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/Am I dead? I must be dead. But then how am I thinking? Maybe I died and got sent back home? Or maybe I'm in Heaven? Wait...I can still feel pain. What if I'm in Hell? Augh! Fucking Foxy and his goddamn hook! Fucking Balloon Boy fucking me over in the ass with his stupid laughter!/ A warmth that seemed to cover her body was enough to wake her up.

Along with the extreme amount of pain that quickly followed.

Sitting up too quickly Amy grabbed at the spot where Foxy had pierced her stomach. "Goddamnit motherfucker son of a asshole!" she yelled out, laying back down as the pain grew worse.

"You might want to be still or your wound will reopen. And I don't feel like sewing you back up again." replied a feminine voice coming from everywhere around her.

"Thanks for the heads up AFTER I sat up like an idiot!" Amy sneered, taking a look at the wound as she carefully lifted her shirt, still soaked from the water.

The wound was bruised around where she was punctured and there was some fresh blood that had managed to escape, coating a bit of her skin in red. The thought of how her insides looked sent a shiver down her spine, causing her to be a little concerned of her health. /Why, why didn't I just fucking stay put with Freeze?! Oh yeah, because he lives in a goddamn ice cube!/ Amy closed her eyes for a moment, trying to stay calm when the feeling of a panic attack made itself known to her. She hated those with a passion and tried to think of something to distract her like how she was even still alive and where did Foxy disappear to?

"I can't decide whether I should kill you now or to just leave you out in the cold to suffer slowly." Ivy spoke up, jarring Amy from her thoughts.

Amy rolled her eyes as she carefully sat up just a bit, still inspecting her wound. "Oh spare me your fucking 'How should I kill you' bullshit. If you really wanted me dead you would have let Foxy do that for you...unless you find some sick pleasure from killing people yourself then by all means go ahead and kill me."

Ivy raised a brow as she grinned, watching from her throne made up of vines and leaves. She was a little amazed that Amy was still alive and even managed to wake up after her ordeal with the mechanical fox from earlier. Ivy's mindless seduced minions, or what was left of her minions, sat on their knees below Ivy's throne, their glowing green eyes empty as they stared at Ivy.

Despite Amy's bravado she mentally hoped Ivy wouldn't go through with killing her off, having already been through enough hell tonight. Fortunately for her Ivy was in a somewhat calm mood for now. "Do you always try to act brave when you're scared?" Ivy asked, getting up from her throne as she began to make her way over to Amy.

"Yes...I do." Amy replied, slowly sitting up and inspecting her newest again. The stitching looked neat and not as messy as she thought when she first saw it. The stitching itself wasn't any type of thread that she knew off, narrowing her eyes upon closer inspection. "Did you use your plants to stitch me up?" she asked, sounding more than a little annoyed.

"If you're not happy with it then I'll be more than happy to remove them-"

"Oh I absolutely love your craftsmanship with sewing. It's so neat and clean." Amy said, cutting off Ivy before she could continue even though she was being sarcastic with the plant woman.

"It's a shame I couldn't patch up whatever organs were damaged." Ivy replied in a casual tone. "Who knows how long you have left to live."

Amy thought Ivy was joking at first but when she heard no laughter or humor from Ivy she immediately grew worried. "Are you serious?" she spoke, slowly standing up while clutching at her stomach, feeling ready to vomit but held it back. "You sewed up my gaping stomach would but you couldn't fix my fucking organs?! What the fuck is wrong with you! Are you that fucking cold towards people that you will let them suffer like this!" Amy shouted, however it barely phased Ivy.

Her phone began to vibrate and play her ringtone, interrupting Amy as well as making her even more frustrated than she already was. Amy glared at Ivy as she answered her phone. "What! What now! Is this the Phone Stalker from earlier? Or is this another call from Phone Guy?" she shouted, wanting to punch something and scream at the top of her lungs.

"Nice to hear you're still alive. You sound like you're having fun over there." Nick answered despite Amy's yelling, being used to it by now.

"Nick! Why the hell didn't you call me earlier!" she asked, secretly having missed hearing his voice.

"I did call earlier but someone else answered your phone. Said you were hurt and that he was fixing your wounds or some shit like that."

"Well Freeze is sort of a doctor so yeah he fixed my wounds." Amy replied. "And now I'm pissed off at him for not bothering to tell me that you called."

"Can I listen while you bitch him out?" Nick asked, finding it a bit humorous.

