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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
The trip to the church was nothing but silence all the way. All Amy wanted to do was stare at the buildings around them and occasionally she would look up at the sky to stare at the partially clouded stars. There really wasn't much to say, not that she wanted to tell Batman anything. Would he even believe one word if she tried to explain why she was in Arkham City? Much less how she got here in the first place. Amy shook the thought from her head, keeping her mouth shut and tightening her grip on Batman as she realized how high up in the air they were. One glance at the ground was enough to make her feel dizzy to the point of passing out.

/Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't fucking look down at certain death./ she mentally repeated in her head, closing her eyes and waiting for it to be over. Thankfully after she couldn't feel the wind hitting her face anymore she opened her eyes, only to sigh in relief when she saw that Batman had finally landed in front of the church. There were no signs of Joker's clowns or Harley, which must have mean Batman had taken care of this area after dealing with Two-Face maybe? She wasn't sure but right now Amy could care less. Now she would be safe from running into thugs...and those demon animatronic walking nightmares.

Amy released her grip from Batman, almost falling once her feet touched the ground. "Thank you...I guess." she said.

"I want you to stay in the church where it's safe. Understand?" he said with a stern tone.

"Yes dad." Amy replied sarcastically.

Batman didn't say a word, but then again he didn't need to when Amy looked away, pulling the hood over her head. "I'll come back after I finish dealing with Joker. Then I'll figure out what to do with you."

"Right. Well...good luck with that." she said with a fake smile, doing a terrible job at being supportive. Although she was never the type of person to be supportive of others.

"I mean it, Amy. Stay here and don't go anywhere." he said, this time in a more commanding tone of voice.

A shiver went up her spine when she heard him use her name, causing her to feel afraid. /Why should I be afraid just because he knows my name? Even though there's no way he could've figured out my name unless....he looked on my phone when I was unconscious!/ she thought, her eyes widening. /Holy fucking shit he was on my phone! God only knows what he saw on my phone../ if Batman knew her name, she could only imagine what else he knew about her. But was it even possible for him to hack the information from her phone? Amy wasn't sure but right now was not the time to find out.

As soon as she turned around Batman was long gone, leaving Amy standing in front of the church doors alone. She crossed her arms, drumming her fingers against her arm while staring at the spot Batman had been standing in. "He's such a fucking gentleman. Making sure I actually go inside the church to make sure I don't do anything stupid." she said sarcastically.

So instead of going inside the safety of the church like she was told, Amy began walking away, heading down whatever alley she felt was safe to go through. Unfortunately none of them felt safe but she forced herself to walk through them. As she walked, Amy couldn't stop thinking about her phone and the possibility that Batman might have tampered with her phone. So to put her mind at ease Amy took out her phone to see if Batman had done anything to it, only to squeal in joy when she saw that she had a good enough signal to call Nick.

Amy stopped walking and immediately dialed Nick's cell number, holding the phone to her ear as she heard it ring once, twice, then three times. She was beginning to think he wouldn't answer until she finally heard his voice. "Hello?"

"Nick! Thank god you answered! Why did it take you this long to answer the damn phone?" she asked in irritation.

"I'm sorry! I got freaked out by the text messages you sent me earlier and went out in town to see if you were just fucking around with me like you usually do! Now where are you?" he asked, feeling a bit annoyed and worried.

"Well I'm stuck in this goddamn game after getting that fucking achievement on Arkham City! And to make it even better, Freddy and his little murder posse are here too! So my night is going fucking great!" she shouted, not even realizing that she had begun walking.

"What? You're making that up. Where are you really at? Are you hiding in the closet trying to scare me?" he asked.

"Do I sound like I'm in the fucking closet?!" she shouted, on the verge of screaming in rage.

Nick was silent for a moment until he replied. "No...but you could easily just be outside just to fuck with my head."

"Aaarrgh!" Amy yelled. "You know what? I'll send you a picture of me in the city, then you'll have to believe me!" she said, putting the call on hold as she used her phone to take a picture of herself.

