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The table was set, the food already placed on the table neatly as well as plates, silverware, napkins and glasses full of everyone's favorite drink. Speaking of which all of the characters were sitting the at the large table, along with the author herself, everyone ready and eager to eat. The room was decorated with Christmas lights, lighting the room with many different colors that brought a happy feeling to some. There was even a large fireplace sitting on the left side of the room, the flames engulfing the small logs of wood that were nestled within.

The author stood up and overlooked everyone that was sitting at the table. "I know it's December...I'm sorry we missed Thanksgiving." she said. "But it was worth it so I figured we should still have a Thanksgiving dinner for all the hard work you guys put in for chapter 6." surprisingly no one replied. "Uh...Nick say grace so we can start eating." the author said before sitting down.

Nick shrugged and gave a grin. "Grace! Let's eat!" he said.

That was enough for everyone to begin eating some being neat with eating while others made a mess. So far everything was calm as a few talked among themselves. Amy, however, stopped eating to look at the author. "So what exactly is going to happen to me? Am I surviving this horror story or going out in some stupid ridiculous way?" she asked.

The author paused and looked at Amy, smiling. "You know I can't tell you that. It would ruin the surprise and spoil the fun. Trust me, you are more important than you realize."

"I find that hard to believe." she said. "And I don't think this story of yours is going to gain much popularity since it barely caught anyone's attention."Amy commented, grabbing her fork to poke at her food.

The author blinked, unable to find the words to speak for a moment until she finally thought of something to say. "It has caught attention from a lot of people and I plan on making other stories in the future."

"So is that why those guys are having dinner with us as well?" Amy asked, gesturing to the other side of the room where there were a few more large tables with food, and seated at the tables were many other characters that were not in the current story but would be in other stories to come. "I mean, it's bad enough having the characters from Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2 here, along with Arkham City and Arkham Asylum." she said. "But don't you think it's a bit much with have the Avengers here? Including Fantastic-"

"Shhh!!!! Shut the fuck up, Amy!" the author nearly shouted, . "No one can know about them until later...after this story is finished...if I feel like telling everyone."

Nick scoffed. "Yeah, like that'll ever happen."

The author glared at Nick before smirking. "Just for that comment, I'm going to do something to you in one of the new stories. And trust me, you'll hate it."

Nick stopped eating, dropping his fork on the plate as he stared at the author. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" he asked, sounding a bit pissed off and worried.

"Well if you like having green skin and have to hide from public because you're a freak of nature-." Amy began saying, leaning back in her seat to get more comfortable.

"Shut up, Amy! No one asked for your two cents!" the author said, quickly cutting Amy off before she revealed too much.

"Maybe we should all just take a deep breath and calm down-" said a person.

"You be quiet over there!" the author shouted at one of the people sitting at the other table.

Suddenly the Joker began laughing hysterically as a few villains began to gang up on Batman, doing their best to try and kill him in whatever way they could. Along with that, a couple more fights broke out at the other tables, fireballs being thrown and setting things on fire, and weapons clashing against other weapons.

Before the author could attempt to stop the fighting the tables were either overturned or picked up and hurtled at the walls, leaving nice sized holes. Food, plates, silverware and drinks were scattered all over the floor causing a few people to slip as the fighting grew worse. Amy and Nick had left the room to avoid the fight, but the author stayed, standing up from her chair as she crossed her arms.

She watched the fighting for about ten seconds, quickly growing bored of it all. "EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" she shouted, having to use her author powers for once.

Thankfully it was enough to make the fighting stop. Everyone had paused to stare at the author, some were staring in disbelief while others were more annoyed rather than surprised. Amy and Nick opened the door to peek inside, seeing that the fighting had finally stopped and returned to the room.
"Way to go." Amy said, grinning as she chuckled. "Would you like to throw another dinner for everyone?  I'm sure that one will go better than this one did."

The author looked at Amy with a glare that quickly shut her up before returning her attention back to everyone else. "Okay. I tried to do something nice for everyone's hard work and yet all I'm rewarded with is nothing but insults.." she paused to glance at Amy then returned her gaze towards everyone. "And fighting. So here's what's going to happen." she said, doing her best to stay calm. "Everyone get the fuck out before I kill you all."

There was a bit of hesitation from everyone in the room, unsure if the author was only playing around or being serious. Nick and Amy looked at each other before Nick stepped towards the author. "You're joking right? Is this just another one of your pranks?" he asked, chuckling nervously.

The author sharply turned around, causing Nick to jump back in fear  as a dark aura suddenly seemed to surround the author. "I said get the fuck out or I'll cut your goddamn throats and skin you alive!" she shouted, causing everyone to quickly leave the room.

