water with a splash.

Sadly there was no time for her to rest as Amy carefully tossed her phone on the platform far away enough so she wouldn't risk it falling into the water. The next part, however, was extremely painful for her as she used her injured arm to help pull herself up on to the platform, immediately sitting down and doing her best to calm down. Amy felt that she was on the verge of panicking and tried to think of other things to make her body and mind relax. Her quick breathing returned to normal and the panicked feeling slowly went away.

Amy looked at her phone, noticing a text from an unknown number on the phone before the screen went blank. Her brow raised in curiosity as she grabbed her phone and tapped the small button on the side, viewing the text message. The unknown person who sent it was added in her list of contacts but was titled as Friend instead of a name.

Friend: Having fun yet, Amy? :D

She stared at the message for a moment, wondering who sent the message and why. She shook her head and stood up, holding the phone tightly in her hand as she walked into the hall before her, hoping this would all be over soon. At this point, Amy could care less about looking at the fake animals mounted in the glass cases along with the many other things that were in the halls. She just wanted to go home and sleep without a care in the world. /Maybe I can just lay down on the floor and take a quick nap./ It was very tempting but the cold temperature from the ice made itself known, waking her up and pushing her to keep going.

At the end of the hall she opened the door that led into the main room where Penguin was hiding at, staring at him with a somewhat bored expression. It didn't look like he knew that she was here, or was even paying any attention when she opened the door, although she barely made any noise when she opened it. She waited and waited but still her presence went unnoticed by him which annoyed her.

Amy narrowed her eyes and looked at her phone, tapping her finger on the screen a few times before holding the phone out, pressing the volume button all the way up before playing one of her ringtones.


Needless to say, the result managed to make her smile and laugh when Penguin nearly freaked out. The ringtone itself wasn't that loud but it was enough to alert him as he almost dropped the freeze gun he was holding. Unfortunately Amy's moment of joy was cut off abruptly when Penguin sharply turned in her direction and fired the freeze gun at her.

She knew what that gun was capable of and did not want to be on the receiving end of it as she moved to avoid the cold blast of ice that nearly touched her. "What the fuck was that for?!"

"I see the Bat's new little helper came along to help him. Didn't know you would be this stupid to take me on alone." he replied in a snarky manner, keeping the gun aimed in her direction.

Amy couldn't help but growl. "I'm not his fucking helper! And I am not stupid!" she shouted, wanting to punch Penguin in the face for his little comment. "I'm just here to observe then leave!"

"You expect me to believe that?" he said, grinning. "Obviously you don't know who I am, girly. Or do you prefer to be called Amy?"

Her eyes went wide as she felt a chill inside her body, not from the cold but from shock. /How the fuck does he know my name! I don't remember telling anyone./ She searched her mind to find out to hopefully have an answer for her question. /Only Batman knows my name...right? Wait...Joker called me Amy when he had me tied to a fucking chair. And then Batman went and said my name out loud like an idiot so everyone could hear./ The very memory made her annoyed. /But then how would Joker know my name before Batman even showed up?/

Suddenly as if to answer her question Amy's phone vibrated in her hand, showing on the screen that it had received another text message. She quickly slid her finger across the screen and read the message that was sent by the same contact earlier.

Friend: Hope it's not too cold at the museum! :) :) Don't go catching a cold now! And tell Bats I said hi! He hasn't responded to my calls. ):

Amy let out a sigh and cursed at herself for being so stupid, pocketing her phone. "Please tell me you're the only one that knows."

"Everybody knows! Word gets around fast here so congratulations, you're popular!" he said.

She rolled her eyes. "Wow I feel so special now. Let's throw a celebration honoring me for my popularity." she replied with heavy sarcasm.

Suddenly the door opened. But instead of seeing the Dark Knight walk through the door, Amy was met with Freddy. She stared at him in surprise, her mind exploding with the question of how he managed to get across the water without being torn apart by the shark or sinking to the bottom. As far as she could tell there were no signs of water on him which made her curious even more.

Penguin wasn't sure of what to make of the animatronic, baffled why and how it was here. "What the bloody hell is that thing?" he muttered.

Unfortunately for Amy, her curiosity was replaced with fear when Freddy turned his head at Amy, their eyes meeting each other as they stared for a moment.



Amy took off running away from Freddy as he quickly took off after her, his arms stretched out and ready to grab her. However the chase was cut short when she heard the sound of something happening behind her and slowed down to take a glance, smiling and coming to a stop as the now frozen Freddy stood behind her. She looked over at Penguin who had the gun aimed at the now frozen Freddy, grinning as he now aimed it at Amy.

Her smile disappeared along with her laughter, being replaced with a frown. "Oh come on! What did I ever do to you!"

"I'm not taking any chances with you, girly. Hope you like becoming a popsicle!" Oswald said, laughing as his finger squeezed on the trigger.

That's when the door opened again and Batman entered the room this time instead of another murdering animatronic. It didn't take long for Batman to notice that Amy was there, making him glare at her with his look of disappointment that she had grown used to. Amy could only give Batman a weak innocent smile, shoving her hands into her pockets and acting as if she had done nothing wrong.

"Nice to see that you're alive. But when this is over we're going to have a long talk." he said in a sort of disciplining tone of voice.

"Uh...right. I'll just be on my way then." she said, quickly moving towards the door only to jump back when the floor in front of her became solid ice.

"You're not going anywhere. After I'm done with Batman, I'll feed you to my little pet as a snack!" Penguin said, chuckling and laughing cruelly.