Once that was sent to Nick's phone he looked at the picture for a minute, mainly looking at the background that was behind Amy. It seemed legit to him as he could find no signs that it was photoshopped. "Okay I guess you're actually telling the truth...for once." he said. "But how'd you get there and why?"

"I told you." Amy said. "After I got that stupid achievement on Arkham City, I was going to head into town and when I opened the door I was introduced to the alley that I got the achievement from. Then I made the dumb mistake of closing my eyes and I was completely in the alley." she explained as best she could, hoping it was a good enough explanation.

"Uh...okay. But then how did those fucking creepy ass bastards get there? Were they playing Arkham City too?" he asked, trying to lighten the mood with a joke.

Amy, however, was not amused in the slightest. "Oh yeah, Nick. They were playing Arkham City on their xboxes looking for the same achievement and got sent here." she replied with sarcastically.

"I guess it's kind of weird." Nick said. "When I got here to your house I was playing Five Nights at Freddy's because I was waiting for you to come back from town."

There was silence.


"WHAT!!!" Amy shouted, almost damaging Nick's hearing. "Why the fuck did you go inside my house when I wasn't there! And how the fuck did you play that game on my xbox?! Is that why they're here?!"

Nick had to take the phone away from his ear until it was safe to bring it back close to his ear. "Can you stop shouting? You're going to make me go deaf! And the game was on your xbox when I turned it on; I don't know, what the fuck do you want from me?!"

"Well since you decided to play the game..." Amy said in a slightly normal tone of voice. "Did anything strange happen when you were playing it?" she asked.

"Yes actually." he said. "When I saw Foxy running down the hallway like he always does, I closed the door. And when he was banging his fist, hook, whatever the fuck he uses, something was banging at your door outside of your room."

"....I'm starting to think my xbox is possessed by the devil." Amy replied. "Okay, just to be safe, keep the door closed and locked. Don't open it for anything or anyone. And look up a walkthrough for Arkham City because I'm fucking lost and can't find my way around this hellhole maze."

"I'll do what I can. Just be careful and don't do anything stupid." Nick said in a worried tone of voice.

"No promises." she said. "Anyways, I'll call you back shortly. Bye."



/Well that explains almost everything...except for what the hell is wrong with my xbox./ she thought, pocketing her phone and checking her surroundings. Amy noticed that she was now in a different alley instead of in the one she had previously been in when she called Nick. It was a strange habit she had to walk around when talking to people on the phone, but in this case her habit had screwed Amy over pretty badly right now.

Suddenly the sound of a click from behind her made her stay still, her adrenaline pumping as she readied herself in case she was attacked. But the obnoxious voice of a female with a Brooklyn accent made her relax a bit. "Hey! What's a kid like you doin' here?" she asked loudly.

As much as it killed Amy inside she turned around to face the psychotic woman, seeing that the clown girl was holding a pretty big gun in her hands and kept it pointed at her. Amy did her best to ignore the gun and put on a fake innocent look. "I...I can't remember how I got here." she spoke in a fake frightened voice. "I've been trying to find my way out of this place but ended up getting more lost..." she mentally prayed that this act she put on would work on Harley. After all, she wasn't that smart.

Much to Amy's surprise Harley seemed to feel sorry for her and lowered the gun, holding it in her left hand. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to help you out." she said with a hint of sympathy in her voice. "Besides, I'm sure Mister. J would love to have some company over to help him feel better!" she said with a squeal, grabbing Amy's left hand and pulling her down the alley....well more like dragging her.


Amy wasn't sure how much time had passed ever since she ran into Harley, but now here she was walking through Arkham City next to Harley Quinn. It would've been exciting if this was all just a dream, unfortunately it was all too real and Amy felt afraid rather than excited. She knew what the Joker was like and there was no way she would be able to persuade him to help her, not in any part of her lifetime...if she even lived long enough to have a life that is. Joker was extremely smart, a lot smarter than Harley was, and more twistedly sadistic in his own way.