When the room was empty the author sighed as she began to clean up the destroyed room, the dark aura surrounding her disappearing. "I hate you." she muttered. "I hate you all."
Late Thanksgiving with spoilers, insults and drama
Having Thanksgiving with characters that hate each other usually ends badly...
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
It didn't take a genius to figure out who the voice belonged to. She could kind of make out Joker's figure in the darkness, but when he stepped out into the light so suddenly Amy felt herself jump in the chair she was tied to. Amy was silent for a moment until she mustered the courage to say something. "Do you have a blanket or something to keep me warm?" she asked casually. "I'm still kind of cold after taking a swim in the ocean."

"Why of course! Would you also like a pillow and a cozy bed with you're blanket?" the Joker asked with a laugh, before going into a coughing fit.

Amy, however, was unamused. "Oh, sure. Why the fuck would I expect him to actually listen. How stupid of me." she muttered, trying her best to relax in the chair despite her situation.

The chair suddenly lurched forward, startling Amy as she was face to face with Joker, her eyes looking over every detail of the scars and deformed skin that were on his face. She knew it was the result from the Titan he injected himself with at Arkham Asylum, and it actually scared her to see him like this right in front of her face. His smile seemed ten times creepier now than before.

"Listen girly." he spoke, his voice now a little deep with the hint of anger. "I could always introduce you to the boys and let them have their fun with you." he paused, letting those words hang in the air for a moment before speaking. "But-" the chair suddenly went back, landing with a thud as it was back on all fours. "I think we'll need you here to help me with my condition." he laughed which quickly turned into a coughing fit. "As I'm sure you can see...I'm not feeling very well."

Despite how much fear she felt inside her, Amy forced it aside, trying her best to bring a little humor into the tension that was built up in the room. "It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I have eyes, I can see that you're sick." she said, doing her best to look brave and unafraid.

"Why do we need her, puddin'?" Harley asked, calmly walking back and forth before stopping in front of Amy, crossing her arms. "She doesn't even look like a doctor."

Amy couldn't help but feel relieved and terrified at the same time. /They think I'm a goddamn doctor? At least that's good in my favor...but I can only play that out for so long before they either grow bored and kill me or find out I'm not a doctor and kill me.../ She rolled her eyes. /I have the worst shitty luck ever!/

"I say we kill her and keep using that other doctor. I'm sure she knows a way to make you feel better." Harley spoke, going over to Joker to hug him from behind.

Of course Joker wasn't having that and gave an annoyed growl before harshly pushing Harley away from him. "Are you questioning me, Harley?" he asked threateningly.

"No no! O-o-of course n-not, puddin'." she replied quickly, backing away from him in fear. "I w-w-was only saying-"

"Oh just shut up and get rid of the old doctor. Give her to the boys as a present." he said before leaving the room.

"Right away Mister J!" Harley spoke, leaving the room as well.

Amy was now alone in the room, tied to a chair with no way of freeing herself. She looked at herself, noting that her knife was on the floor sitting at the other side of the room. Luckily her phone was still in her pocket, but had Joker or Harley tampered with it while she was unconscious? She didn't have the answer for those questions and decided to find out after she escaped from this place.

Unfortunately she had no time to figure out a plan as she heard voices shouting, she couldn't tell where they were coming from but tried to listen anyways. Soon everything went silent, which was very unsettling for Amy until she saw Joker pushing an unconscious Batman into the room she was in, with Harley following as she joyfully skipped into the room. Batman was tied to a wheelchair and was placed in front of the large window with the back of the chair facing the window. Harley went over to the unconscious Batman and carefully stuck three needles into his left arm, smiling as she did. The needles were connected to small tubes that were connected to three bags of blood that hung from a thin metal stand which sat right next to the wheelchair. However Amy was caught off guard when she saw another Joker waltzing in behind them, staring with disbelief.

"What the fuck?" she muttered, looking back and forth from both Joker's. The one walking behind Joker and Harley looked like the one she had spoken to earlier. But the Joker that had pushed Batman into the room looked as healthy as ever!

The sick looking Joker noticed Amy staring and chuckled. "What do you think, Amy? It's like looking at a mirror!"

"Sure...if you say so." she said, continuing to watch as the healthy Joker stared back at her, almost glaring at her. /Wait a minute...I remember this...healthy Joker is Clayface? And Batman is being injected with Joker's blood...I think./ Amy thought, tilting her head. /God it's been so long since I've watched the walkthroughs. Hmmm...should I say something to him?/ She wanted to say something, although saying anything that could possibly get her killed would be bad for her. /Fuck it. I'm not missing a once in a lifetime opportunity./ "Hey Clayface. What's up?" she said.