Amy managed to giggle at his comment. "Maybe if I can find a way back to his hideout." 

"Wait, you're not there? Where the fuck are you at this time!" Nick shouted. "Have you not fucking learned what happens when you wander around that place alone?!"

The shouting from Nick caused Amy to pull the phone away from her ear, making her glare at the phone. "I was freezing my ass off! He doesn't exactly have the best living conditions for any guests that decide to drop by!"

So far Ivy had remained quiet while listening to the conversation, finding it very amusing that despite her injuries that Amy was managing to yell and throw a fit, until Amy began to violently cough and lurched over as she suddenly vomited, a mix of bile and a large amount of Amy's blood splattered onto the wooden floor. The scene was horrifying as Ivy gave a look of disgust at the sight, turning away to avoid looking at the bile and blood.

"What the fuck was that?" Nick asked worriedly.

It took Amy a moment to regain herself. " was nothing..." she took a few deep breaths, feeling dizzy and light-headed after vomiting.

"Like hell it was nothing! Did you just vomit over the phone?"

Amy wasn't too keen on telling Nick the truth. "There might be a possibility that I did." she paused, feeling a wave of nausea move through. "But if I did, it's nothing to worry about."

"Bullshit it's nothing to worry about. What the fuck is going on over there Amy!" Nick shouted again, feeling very concerned for his friend.

"I'm fine. There's nothing to worry about. All I need is some rest and I'll be one hundred percent better." Amy replied, trying to reassure him. "So I'm going to go and take a long nap. I will text you as soon as I wake up. Bye."

She didn't wait for Nick to reply and quickly hung up, pocketing her phone just as she vomited again, this time there being more blood than bile. "You humans are disgusting and nothing but walking diseases." Ivy spoke.

"Oh, I'm sorry I was impaled by a mechanical fox instead of falling to my death." Amy replied sarcastically, spitting out a bit of blood in her mouth. "I would love to leave but I can't exactly walk out now can I?" she said, pointing to the gap between the door and where she stood. "But of course even if I made it outside I would still be stuck on a goddamn building with nowhere to go-"

A large vine suddenly wrapped around Amy's waist and picked her up, quickly carrying her out as smaller vines opened the door. The vine carried Amy all the way to the destroyed road before unceremoniously dropping her, quickly retreating back into the building.

Amy glared at the building with hatred, wishing she could've stabbed at the vine when she had the chance. "Oh yeah, thank you for helping...BITCH!" she shouted, receiving no response.

Despite the large amount of pain that went through her Amy began walking away, heading back to Victor's hideout. /Batman is going to have my ass if he finds out I left. But then again Freeze never said that I couldn't leave so technically it isn't my fault./ It was only then when she looked ahead of her that she had no idea on which direction to go in. Amy stood for a moment, trying to decide on which path she should take, knowing that making the wrong choice would more than likely result in her own death.

"Wow, I am very fucking stupid." she said to herself. "I am surprised that I'm still alive after all the near death shit I went through."

So with a shrug Amy continued walking, the path she had chosen would lead her back to a familiar area that she had seen a few moments after she first arrived to Arkham City. Hopefully she will make it there alive.

Unbeknownst to Amy a pair of bright white luminescent eyes silently watched her from afar in the darkness. Followed by the sound of metal footsteps.


Surprisingly the courthouse slowly came into view as Amy trudged on, the pain around her stomach growing with each passing second. Every step sent a shot of pain straight to her wound, causing her to be on the verge of tears, but the sight of the courthouse was enough to give her some relief and hope of safety. Despite being in the extreme pain Amy was in right now she quickened her pace as the building became larger and larger the closer she came to it. Amy vaguely remembered seeing the courthouse way earlier when she ran into Catwoman and Bonnie, but she never had the chance to go inside and look around. Mainly because she wanted to get the hell out of this nightmarish pit of torture and death.

Now Amy would have the chance to explore the inside and maybe run into Two-Face, if he was still in there of course. When she finally made it to the front of the building Amy saw that no one was there protecting the entrance, allowing her access to quickly slip inside. Of course upon entering the building it was eerily quiet as well as creepy since half the inside of the building was in ruins while the other half was clean and neat.

"Definitely his style especially with his split personality." she muttered, choosing to go through the side that looked safer to use.