And with that said he began to fire the freeze gun at Batman, who quickly dodged the beam of ice. Amy quickly hid behind the safety of the walls, not moving as Penguin kept firing in attempt to freeze Batman. Unfortunately Amy knew how this would play out as she carefully peeked out to watch, almost as if she were watching a Youtube video as Batman had successfully made it to where Penguin was standing and gave him the baddest and probably the most painful uppercut to the small man, knocking him off the fake tower of ice. At least she assumed it was fake.

Then came the explosion and Batman fell into the pit below where Solomon Grundy was being kept. "Great. Now to watch the fight." she said. "Wish I had a drink and some popcorn...and maybe a video camera."

Giving a small smile, Amy pulled out her phone and began to take a few pictures before switching it to camcorder mode, then tapped the record button and positioned herself so she could watch. But while she was watching, she failed to notice that the ice entrapping Freddy was beginning to crack, a few small pieces falling off.


A small movement of the fingers. His eyes slowly moving to stare at Amy.

Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped! Ch. 8
So far she has been lucky, but how long will it last until her luck runs out?
The day was relatively bright and peaceful during the early afternoon. Not much was happening as everyone went about the day to either work or relax. For Renamon it was a chance for her to relax. She never had too many chances to relax so she would definitely savor her free time as much as possible before the day would end.

A nice stroll through the woods sounded perfect.

It would have been better had she not been wearing human clothes, but having been in trouble with the authorities for not wearing clothes earlier on she was forced to wear the uncomfortable things unless she was doing her job. She pushed the thoughts away as she tried to enjoy the peace and quiet in the woods, entering a large clearing that sat in the middle of the forest that she had claimed as a place for her to relax and meditate.

However she was greatly surprised to see that she was not alone when spotting a blue furred female fox with a spot of white on her face and chest sitting in the clearing. The strange female fox wore a very strange assortment of clothing and held a staff in her left hand. Now this would not have bothered Renamon if they were elsewhere, but this fox was intruding on her spot that she had claimed for herself. And Renamon was not the type to share with others.

"What do you think you're doing here? This is my spot! Go find your own." she said in a threatening tone.

Krystal narrowed her eyes at the fox digimon and stood up. "I don't see your name anywhere, so therefore this 'spot' does not belong to you." she replied, obviously not showing any signs of fear. "I'm sure you can find other areas like this if you look-"

"Diamond storm!"

Krystal was cut off as a barrage of razor sharp shards came at her without warning, barely giving her time to move out of the way as they struck the spot Krystal had been sitting in. Renamon was not one to walk away and loved a challenge. Fighting off this blue fox would be no problem for her. Krystal glared at Renamon and went into a fighting stance, ready for the next attack. As the two faced off, a pair of blue eyes hidden among the forest silently watched the two with interest.

Soon enough, a barrage of fireballs and razor shards flew everywhere, hitting the trees and earth as the two female vixens fought each other. They were fast enough to dodge each other's attacks but were destroying the once peaceful clearing. The clearing itself barely looked like a spot of calm and relaxation anymore, now it looked like a large patch of dirt with bits and pieces of grass. Some spots were burnt and had several razor shards stuck in the ground.

This fight had gone on long enough.

The vines and roots from the trees began to move, slithering towards the two fighting foxes. The vines quickly shot out and wrapped themselves around Renamon's wrists and arms first, binding them tightly behind her back. Krystal only smirked and laughed at Renamon's misfortune, only to yelp in surprise when the same thing happened to her, causing her to accidentally drop her staff. Then the tree roots attacked the two, wrapping themselves around the two foxes feet and legs to bind them as well.

Now the two vixens were stuck, unable to get away from their unfortunate situation. But the trees weren't finished with them just yet. Sending out more vines, they moved towards the females, slipping underneath the clothing and wrapping themselves tightly around their panties. Then with one swift pull, Renamon and Krystal yelped out in surprise and pain as the vines gave them a nasty wedgie, pulling and pulling until any movement they made would cause more pain. A few more vines shot out at the two captive vixens, gagging them both to silence their painful groaning.

Suddenly, walking out from the trees was a female white wolf with ice blue eyes. She stared at the two with a glare, giving a low growl before trotting off, her tail held high in the air. Such childish behavior caused by two vixens would not be tolerated by the forest spirits. The punishment was fitting for both of them as she moved through the trees, making her way into the small town that sat right next to the forest.

The wolf stood within the trees, watching the people go by until one person in particular caught her interest. A strange young boy that had chocolate brown wolf ears and tail.

This would be most interesting indeed...
Nature's payback
A little fight between Renamon and Krystal goes south when nature decides to step in
Hey guys, I'm making this journal for all to read because I am giving permission to anyone who wants to draw scenes from my story Achievement Unlocked as well as the behind the scene parts. The only characters that belong to me are Nick and Amy. So if you love reading this story and want to draw a part from one of the chapters or if you want to draw the whole thing to make as a comic, go ahead as long as you remember to mention that credit for the story goes to me.

Again, this is for anyone interested in the story. You have my permission to draw out the whole thing.

Anyways that's all I have to say. See ya later!
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Hey guys, I'm making this journal for all to read because I am giving permission to anyone who wants to draw scenes from my story Achievement Unlocked as well as the behind the scene parts. The only characters that belong to me are Nick and Amy. So if you love reading this story and want to draw a part from one of the chapters or if you want to draw the whole thing to make as a comic, go ahead as long as you remember to mention that credit for the story goes to me.

Again, this is for anyone interested in the story. You have my permission to draw out the whole thing.

Anyways that's all I have to say. See ya later!
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: the words i type
  • Watching: my life go by
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