Clayface Joker stayed silent, unsure of how to respond to Amy's comment. Instead he just left the room in a quick pace, leaving Amy puzzled as she watched him leave. The real Joker, however, was now very curious. "How did you know who it really was?" he asked, moving close to Amy.

Amy smiled nervously as she tried to shrink down in the chair, but the ropes made it impossible for her to do so. "Uh..uh...lucky guess?" she said, hoping it was a good enough answer.

Thankfully for Amy, Batman stirred, showing some signs of waking up. Joker quickly backed away into the shadows of the room hunched over a bit while Harley walked up to Batman with a look of confidence and curiosity. Batman opened his eyes just as Harley was about to touch Batman's mask, but she quickly pulled her hand away when Joker spoke to her. "Get back here, Harley!" he demanded in a harsh tone before having another coughing fit which sounded worse than ever.

The light of the moon shone through the windows and brightened some parts of the room, but left some parts dark and covered in the shadows; which the Joker was hiding in. "But I want to know who he is, sweetie." Harley replied back, sounding like a child that wanted to open a present on Christmas to see what they got.

Joker straightened up as he replied. "No one's who you think they are, my dear. Why spoil the fun?"

Batman stared at the Joker, his facial features stoic as usual. "It was all a lie. There's nothing wrong with you." he said, shaking his head, sounding almost as if he were disappointed. Or maybe he was disappointed that he believed it? Amy wasn't exactly sure but didn't say anything as she watched and listened.

Joker looked over at Batman and began to casually walk towards him. "Nice of you to say." he said, getting closer. "But, you of all people should know..." as soon as he was close enough, Joker leaned forward into the light, revealing his sickly white skin. "There's plenty wrong with me."

Amy tried to resist the urge to laugh as a smile appeared on her face, but in the end failed as she began to giggle and laugh in the chair. "HA! That's a fucking understatement right there!" she said, trying her best to stop laughing.

Hearing Amy's voice caught Batman's attention very quick as he turned to look at her with an upset look. "Amy I told you to stay at the church!" he said, greatly hinting that he was pissed off at her.

She looked at him with a laid back expression and shrugged. "Well now you can see for yourself how well I listen to other people." she said as if it were simple.

"Amy I already knew you were here. I put a tracker in your phone when I found you unconscious." he replied, mentally wishing he had made sure that she would stay with the others before he left her.

"Thanks for the comfort." Amy said sarcastically. "I feel really protected now. Was it also your plan to get caught in your attempt to rescue me?" she asked, surprisingly enjoying every minute of this conversation.

Before Batman could reply, Joker decided to cut in. "Are you and Bats working together?" he asked, chuckling. "You seem a bit young and inexperienced to be any kind of sidekick."

Amy gave Joker a blank stare before responding. "Was I just insulted by The Joker himself?" she asked, mainly to herself. "That was a little hurtful."

Joker ignored Amy's comment and returned his attention back on Batman, pulling out a vial full of his blood and held it for Batman to see. "As I was saying, take my blood for example." he said, straightening up and looking at the vial himself. "I wish somebody would..." he then looked back at Batman. "This stuff is killing me!"

"Why should I care?" Batman asked, showing no sign of remorse.

Joker chuckled as he replied. "Because now there's a teeny little bit of me in you too, Bats." he watched as Batman looked at the drained blood bags that hung beside him. "Oh, c'mon. Don't tell me it's not what you always wanted." Joker said, letting out a cough.

Batman tugged at his restraints in an effort to get free from the chair but it was in vain as the ropes tightly bound him to the wheelchair. Joker's voice drew his attention away from his attempt to get free. "Look, we're running out of time." Joker said, actually sounding like he wanted Batman to help him. "I nearly had a cure; it was so close and then it was taken from me." he said, walking away to stand in the moonlight, hand to his chin as if he were thinking.

"So we both die. I'm fine with that." Batman replied, sounding like he actually didn't care if he died.

Joker turned his head at Batman. "Are you? Imagine, sucking down that last breath, knowing that Gotham is doing the same." he said, moving over to Batman, almost crouching down to be at eye level with Batman.

"What are you talking about?" Batman asked, now very interested and worried of what Joker was talking about.

Joker replied with a gasp of surprise. "Oh, didn't I say?" he said before sitting himself on Batman's lap.

Amy had been silently listening as well as watching until she made a comment of her own. "No you didn't! Please do tell us! We're dying to know!" she said, acting like the smartass she was only to receive a deadly glare from Joker.

From that point she stayed quiet, smiling nervously as Joker looked back at Batman. "I've spent weeks shipping samples of my blood to emergency rooms all over the city." he stood up with his back turned to Batman.

"So, that's Protocol Ten. Poison Gotham. I expected more." Batman said.