The long walk they were on was far from quiet as Harley was rambling on about Joker and how great he was. Occasionally she would tell a few stories of how she and Joker almost killed off Batman, laughing at the fond memories she had. Amy only rolled her eyes as she tried to tune out Harley's loud and annoying voice, until the sounds of groaning and crunching caught her ears. The sound only increased when her and Harley approached closer to the steel mill that was currently being used as Joker's lair. Upon leaving the alleys and entering a larger area, Amy forced herself to look to the right from their spot. Amy immediately wished she hadn't looked as the gruesome scene before her would now be stuck in her head.

Laying under a semi lit street light in a dead end alley were two bodies, both male from the look of them...or what was left of them. A large pool of blood surrounded the torn bodies, along with several organs and intestines that were strewn about. Their faces forever frozen in a look of fear and horror. But what terrified Amy the most was the large yellow body that was standing above the body, occasionally pecking at the bodies, wearing a white bib on the front that had the words LET'S EAT colored bright yellow.

Out of all the animatronics in the game, Chica was the one that freaked Amy out the most. "Oh shit..." she muttered.

Harley, who hadn't been paying any attention, only stopped because Amy had slowed to a stop after witnessing Chica feasting on the bodies. Harley looked at Amy to see why she had stopped, which did not take her very long to spot Chica. "What the hell is that-" she began to say, only to be interrupted by Amy.

"Ssshhh!!! Shut the fuck up you idiot!" Amy whispered, trying her best to keep her voice quiet. "Just stay quiet and start moving before it sees us."

Unfortunately Amy forgot that this was Harley she was talking to and received the opposite response instead. "Hey Birdbrain! Who the hell are you and who said you could chow on those bozos!" Harley shouted as loud as she possibly could.

Chica instantly paused and stood up straight, slowly turning her head until her eyes met with Amy's and Harley's. For a moment Amy and Harley stared at Chica in silence, neither of them moving or saying anything.

Until the silence was broken.

"SCREEEEEEEE!!!" was all that came out of Chica's mouth as she began to run towards the two women.

"RUN!!!" Amy shouted, grabbing a hold of Harley's arm and dragging her away from the murdering metal chicken. "Where do we go! Start giving me directions unless you want to die by a fucking metal chicken!" she yelled, unsure of which way she was going.

"See those lights up ahead?!" she yelled.

Amy looked up and was surprised to see lights that were lit up on a ferris wheel growing closer and closer as they ran. "Yeah I see it! Is that what we're going for?" she asked.

"Yeah! Just follow me, kid!" Harley replied, pulling away from Amy's grip to run ahead of her.

"Holy shit...she's fast..." Amy muttered, doing her best to catch up with Harley. She did not dare to look behind to see if Chica was still following them.

Fortunately it did not take long for the them to enter a road that lead into the steel mill, where Joker had claimed it as his own personnel fun house lair. But what bothered Amy the most were the many clown thugs that were there, making her slow down to a walk. She also took that moment to look behind her and saw that Chica was nowhere in sight, causing Amy to let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm really starting to hate this night...." she said, closing her eyes for just a second.

Then she felt a sudden sharp pain in the back of her head and fell to the ground out like a light...


Amy felt herself waking up, coming back to the world of the living as her eyes began to open. The bright light stung her eyes when she tried to fully open them, making everything a blur to her at first until it went away. Once her eyes were fully opened she took the time to examine the room she was in, ready to stand up but was restricted from doing so.

She looked down at herself only to let out a irritated whine. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" she shouted, tugging at her arms and legs that were tied down to the arms and legs of a wooden chair she sat in.

"Oh I assure you I am not kidding, girly." said a spine chilling voice coming from the darker part of the room.
Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped! Ch. 5
Amy finds out why the killer animatronics are in the game and runs into another familiar well as one she isn't too fond of.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Sitting at a long rectangular table in a large dark purple room was Bane, Amy, Nick and the author of Achievement Unlocked. Amy and Nick sat on the right side of the table while Bane sat on the left at the end. The author sat in the chair at the end of the table, staring mostly at Bane and Amy with a blank look on her face. The reason for having this meeting was for a very serious situation that had occurred in the fourth chapter. And the fight that broke out after the chapter ended was not any better.

Bane was glaring at Amy as she stared at the table, drumming her fingers impatiently. The author turned her attention fully on Amy. "You are going to have to say it whether it was accidental or not."