Once Amy had managed to reach the main room of the courthouse she was met with Two-Face strung upside down over a vat of green bubbling acid. The sight of the acid brought back unpleasant memories of Riddler and Mangle, but she managed to shake the memories away as she made her way over to Harvey, staring at him while trying to keep a straight face.

Harvey took quick notice of Amy as he struggled in his bonds, glaring angrily at her. "What are you looking at little girl? Is this entertainment for you!" he shouted, but then his facial features grew calm and a bit friendly. "Please get us down from here! Please! Show some mercy!"

"Us? Who the fuck is us? I only see one of you." Amy replied, grinning. "Oh yeah, your other insane personality. Let me think on that for a"

Harvey's face quickly grew into an angry and bitter expression. "WHAT!!! Get us the hell down from here you little bitch! Do you have any idea who I am! I will kill you! Slow and painfully!" he shouted, thrashing around in an attempt to get free.

Amy only rolled her eyes before turning and walking away, ignoring Harvey's shouts of protest as she continued to explore. Soon enough she found a set of stairs leading down into what looked to be a basement, which thankfully had lighting at the bottom. Cautiously and quietly Amy made her way down the stairs, entering another room that held damaged lockers, a small prison cell across the room and another cell to the right.

Being curious as she always was Amy headed to the cell on the right only to immediately regret looking. The cell itself reminded her of the one she saw in the movie Silence of the Lambs, but instead of seeing Hannibal Lector inside the cell she saw a man inside hanging by his wrists in the middle of the cell. The man wore a weird looking mask, half was normal and the other half was deformed. /Must be one of Harvey's thugs...well used to be./

She stood there staring at the man, seeing no visible signs of life to indicate that he was even alive. "Why would Two-Face put one of his guys in here?" she asked aloud. "Mutiny? Traitor? Dishonorable? ...idiot?"

Receiving no answer Amy began to pace back and forth in front of the cell, trying to find an answer for her question. /Why the fuck is this guy in here? He doesn't even look like he belongs in actually almost looks like someone else was in there before him./ She paused and took a look at the mess inside the cell. /Someone who is apparently obsessed with calendars./

"Is there a villain obsessed with calendars?" she asked herself, searching her knowledge of the game's characters to see if she missed someone.

"Well...hello there. Who might you be?" spoke a male voice from the left, startling Amy from her thoughts.

She looked to her left to see a large man wearing an orange prison garb as well as a metal brace on his right leg. Amy could tell the man was bald and held some strange tattoos on his head, but other than that she had no idea who he was. /Must be one of the regular prisoners. But then why the fuck would he come here? Much less think to come here unless he wanted to poke fun at Mr. Personality./

The mysterious man took a step forward, causing Amy to take a step back. "There's no need to fear me. Today is not a special holiday...although I could make this day a holiday for your death."

" thank you. I'm not really in the mood for celebrating anything tonight...unless it has anything to do with me going home. That I would love to celebrate." Amy replied, doing her best to stay calm.

The sound of a child's voice. interrupted the conversation.


Followed by the sounds of multiple metal footsteps.




The child's voice makes itself known again.


Three tall dark shadows stood over the man causing him to turn around and quickly limp away as best he could, the metal brace making it difficult for him to move any faster. A smaller dark shadow made itself known as it stood close to the three tall shadows, all four blocking the doorway.

Amy could only stare in silence, wishing she would have avoided this place. /I'm sure Batman will find me and save me. That's what he always does for people in danger. Besides, my phone has that goddamn stupid tracker he put in it so finding me won't be a problem./ Amy backed up until she could go no further, the wall stopping her from going any further. /Oh who the fuck am I kidding. I'm going to die! But even if Batman does find me I'm still going to die because he's going to kill me for leaving! Stupid stupid stupid! Why are you so fucking stupid, Amy!/

Four pairs of glowing eyes stared at the man and Amy.

Bright green.

Bright blue.

Dark blue.

Pure black.

Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped Ch. 12
Not much help from Poison Ivy, now she is in more trouble than before. Maybe leaving Mr. Freezes' hideout was a BIG mistake.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)




Very cold.

Ice cold.

/Why the fuck is it so cold?/ Her eyes fluttered open as she slowly sat up. The blanket that covered her slid down, revealing her black t-shirt; as well as the bite injury she had received from Mangle. Her shirt had been cut to reveal the injury which came close to her neck and reached near the middle of her chest. Quite a few large pieces of Amy's skin had been torn when Mangle's jaws were clamped down even when it fell, refusing to let go of her. The teeth marks dragged to her shoulder, almost connecting but never touching. All of it neatly covered by gauze bandages.