/Oh yeah. That's a smart move. Challenge him like an idiot so he can kill me to one up you. Nice move there, fucktard./ Amy thought, wanting to say it out loud but kept her mouth shut instead.

Joker then turned back around with a somewhat surprised look on his face. "Protocol Ten?" he gasped. "Never heard of it." he said, actually telling the truth for once. Joker then walked over to Batman, leaning in to speak. "Hold tight!" he said, before pushing the wheelchair with his foot, hard enough to make it go out the the window. "I'll be in touch!" he shouted at Batman fell to the ground below.

Now with Batman out of the way, Joker could focus his attention on Amy. She wasn't a doctor and seemed to be working with Batman. So the question was how to deal with her. And there was one idea that made him smile. "Oh Harley dear!" he called.

Harley instantly responded like a puppy would respond to its master. "Yes Mister J?" she said, sounding happy as usual.

"Please make Amy feel at home. Introduce her to the family. I have things to take care of." he said as he left the room.

"With pleasure Mister J!" she exclaimed, eager and wanting to get rid of Amy.

"Wait, what?" Amy said, feeling that everything was happening too fast as Harley grabbed the back chair Amy was bound to and began to drag it out of the room.

They entered another room, however this one was smaller than the previous room and had a large opening to the left. Amy knew where it led to and was even more terrified when the chair was placed on the ledge, able to have a nice view of the concrete below as well as the thugs that were down there.

"Have fun with her boys! Be gentle!" Harley shouted as she let go of the chair, letting it fall.

Amy had no time to scream as the chair hit the ground with enough force to break, allowing her to escape the rope that had her bound to the chair. She quickly stood up, wincing when she felt a sharp pain in her left arm. She could feel nothing in her left arm, unable to even move her fingers as she tried.

"Harley you fucking bitch!" Amy shouted, looking up to see that the psycho clown girl was still there, looking down at her with a crazed smile. "You broke my goddamn arm!"

"Sorry kid! I'm sure the boys will help you feel better!" she replied, laughing that high-pitched laugh of hers.

Amy clenched her right hand into a fist, keeping her left arm held at her side. "Can I at least have my knife back? I deserve to have some sort of fighting chance!" she shouted, hoping Harley would actually be stupid enough to listen.

And surprise surprise, Harley left for a moment before returning with Amy's bowie knife, tossing it down to her. "Sure. Go ahead." she said with a laugh. "Not like you'll have a chance with it anyways. Later kid!" with that said, Harley finally left.

Unfortunately Amy was now in more trouble than she wanted to be in. She quickly reached down to grab her knife laying by her feet on the concrete, using her teeth to unsheathe her knife before holding the knife out in defense. She was a bit pissed when several thugs laughed at her as they slowly closed in on her. /Great, I'm going to die looking like an idiot. Just what I always wanted./  She thought, ready to go out fighting.




The noise was loud enough to draw everyone's attention. Unfortunately Amy wished they would've attacked her instead. She knew what that noise belonged to and had hoped she would never have to come into contact with said thing that made that noise. Some of the thugs went up to the wall that surrounded them, wondering what was causing the noise.




They quickly backed away, holding up the weapons they had, ready to attack. "What the hell was that?" asked one holding a metal bat.

"I don't know. But whatever it is it'll think twice when we beat the shit out of it!" shouted another.

They were ready to fight whatever it was, only there was no noise that followed afterwards. Everything had grown eerily quiet.



The sound was loud and sudden, along with what followed.

Amy was half excited and half horrified when she saw Foxy jumped over the barricade and began his onslaught of terror. Almost every thug screamed as they attempted to defend themselves against the terrifying animatronic, only to be slashed by Foxy's sharp metal hook and bitten by his sharp teeth. Most had their arms and half their skull torn off, leaving some of the brain and flesh exposed, blood painting the concrete as it was splattered and gushed freely.

At one point, as Amy was reattaching the sheath to the loop on her pants and sheathing her knife, she and Foxy made brief eye contact. It was very weird and strange, but Amy felt some sympathy for the animatronic, even though it was murdering people around her.


Then the sympathy was broken as Foxy used his signature move that she had seen a million times on the game. And that move was Foxy running straight for her, his hook raised as he closed in on her. Amy almost didn't move until her mind finally registered what was happening, holding her left arm as she ran away in fright from the murdering fox.

Her eyes searched everywhere for an escape route, having no luck until she spotted a small opened in the barricade. Would she even fit through it? She was about to find out as she ran towards it with Foxy close on her heels. The moment Amy reached the opening she crouched down to squeeze through it, falling back and catching herself. However that only caused more pain for her arm and she held it close to her chest before pulling herself through, just in time as Foxy's hook slammed down on the concrete right in the spot she had been in just seconds ago.