Amy finally looked up and only glared at the author. "Fuck you! I was only following the script!"

"I don't care! That doesn't change what you did! The script clearly said REPLICA OSITO! Not the goddamn real one!"

Amy threw her arms up in frustration and grabbed at her hair, ready to tear it out. "How the fuck was supposed to tell them apart?! They looked the same to me so I figured it wouldn't matter!"

"Goddamnit Amy I even wrote the words FAKE OSITO on the back of the replica! I figured that would've helped!"

She grinned and scoffed. "HA! That obviously helped very well, didn't it?!"

The author only growled at Amy's remark. "Well thanks to your little stunt you broke Bane! He hasn't said a word since after the fight between you and him!"

"Technically speaking this is mostly your fault for letting me cut the damn bear's head off so the blame lands on you." Amy said. "In broke Bane."

Nick, who had been silent as the two argued sat up a bit. Why he was even in this meeting was to keep Amy from doing anything stupid and to keep her from getting into trouble. "Uh...Amy might have a point-" he began to say until the author shot him a death glare. "I'll just shut up..." he muttered, staring at anything to keep him occupied.

The author shifted her gaze back to Amy as she straightened up in the seat, trying to keep her voice calm. "Just say you're sorry so we can move on."

Amy answered with a stern voice. "No." she said, crossing her arms across her chest.

The author could feel the anger and frustration rising inside her as she clenched her fists before relaxing. She looked at Bane and smiled the best she could. "Bane...Amy is very sorry for what she has done. And to make it up to you, she will fix Osito."

"WHAT!!!!" Amy shouted, about to jump from her seat and tackle the author but was held back firmly by Nick. "You fucking bitch! I don't agree to this bullshit!"

"Fuck you Amy." the author replied, her gaze never leaving Bane's eyes.

Bane looked at the author, unsure of whether to trust her or not. "Do you promise?" he asked.

The author gave him a nod. "Absolutely. He will be all fixed up and look as good as new."

"I will trust you. But if you break your promise, I will break your spine in half." he replied, his tone threatening as well as serious.

"Understand." she said, looking back at Amy who had somewhat settled down. "You better start learning how to sew quickly."

"Fuck you, bitch." Amy replied, along with giving the author the finger before leaning back in her seat.

"Whatever." the author replied casually. "Anyways this meeting is adjourned. Now everyone get the fuck out and get ready for the next chapter! On the double!"

Suddenly the sound of static coming from the author's pocket filled the room. The author reached into her pocket and pulled out a small walkie-talkie and held it close to her face, pressing down on the side button. "What's going on this time?" she asked, showing a clear sign of annoyance in her voice.

"Uh...sorry to disturb you ma'am, but-"

"How many times to I have to keep reminding you guys to stop calling me ma'am!" she shouted. "Use my actual fucking name! Over!"

"Sorry!" replied the voice coming from the walkie-talkie. "But we have a problem. Over."

"What problem? Over." the author asked.

"Well...the Joker and Harley Quinn have left the building...and they took a few explosives with them....Over."

There was a slight pause, until she began shouting. "WHAT! You dumb fucks were supposed to be watching them! Them as in everyone that's from the game! What were you assholes doing?! Were you blowing each other off while those two just took what they wanted and waltzed out of here?!" she yelled before grabbing a chair and smashing it against the wall, leaving a good sized hole from where the chair had struck. The author closed her eyes and mentally began counting. "Son of a cocksucking fucktard." she said before opening her eyes. "I'll be there in a minute. Make sure no one else left. Over and out."

Such is the life of an author when creating a story...
Cast and staff meeting: The incident
this is not part of the story. i just thought of this and wrote it for shits and giggles XD enjoy
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
"I HATE being cold!"

The chilling wind immediately blew into Amy's face after her outburst, making her growl as her body shivered from the cold. If there was one thing her body could never get used to it was cold weather, it was sort of like a major weakness for her. Right now it was making her body shiver constantly, as well as annoy her to no end. The fear and adrenaline she had early after the encounter with the thug and Bonnie made her forget about the cold for a short while.