Instead of reacting to her wound with fear or concern Amy stared at her injury as if intrigued and curious by it. She could still feel some of the pain but it did not hurt as much as she thought it would have. Then she noticed her bandaged arm set in a strange cast. She felt no pain from it when moving it carefully, smiling a bit when she wiggled her fingers. Of course her happiness was cut short when the cold presented itself again, making her shiver and clutch the blanket, pulling it up in an attempt to protect herself from the cold.

"Why the fuck is it so goddamn cold!" she said, still shivering through the blanket.

"It was not my idea to keep you here." Freezes' voice spoke almost out of nowhere, startling Amy.

Her eyes searched all around, revealing that she was in a large room laying on a bed that sat in one corner of the room. The room itself was cleared of whatever had previously been in it. And currently standing in the opposite corner of the room was Freeze. He was watching Amy with his usual stoic expression, her image reflecting off the goggles he wore, making her smile and chuckle.

Victor tilted his head at her in question to her laughter. "What is so funny?" he asked.

Amy only smiled innocently at him. "Nothing....Riddick." she muttered the last part and laughed out loud, unable to stop each time she looked at him.


Author: "What did she just say?" -checks the script before slamming it down in frustration, face-palming- "Goddamnit Amy! I told you not to add that!"


From behind the goggles Freeze narrowed his eyes at the strange girl and calmly left the room without comment, thinking that maybe she did belong in Arkham City for being nearly as insane as the clown. Unfortunately unbeknownst to Victor, leaving Amy alone with no instructions on what to do and what not to do was a very huge mistake. At this point Amy assumed it was okay for her to leave and figure out where to go from where ever the hell she was at.

Amy left the bed and walked over to the open doorway, checking the hall before going down the right hall, wanting to leave this arctic place and be somewhere warm. But as luck would have it Amy was already having trouble finding a way out of where ever she was, taking almost half an hour just to find an exit which was a large steel gate that was opened a bit near the bottom, giving Amy enough room to crawl out. The ice on the ground did not help her at all as she crawled out, shivering from the cold before being able to stand up.

A harsh cold wind blew at her face, making her frown in disappointment. "It's actually warmer out here than inside the goddamn building."

Suddenly the sound of a phone ringing drew her attention, making her reach for her phone before pausing. /Wait, if my phone was ringing it would be vibrating and playing Freddy's death tune./ Her eyes scanned around her until they landing on a payphone sitting a few feet across from her. /Holy shit. I can't believe I almost forgot what a fucking payphone looks like./ Amy stared at the payphone as it continued ringing, seeming to show no signs of stopping any time soon. /Guess I should go answer it so I won't have to keep hearing that goddamn annoying noise!/

Amy quickly walked over to the payphone and grabbed the phone, pulling it off the hook to stop the ringing. "Now I know why there aren't any payphones in my world because they're so goddamn annoying!" she said loudly before holding the phone up to her ear. "Hello? Who the fuck is stupid enough to call a fucking payphone in the middle of a prison!"

"What's this? Another zombie to liberate from this miserable existence we call life. How wonderful." said the male voice on the other end of the phone, sounding very happy and pleased.

The sounded strangely familiar to Amy but she couldn't place on who it was. "I'm not a fucking zombie. And what the hell do you mean 'liberate'?" she asked, having a feeling that she knew exactly what this guy meant.

"You must be Batman's newest apprentice. Amy, was it?" the man said, sounding calm as if this were just another normal conversation for him. "Very nice name for a young girl like you. Although you don't seem to make a good apprentice for Batman. Especially after your little misfortune with Riddler." he said, Amy almost able to hear him smiling on the other end. "I believe Robin had to save you in the end."

"How the fuck did you know about that? And how the fuck do you even know my name? Have you been stalking me?" she asked, quickly searching around her and expecting to see a man talking on a phone but saw no one.

The man chuckled. "Word gets around in Arkham City, my dear. I'm kind of disappointed that you don't know who I am. Although I thought Batman would have warned you about me."