She backed away, then turned and ran off to any place that was nowhere near the horror she had encountered. Amy slowed to a walk when she felt something warm, sticky and wet seeping through the hoodie she was still wearing.

"What the-?" she muttered, looking down only to discover a nice large and deep gash on her left arm. She stared at her arm in utter disbelief as fresh blood slowly poured out of the wound, unsure of what to do or how to react. "Why me...what did I do to deserve this?" she asked no one. "If this is a sign, I get it. No more doing stupid shit. I'll stay put." she said, beginning to make her way back to the church.

/There has to be someone there that can help me with this. I'll be fine. Then I'll find a way home and this will all turn out to be a bad dream./ She thought, trying to reassure herself as she walked down the empty street, hoping she would reach the church without any surprises.
Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped! Ch. 6
Amy finally escapes the Joker but not without paying a price...
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(Contains: nudity)
Today had been another exhausting day at work for Aura and yet she somehow managed to let Amy talk her into going for a walk at the beach. The female werewolf was tired and exhausted from working all day, and the last thing she wanted to do was go out to the beach, but Amy gave Aura that look that could make even the most cold hearted person give in to her childish demands. Amy was of course happy as ever, squealing with joy as she changed her clothes immediately while Aura waited for the excited female lycan. Having Amy around was like having a little sister you had to put up with and take care of, but she made Aura smile with her usual uppity and care free attitude.

As soon as Amy came back wearing her white two piece bathing suit that had green, yellow and orange flower designs on it, along with a large tan towel slung over her shoulder, she smiled at Aura. "I'm ready! Let's go!" she said, unable to contain her excitement.

Aura couldn't help but smile as she followed Amy out the door. "Yeah. Let's go." she said, giggling as she followed Amy to the beach.

The walk to the beach was as Aura expected it to be. It was a lot warmer today than the last several days, being close to the eighties which was strange since the month they were in was November. Although the female werewolf wasn't complaining; in fact she loved the warmth and wished it were a little warmer than this, but it was better than being in the cold. Aura also noticed a lot of people were out today due to the warm weather, almost as if it were summer. /Might as well enjoy it while it lasts./ She looked at Amy to see her walking up ahead of her, eager to get to the beach and swim in the ocean.

Luckily for them the beach wasn't that far away, being only several blocks away, sitting right at the edge of town. It was one of her favorite places to go to, especially when her friends came along with her, but today it was just her and Amy. She didn't mind going with Amy, seeing that it was a nice day today, but she was still tired from work and wanted to take a nap. /Oh well, some time at the beach won't kill me./ At least she would have the day off tomorrow.

After finally reaching the warm sand of the beach, Amy wasted no time in running off ahead, tossing her towel aside on a spot in the sand as she made her way into the water. She squealed in surprise when the cold water came in contact with her body, but the cold feeling quickly went away as she swam around, going under the water for a few seconds before resurfacing. Aura went over to Amy's towel and straightened it out on the sand, then walked to the shoreline as she watched Amy swim around in the water.

Aura shivered from the coldness of the water as the small waves crashed against her jeans. Not the best day to wear them but she didn't care, she could wash them after they returned back home. Aura looked at the sand beneath her feet, reaching down to pick up seashells, mainly the ones that really interested her, and went to set them on Amy's towel.

"So many pretty seashells today. Maybe I could make designs on these or something and give them to people..." she said to herself, smiling as an idea formed in her head. "I just got an excellent idea for Christmas!" she whispered excitedly before running back to find more seashells.


After a few hours of staying at the beach, the sun had begun setting and the warmth of the air was disappearing. Aura surprisingly had fun today, even when Amy came out of the water covered in seaweed after swimming. That would be a memorable picture for everyone to see once they would return back home. /Thank gods for camera phones./ she thought, giggling as her and Amy were walking along the shore to watch the sun set. Aura quickly took a picture of the sunset before pocketing her phone, smiling.

"I hope you had a good time today." Aura said, looking at Amy with a smile.

Amy smiled back and nodded, holding the towel full of seashells. "I did. And I'm happy you had a good time too." she said. "What're you going to do with these?" she asked, looking at the towel with curiosity.

"It's a secret." Aura replied, her tail wagging. "You'll see soon enough."

"Awww. No fair." Amy said with a childish whine.

"Life is full of surprises Amy...just like when you came out of the water covered in seaweed!" Aura said as she began laughing at the memory.

Amy stuck her tongue out at Aura. "Not funny. You caught me off guard when I couldn't see anything."

"Well I'm good at that. I am the master of being sneaky." Aura said as they neared below one of the boardwalks.