Now all she could do to try and forget the cold was to think of someplace warm. "My room. Blankets. Bed and pillow. Jacuzzi. Florida. Hawaii. Lava. Goddamnit I hate the cold!" she shouted, partly glad that she was alone.

She began walking faster, hoping it would help her get warm and not really paying attention to where she was going. /Think think think! Get your mind off the cold and think of something else! Like Bonnie.../ The memory of seeing Bonnie was still fresh in her mind and just that alone made the fear come back again. /If he's here in Arkham City...then there should be no doubt that the others are here as well.../ the thought was less than comforting.

Amy suddenly stopped walking, going over the thoughts in her head. "Wait a minute...if the others are here too...then where and how are they going to stuff people into the costumes?" she asked herself. "And where are they hiding at? I'm surprised I haven't run into Freddy by now with the luck I'm having tonight."

Suddenly as if answering her question Freddy's deep and spine chilling laughter echoed just behind her. It wasn't too loud but it was enough for Amy to hear it, giving her goosebumps and making the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. And if that wasn't enough, Freddy's death music began to play, playing loudly close to where she was standing.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear..." she whispered, taking off in a sprint. Another laugh was heard and this time it was a lot more closer. "Fuck me running!" she muttered, her eyes searching for a place to hide.

Fortunately for Amy she spotted a building that seemed like a perfect place to hide at just a few feet away from her up ahead. She could also see a few human figures walking around outside the front, giving her hope that they could possibly help her. Safety and salvation was just a couple feet away from her. Until she got close enough to see the building clearly.

Amy's luck had went from bad to worse in just an hour of being trapped in this hell hole. The building she had her sights on was surrounded by water, no doubt too deep to just walk across and freezing cold. There were a couple boats in the water but they seemed to just sit in their spot, floating as the waves crashed against them. Amy could see no possible way of making it over to the building.

The melodic song of death played again. Louder than before and much closer.

To her, she only saw one choice as she stared at the murky water in front of her. "Fuck it. I'd rather freeze to death than be stuffed in some fucking metal costume." and with that said she took her phone out of her pocket, holding it high above her head before carefully sliding into the freezing cold water, feeling the icy water all the way to her bones. "FUCK!!!!!" she yelled out as loud as she could.

Her whole body felt numb as she made her way through the freezing cold water, doing her best to keep her phone above the water as well as her head, while trying to swim with only her legs and left arm. Her body began to grow more numb from the water as she swam and she suddenly felt her body start to sink, feeling the water reach her chin before coming in contact with her lips which were at this point almost dark blue. Her mind began to race as she panicked. /No no no! I can't die now! I'm almost there!/

Amy could see the building much closer, as well as the concrete structure that supported it in the water. Just a foot away in front of her was a concrete walkway sitting just above the water. If she could only reach it she could get out of the water and get inside the building and finally be warm. Thinking of her goal made Amy swim faster as she made her arm and legs move to get her to the walkway. It seemed so far away to her but luckily she finally made it and set her phone on the walkway, then she quickly grabbed the metal railing that enclosed the walkway and pulled, only to realize that the rest of her body wasn't responding when she tried to grab the rail with her left hand. Her right arm unfortunately was beginning to go numb as well which meant she wouldn't be strong enough to pull herself out of the water.

Reeling all of this information sent Amy over the edge as she began to panic and scream as loud as she could. "HELP!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!! I'M FREEZING TO DEATH OUT HERE!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!"

Of course there was no answer from anyone and as far as she could see in the dark, Amy saw no one coming to her rescue. /Well this is it....I'm going to die from goddamn hypothermia and my fucking stupidity!/ she thought, tears welling up in her eyes and falling, leaving streams on her pale face. She closed her eyes and slowly let go of the railing, letting the water drag her body down, losing all hope. She could feel the cold darkness taking her away.

Suddenly a strong and rough hand, as well as being extremely warm to the touch, grabbed her arm before it slipped into the water. The cold air hit Amy's face as she was pulled out of the water, but her whole body was numb which sort of protected her from the cold wind. Her eyes opened barely to see everything in a blur, her hearing was no better as well but she didn't care as her body was carried inside were it was warmer than outside. Amy let her eyes close and went unconscious from there.