Amy groaned in frustration as she began tapping her foot impatiently. "Well then why don't you just fucking tell me your goddamn name instead of rambling on with your stupid useless bullshit!" why Amy didn't just simply hang up the phone to save her the trouble was that she was in truth a bit afraid that something would happen to her if she hung up. /Goddamn you Phone Booth movie!/

"I apologize. Where are my manners?" the man actually sounded upset with himself but then again anyone could fake that. "My name is-"

That's when the man's voice cut out to be replaced by static, which did not last long as the line went silent before a new voice spoke. "Hello, hello? Uh I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night."

Amy immediately slammed the phone down on the hook and began to quickly walk away, a chill of fear going down her spine. She had been fine with listening to the annoying guy but to hear THAT voice only meant death for her. Right now Amy didn't care where she went or even if someone held her hostage, so long as they were human and not an animatronic she would be happy. But happiness can only last for so long before it is overruled by death and darkness.

So far she had not seen or heard anything as she kept walking at a fast pace, searching all around her as she walked to make sure there was nothing following her. /So far so good. No bullshit to deal with. Nothing but peace and quiet./

Which was immediately interrupted by a ringing phone.

The ringing noise startled Amy to the point where she almost jumped out of her skin, not literally of course. She covered her eyes in frustration with her hand, slowly sliding it down her face to glare at another payphone sitting under the light of a street lamp on the sidewalk. As much as she didn't want to answer the damned thing part of her wanted to see what would happen if she answered it. For a few moments she stood there, listening to it ring with no signs of stopping just like before, trying to decide what to do.

She gave a sigh and shrugged to herself. /Yolo./ Walking over to the payphone was scary in itself, feeling as if each step she took was a step closer to death. But once she reached the payphone Amy felt relief as nothing happened. At least not yet.

With a shaky hand Amy grabbed the phone and removed it from the hook, taking a breath before exhaling and held the phone to her ear. "Hello?" she said, hoping it would be the annoying guy who seemed to enjoy rambling on forever.

Not even close.

"Uh...heh...I love those old characters. Did you ever see Foxy the pirate?" the voice spoke.

The phone was slammed down on the hook again as she stared at it, not really wanting to look anywhere else for fear that something might be behind her or beside her. Of course the sudden voice of a child made Amy change her mind pretty quickly.


Turning her head to the left Amy was met with the sight of a child like animatronic, the bright colors of pink and blue on its shirt and hat while it held a sign in its left hand with the word "Balloons!" on it. In its right hand it held a yellow balloon with a red stripe that spiraled around it. The animatronic child stood there with its wide smile as its big blue eyes seemed to stare and watch Amy while she slowly backed away, unsure of how to react.


She knew this animatronic was not to be trusted no matter how innocent it looked and sounded. "Go the fuck away! No one wants you or your goddamn balloons!" she said in a mean tone, hoping it would get the hint and leave.

Balloon Boy got the hint very clearly, but instead of leaving what he did next was a trademark move that everyone hated him for. Of course he enjoyed doing this because he knew the end result was always death.


The loud and obnoxious laughter from the animatronic was very annoying but Amy knew exactly what was going to come next. "No! No no no no no! Shut the fuck up you little shit!" she whispered, quickly looking all around her in fear. "Goddamn you and your stupid laugh!"

Without further hesitation Amy immediately began to run away from Balloon Boy, constantly checking all around her as she ran. So far she saw no sign of Foxy, but Amy knew deep down he would show up. Right now she had to find a safe place to hide until she felt it would be safe enough to walk around without bumping into any other animatronics. Of course that was easier said than done. Amy had no idea where she was or what she could define as a safe place, although now wasn't the time for her to be picky with her choices if she wanted to come out of this alive.

/Come on! There has to be some place that's safe around here!/ A number of choices went through her mind. /Maybe Joker's little funhouse lair? No. Foxy got through that with no problem. Penguin's museum? Definitely not. No doubt Freddy's still in there./ She was running out of choices fast until she noticed something further up ahead.

What Amy saw was a building that grew larger and larger as she got closer to it. She could vaguely see the word HOTEL on the side in giant letters which gave her the hope of safety. It was only until she was several feet away that she finally noticed the enormous amount of abnormally large plants and vines that almost covered the building.

/I see Poison Ivy has made herself at home. Maybe she'll let me in. Of course if she doesn't I'll just barge in so I can avoid dying!/ However Amy's hopes were quickly dashed when she was soon faced with the obstacle of getting inside, slowing to a stop as she stared at the problem before her. Most of the overpass streets, they looked more like bridges to her, were broken and damaged, giving her no way of just simply walking over. And to add on top of all that there was nothing but freezing cold water below, covering what used to be the streets and a bit of the buildings, giving her no chance to cross.