Unfortunately Aura had no idea that the seaweed that had covered Amy was following them through the water, dragging itself along the shallow bottom of the water, staying close to the two. It had been following them all the way up until now. The seaweed moved out of the water and dragged itself towards Aura, pulling down her loose jeans as it climbed up her legs in silence. It wasn't until the seaweed was halfway up her back that Aura felt something strange and paused near one of the boardwalk posts to see what it was.

"What the-" she began to say, only to be silenced as some of the seaweed made a thick gag. Of course the taste was horrible and very salty, but Aura wasn't focused on that.

Amy stood in front of Aura, tilting her head as the seaweed latched onto Aura's purple panties, tying itself tightly as the other end slithered up the boardwalk post, tying itself to the highest beam. That, however, caused Aura's panties to be pulled up high, giving her a the worst wedgie she ever had in her life. And before she could attempt to get free, the rest of the seaweed removed her shirt along with her purple bra and bound Aura's arms and legs together, keeping her from getting free. The seaweed slowly turned Aura to face Amy, making her wince.

"I thought you were the master of being sneaky?" Amy asked quizzically, her eyes darting from the seaweed to Aura.

"Amph! Hlmph mmph! Gmph mmph dmph!" Aura's voice muffled as she squirmed and struggled in her bonds, which only made the wedgie worse for her.

"But the seaweed wanted to show me who was the master at being sneaky." Amy replied like it was obvious. "And they said since you lost, you get to stay out here all night until you can get free." she said. "That's so cool! You're so lucky!" she squealed, dancing around in the sand.

Aura could only stare in disbelief at Amy, angered that Amy was listening to seaweed and not her! Unfortunately Aura was in no position to do anything, much less tell her to make the seaweed let her go. "Oh, I almost forgot." Amy said, reaching down to pick up Aura's clothes. The female lycan then took out Aura's phone and took a picture of Aura before pocketing it again. "There. Now I can show everyone when I get back to the house." Amy giggled. "Anyways see you when you get back home Aura!" she said happily before turning and jogging away.

"Gmph dmpht Amph!" Aura muffled before thrashing in her seaweed bonds.

Outsmarted and outmastered by a fucking embarrassing. Tonight was going to be a very long night.
A day at the beach
A request for :iconcrb145: hope you like it (:
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
The trip to the church was nothing but silence all the way. All Amy wanted to do was stare at the buildings around them and occasionally she would look up at the sky to stare at the partially clouded stars. There really wasn't much to say, not that she wanted to tell Batman anything. Would he even believe one word if she tried to explain why she was in Arkham City? Much less how she got here in the first place. Amy shook the thought from her head, keeping her mouth shut and tightening her grip on Batman as she realized how high up in the air they were. One glance at the ground was enough to make her feel dizzy to the point of passing out.

/Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't fucking look down at certain death./ she mentally repeated in her head, closing her eyes and waiting for it to be over. Thankfully after she couldn't feel the wind hitting her face anymore she opened her eyes, only to sigh in relief when she saw that Batman had finally landed in front of the church. There were no signs of Joker's clowns or Harley, which must have mean Batman had taken care of this area after dealing with Two-Face maybe? She wasn't sure but right now Amy could care less. Now she would be safe from running into thugs...and those demon animatronic walking nightmares.

Amy released her grip from Batman, almost falling once her feet touched the ground. "Thank you...I guess." she said.

"I want you to stay in the church where it's safe. Understand?" he said with a stern tone.

"Yes dad." Amy replied sarcastically.

Batman didn't say a word, but then again he didn't need to when Amy looked away, pulling the hood over her head. "I'll come back after I finish dealing with Joker. Then I'll figure out what to do with you."

"Right. Well...good luck with that." she said with a fake smile, doing a terrible job at being supportive. Although she was never the type of person to be supportive of others.

"I mean it, Amy. Stay here and don't go anywhere." he said, this time in a more commanding tone of voice.

A shiver went up her spine when she heard him use her name, causing her to feel afraid. /Why should I be afraid just because he knows my name? Even though there's no way he could've figured out my name unless....he looked on my phone when I was unconscious!/ she thought, her eyes widening. /Holy fucking shit he was on my phone! God only knows what he saw on my phone../ if Batman knew her name, she could only imagine what else he knew about her. But was it even possible for him to hack the information from her phone? Amy wasn't sure but right now was not the time to find out.

As soon as she turned around Batman was long gone, leaving Amy standing in front of the church doors alone. She crossed her arms, drumming her fingers against her arm while staring at the spot Batman had been standing in. "He's such a fucking gentleman. Making sure I actually go inside the church to make sure I don't do anything stupid." she said sarcastically.