"Is she even alive?" asked one clown thug, gripping hard on the club that he carried in one hand.

"Yeah, but barely." said another clown thug that was kneeling beside Amy's body, checking her everywhere to see if she had any weapons or other devices.

Her phone and knife had been confiscated by one of the clown thugs who was now looking at the stuff on her phone, mainly the text Nick had sent her a while back. "Hey guys! Looks like this chic has a boyfriend who's very worried about her." he chuckled and laughed, finding it amusing to him.

The clown thug that was close to Amy looked up at his fellow inmate. "Maybe you should "reassure" him that she's in good hands." he replied, laughing as well.

"Hey! We aren't here to screw around with some stupid kid. We have a job to do...unless you want to explain to the boss why you're texting a kid."

The others didn't say a word and headed back outside to their spots, looking out for anyone or anything that moved. The lead clown stared down at Amy's unconscious body for a moment, his mind full with dirty thoughts as he kept staring, knowing he had the opportunity to take advantage of Amy's body if he wanted to. Thankfully he left Amy alone, going back outside with the others and standing watch. Maybe after they were done with their job he would then do whatever he wanted with her.

Suddenly a large dark shadow glided down towards them out of the darkness...


The last thug was finally knocked out cold and fell to the cold floor as a tall and dark figure stood above him. The distress flare Batman had seen brought him to the Krank Co. Toys building, which was a bit strange but that was nothing new to him. The clown thugs standing outside protecting it got him interested to figure out what was going on. Gliding in on the thugs to surprise them worked for him better than he expected. Sure they got a few good hits at him but in the end Batman was the last one standing.

Of course when he entered the building he was not expecting to see the unconscious body of a teenage girl laying on the floor. Batman stared at the body, noticing how pale the girl looked and that her clothes were soaked, but was relieved when he saw the rise and fall of her chest. She was barely alive and the temperature of her body was dangerously low. He couldn't just leave her body here, he had to find somewhere or something to keep her warm and alive. But the sound of movement caught his attention and he moved down the stairs that entered into a larger room.

Upon entering larger room Batman was somehow not surprised when he saw Bane standing on the other side of the room. Bane had his back turned towards Batman and didn't seem to notice him approaching, or did not care that Batman was there. Bane seemed to be staring at something that was posted on the wall, then turned as soon as Batman walked up to him and stood a foot away, both staring each other in the eyes.

"Surprise to see me Batman?" Bane spoke, glaring down at the Bat.

Batman only returned the glare back at the huge muscled villain. "A little." he said. "The last time I saw you, you were wrapped around the hood of my car."

"You knew it would not kill me!" Bane retorted.

"I wasn't trying to." Batman replied, shrugging. "I'm in no mood for a fight. What are you doing here?"

"Dr. Young's TITAN formula. The payaso managed to send some off Arkham Island before you stopped him." Bane said with frustration in his voice.

"I know. Penguin had his own TITAN guards." Batman replied, his earlier injuries painfully reminding him of the encounter but he remained stoic. "How much more did Joker send out?"

Bane grunted. "Too much. That is why I am here. I will not allow the basura of this city to abuse the TITAN. Dr. Young used me to create it. It is my duty to destroy what remains."

He sounded true to his word, but Batman knew better. "I'll help you, but understand this; if you try anything, I'm taking you down too. We find TITAN containers; we destroy them. Deal?"

Bane could not help but chuckle. "Of course. Each container has a radio beacon built in. There were twelve containers left in this city. We take six each, then we meet back here."

"Six each?" Batman couldn't believe the "luck" he was having tonight. "Fine. Today isn't a good day to lie to me, Bane. Remember that." it was more of a threat than a promise.

With that said, Bane returned to looking at a map of Arkham City that was on the wall as Batman took his leave. There was only one more thing for Batman to do. Amy was still out like a light, but she seemed to be breathing regularly now. Batman had an idea of how to keep her warm, much to his dislike. He exited the building for a moment or two before returning with several hoodies that some of the clown thugs had been wearing. He laid them on Amy, covering her body along with putting one of the hoodies on Amy, mainly to use the hood to keep her face warm. He then picked her up and set her aside near the wall to keep her out of the way in case anyone came through the doors.