The sound of metal hitting concrete at an extremely fast pace reached her ears, not too far behind her.

Amy stared at Ivy's lair before looking behind her for a moment. Then turned her attention to the water below. She saw one way that connected to Ivy's lair and it sat on the roof of a building across from where she was standing, but there was no way for Amy to cross over to said building.

"Should I even take the chance?" she asked herself, not really wanting to go in the freezing water again for the third time tonight. She let out a sigh as she muttered to herself. "Motherfucker." Amy then ran back the way she came and made her way down to the water below, the metal footsteps becoming increasingly louder and louder each second.

/Go Amy, move faster! Get your lazy ass moving!/ Self-motivation was kind of helping in a way to make her go in the water. She had to be careful as she held her phone with her cast covered arm, repeating what she had previously done twice. However the waves of the water were a little rougher than she thought as she was pushed around, doing her best to swim with her good arm which was more difficult than she imagined. Amy kicked her legs hard against the freezing water, her body actually holding some warmth since her adrenaline from her fear had kicked in.

There were no ladders that she could see to use and there was nothing that looked like something she could grab onto. However her eyes happened to spot a bare tree in the water near the side of the building, making her grin as she moved towards it. It wasn't a big tree but it would be enough for her to get out of the water and maybe help her shimmy her way up the side of the building instead. /That will work. I'll be home free from Foxy and hopefully get inside so I can be warm!/ The thought was enough to give Amy hope as she finally reached the tree, placing the phone in her mouth so she could grab onto one of the branches and pull herself out of the water.

Her clothes were once again drenched and her wounds stung from the saltwater, but that didn't matter to Amy at the moment. Nothing was going to stop her from this as she climbed a bit further up the tree, spotting part of a ventilation system sticking out enough for her to reach. The metal vent was ice cold as soon as her fingers touched it but she firmly grabbed on and pulled herself from the tree, carefully standing up as she began to climb her way up to the roof.

Amy was so close! Just a few more inches. Maybe her luck had finally turned around and God decided to pity her for the shitty situation she had become stuck in. Her right hand grabbed onto the ledge of the roof. /Just one more pull and that's it! I win! I finally win!/


The sight of Foxy's head popping out made Amy jump as well as lose her grip of the roof's ledge. She closed her eyes as she began to fall, waiting to feel death's icy cold grip on her but it never came. Instead an intense sharp pain jolted through her, causing Amy to open her eyes to see what was causing the pain. Had she been impaled by the tree below? /Just my fucking luck! Being forced to slowly die while impaled by a fucking goddamn tree!/

If only it was the tree had impaled her...

To Amy's horror she saw Foxy had impaled his sharp hook right into her stomach, feeling the metal against her intestines. It made her sick as she stared at her new wound, feeling the metallic taste of blood slowly fill her mouth. And to add salt to the wound Foxy began to lift Amy up until she was dangling in front of him, his yellow eyes staring into her eyes. Amy noticed that Foxy looked different than when she had first seen him, seeing that he had bare spots that revealed parts of his endoskeleton and that his teeth looked duller than before. /Of course...what's worse than one Foxy...two foxies.../

Her eyes slowly closed as darkness swallowed her once more.

The faint sound of movement and a sweet smelling fragrance was the last thing her mind could process before completely shutting down.


What a strange night this was turning out to be. "How interesting. Still clinging on to whatever life you have left." a mysterious and sultry voice spoke softly. "I should leave you here to die...but you being here in the first place makes me curious."

Large shadows twist and move about, revealing a human figure for a split second before it is surrounded by shadows.
Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped! Ch. 11
Luck was on her side for just one short moment...why couldn't she just stay put!
Ultimate predator by furyanwolf13
Ultimate predator
Made with DeviantArt muro

Image from… (very useful when you are thinking of making dino characters for a roleplay)
Hey guys, I'm making this journal for all to read because I am giving permission to anyone who wants to draw scenes from my story Achievement Unlocked as well as the behind the scene parts. The only characters that belong to me are Nick and Amy. So if you love reading this story and want to draw a part from one of the chapters or if you want to draw the whole thing to make as a comic, go ahead as long as you remember to mention that credit for the story goes to me.

Again, this is for anyone interested in the story. You have my permission to draw out the whole thing.

Anyways that's all I have to say. See ya later!
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