So instead of going inside the safety of the church like she was told, Amy began walking away, heading down whatever alley she felt was safe to go through. Unfortunately none of them felt safe but she forced herself to walk through them. As she walked, Amy couldn't stop thinking about her phone and the possibility that Batman might have tampered with her phone. So to put her mind at ease Amy took out her phone to see if Batman had done anything to it, only to squeal in joy when she saw that she had a good enough signal to call Nick.

Amy stopped walking and immediately dialed Nick's cell number, holding the phone to her ear as she heard it ring once, twice, then three times. She was beginning to think he wouldn't answer until she finally heard his voice. "Hello?"

"Nick! Thank god you answered! Why did it take you this long to answer the damn phone?" she asked in irritation.

"I'm sorry! I got freaked out by the text messages you sent me earlier and went out in town to see if you were just fucking around with me like you usually do! Now where are you?" he asked, feeling a bit annoyed and worried.

"Well I'm stuck in this goddamn game after getting that fucking achievement on Arkham City! And to make it even better, Freddy and his little murder posse are here too! So my night is going fucking great!" she shouted, not even realizing that she had begun walking.

"What? You're making that up. Where are you really at? Are you hiding in the closet trying to scare me?" he asked.

"Do I sound like I'm in the fucking closet?!" she shouted, on the verge of screaming in rage.

Nick was silent for a moment until he replied. "No...but you could easily just be outside just to fuck with my head."

"Aaarrgh!" Amy yelled. "You know what? I'll send you a picture of me in the city, then you'll have to believe me!" she said, putting the call on hold as she used her phone to take a picture of herself.

Once that was sent to Nick's phone he looked at the picture for a minute, mainly looking at the background that was behind Amy. It seemed legit to him as he could find no signs that it was photoshopped. "Okay I guess you're actually telling the truth...for once." he said. "But how'd you get there and why?"

"I told you." Amy said. "After I got that stupid achievement on Arkham City, I was going to head into town and when I opened the door I was introduced to the alley that I got the achievement from. Then I made the dumb mistake of closing my eyes and I was completely in the alley." she explained as best she could, hoping it was a good enough explanation.

"Uh...okay. But then how did those fucking creepy ass bastards get there? Were they playing Arkham City too?" he asked, trying to lighten the mood with a joke.

Amy, however, was not amused in the slightest. "Oh yeah, Nick. They were playing Arkham City on their xboxes looking for the same achievement and got sent here." she replied with sarcastically.

"I guess it's kind of weird." Nick said. "When I got here to your house I was playing Five Nights at Freddy's because I was waiting for you to come back from town."

There was silence.


"WHAT!!!" Amy shouted, almost damaging Nick's hearing. "Why the fuck did you go inside my house when I wasn't there! And how the fuck did you play that game on my xbox?! Is that why they're here?!"

Nick had to take the phone away from his ear until it was safe to bring it back close to his ear. "Can you stop shouting? You're going to make me go deaf! And the game was on your xbox when I turned it on; I don't know, what the fuck do you want from me?!"

"Well since you decided to play the game..." Amy said in a slightly normal tone of voice. "Did anything strange happen when you were playing it?" she asked.

"Yes actually." he said. "When I saw Foxy running down the hallway like he always does, I closed the door. And when he was banging his fist, hook, whatever the fuck he uses, something was banging at your door outside of your room."

"....I'm starting to think my xbox is possessed by the devil." Amy replied. "Okay, just to be safe, keep the door closed and locked. Don't open it for anything or anyone. And look up a walkthrough for Arkham City because I'm fucking lost and can't find my way around this hellhole maze."

"I'll do what I can. Just be careful and don't do anything stupid." Nick said in a worried tone of voice.

"No promises." she said. "Anyways, I'll call you back shortly. Bye."



/Well that explains almost everything...except for what the hell is wrong with my xbox./ she thought, pocketing her phone and checking her surroundings. Amy noticed that she was now in a different alley instead of in the one she had previously been in when she called Nick. It was a strange habit she had to walk around when talking to people on the phone, but in this case her habit had screwed Amy over pretty badly right now.

Suddenly the sound of a click from behind her made her stay still, her adrenaline pumping as she readied herself in case she was attacked. But the obnoxious voice of a female with a Brooklyn accent made her relax a bit. "Hey! What's a kid like you doin' here?" she asked loudly.

As much as it killed Amy inside she turned around to face the psychotic woman, seeing that the clown girl was holding a pretty big gun in her hands and kept it pointed at her. Amy did her best to ignore the gun and put on a fake innocent look. "I...I can't remember how I got here." she spoke in a fake frightened voice. "I've been trying to find my way out of this place but ended up getting more lost..." she mentally prayed that this act she put on would work on Harley. After all, she wasn't that smart.

Much to Amy's surprise Harley seemed to feel sorry for her and lowered the gun, holding it in her left hand. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to help you out." she said with a hint of sympathy in her voice. "Besides, I'm sure Mister. J would love to have some company over to help him feel better!" she said with a squeal, grabbing Amy's left hand and pulling her down the alley....well more like dragging her.


Amy wasn't sure how much time had passed ever since she ran into Harley, but now here she was walking through Arkham City next to Harley Quinn. It would've been exciting if this was all just a dream, unfortunately it was all too real and Amy felt afraid rather than excited. She knew what the Joker was like and there was no way she would be able to persuade him to help her, not in any part of her lifetime...if she even lived long enough to have a life that is. Joker was extremely smart, a lot smarter than Harley was, and more twistedly sadistic in his own way.

The long walk they were on was far from quiet as Harley was rambling on about Joker and how great he was. Occasionally she would tell a few stories of how she and Joker almost killed off Batman, laughing at the fond memories she had. Amy only rolled her eyes as she tried to tune out Harley's loud and annoying voice, until the sounds of groaning and crunching caught her ears. The sound only increased when her and Harley approached closer to the steel mill that was currently being used as Joker's lair. Upon leaving the alleys and entering a larger area, Amy forced herself to look to the right from their spot. Amy immediately wished she hadn't looked as the gruesome scene before her would now be stuck in her head.

Laying under a semi lit street light in a dead end alley were two bodies, both male from the look of them...or what was left of them. A large pool of blood surrounded the torn bodies, along with several organs and intestines that were strewn about. Their faces forever frozen in a look of fear and horror. But what terrified Amy the most was the large yellow body that was standing above the body, occasionally pecking at the bodies, wearing a white bib on the front that had the words LET'S EAT colored bright yellow.

Out of all the animatronics in the game, Chica was the one that freaked Amy out the most. "Oh shit..." she muttered.

Harley, who hadn't been paying any attention, only stopped because Amy had slowed to a stop after witnessing Chica feasting on the bodies. Harley looked at Amy to see why she had stopped, which did not take her very long to spot Chica. "What the hell is that-" she began to say, only to be interrupted by Amy.

"Ssshhh!!! Shut the fuck up you idiot!" Amy whispered, trying her best to keep her voice quiet. "Just stay quiet and start moving before it sees us."

Unfortunately Amy forgot that this was Harley she was talking to and received the opposite response instead. "Hey Birdbrain! Who the hell are you and who said you could chow on those bozos!" Harley shouted as loud as she possibly could.

Chica instantly paused and stood up straight, slowly turning her head until her eyes met with Amy's and Harley's. For a moment Amy and Harley stared at Chica in silence, neither of them moving or saying anything.

Until the silence was broken.

"SCREEEEEEEE!!!" was all that came out of Chica's mouth as she began to run towards the two women.

"RUN!!!" Amy shouted, grabbing a hold of Harley's arm and dragging her away from the murdering metal chicken. "Where do we go! Start giving me directions unless you want to die by a fucking metal chicken!" she yelled, unsure of which way she was going.

"See those lights up ahead?!" she yelled.

Amy looked up and was surprised to see lights that were lit up on a ferris wheel growing closer and closer as they ran. "Yeah I see it! Is that what we're going for?" she asked.

"Yeah! Just follow me, kid!" Harley replied, pulling away from Amy's grip to run ahead of her.

"Holy shit...she's fast..." Amy muttered, doing her best to catch up with Harley. She did not dare to look behind to see if Chica was still following them.

Fortunately it did not take long for the them to enter a road that lead into the steel mill, where Joker had claimed it as his own personnel fun house lair. But what bothered Amy the most were the many clown thugs that were there, making her slow down to a walk. She also took that moment to look behind her and saw that Chica was nowhere in sight, causing Amy to let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm really starting to hate this night...." she said, closing her eyes for just a second.

Then she felt a sudden sharp pain in the back of her head and fell to the ground out like a light...


Amy felt herself waking up, coming back to the world of the living as her eyes began to open. The bright light stung her eyes when she tried to fully open them, making everything a blur to her at first until it went away. Once her eyes were fully opened she took the time to examine the room she was in, ready to stand up but was restricted from doing so.

She looked down at herself only to let out a irritated whine. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" she shouted, tugging at her arms and legs that were tied down to the arms and legs of a wooden chair she sat in.

"Oh I assure you I am not kidding, girly." said a spine chilling voice coming from the darker part of the room.
Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped! Ch. 5
Amy finds out why the killer animatronics are in the game and runs into another familiar well as one she isn't too fond of.
If anyone has a request for a story or any specific stories they come up with, tell me and I'll do my best to get it done
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