As soon as he was sure she would be okay for now, Batman walked outside and began his search for six of the twelve TITAN containers...


Shake. Tug.

"Mmmm....Nick stop hogging all the blankets..." Amy whined, curling up tightly.

Harder shake. A pull on her arm.

"Nick I swear if you don't stop pulling on the goddamn blankets I'm going to punch you in the face." she growled, feeling more awake and annoyed.

"My name isn't Nick." replied a voice that Amy didn't recognize.

Her eyes opened wide as Amy turned her head to stare face to face at Batman, who was kneeling beside her, and immediately feeling very embarrassed and very irritated that he woke her up. "You know I was happy being asleep because at least I was in my room instead of being stuck in this fucking hellish nightmare!" she said to the point of shouting.

"Be lucky that you're safe and unharmed. Or else you wouldn't have to worry about waking up." he replied, his expression as stoic as ever.

"Thank you for the comforting thought." Amy muttered, struggling as she sat up. "I thought you were supposed to be nice when people are defenseless and in need of help?" she asked.

Batman glanced at the sheathed bowie knife that laid just a few inches away next to Amy's phone before returning his gaze back to Amy. "You don't seem like the type of person who would be defenseless."

She saw him glance at her knife and knew he had a point. "Hey, I carry that with me for protection. There's nothing wrong with being prepared."

He didn't respond as he stood up, watching Amy before speaking. "Grab your things. I'm going to take you someplace safe."

Amy hesitantly reached out, grabbing her knife and phone and quickly stood up as well. She pocketed the phone in the hoodie pocket and reattached the knife to her belt loop. Her clothes still felt wet but they were slowly drying and she felt warmer thanks to the hoodies Batman used to keep her warm. She felt relieved and glad that she was still alive even after almost freezing to death.

They were about to leave but Amy paused when she heard a voice coming from the larger room below, making her very curious and interested in what it was. Batman, however, had not noticed that Amy was not following him but instead went down the stairs to see Bane trapped in a smaller section of the room. The thick and strong iron bars of the gate held Bane in the room like it was his own little prison cell.

"Whoa....never thought I would get to actually see you in real life...much less while I'm stuck here." she said.

Bane stared at Amy like she was from another planet, wondering how a teenage girl managed to be put in Arkham City. Although appearances could be deceiving. "Señorita, please let me out of here. I need to get my revenge on the Bat!"

It was tempting but Amy shook her head. "Sorry Bane. I just want to get back home. I don't feel like being stuck in this godforsaken place for the rest of my life. But-"

"You little bruja! Let me out or I will break your spine in half and your legs!" Bane shouted, obviously not liking the answer she gave him.

Amy only stared at him with a blank look before walking over to a stuffed bear sitting in the middle of the floor. She picked up the bear and looked at it, glancing at Bane with an evil grin. "Does this belong to you?" she asked with an innocent smile.

Bane almost lost his mind when she picked up the stuffed animal. "Let go of Osito!"

Unsheathing her knife, Amy shrugged as she continued to smile, her smile becoming creepily insane each second. "If you say so."

The body fell to the concrete floor. The head was dropped away from the body.

Bane was silent as Amy sheathed her knife and headed up the stairs only to meet Batman who was standing in front of the doors. He didn't need to say anything to let her know that he witnessed the whole thing and Amy said nothing as well, feeling a pang of guilt inside her. /Why should I care? He's only a fictional character...made of pixels...who has feelings and emotions....fuck I hate myself./ she thought. What had caused her to act so...cruel like that? Sure she had a mean streak and had a temper but she never purposely did anything cruel like that to anyone. Maybe staying in the game too long would make her go crazy? Just thinking of that sent a chill down her spine.

Without further interruptions, Amy grabbed a hold of Batman, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck and her legs around his waist. Batman took out his grappling hook and shot it into the air, hooking onto the nearest roof of a building and both were pulled up into the darkness of the night.


Not too far from their location was a torn up body of two thugs. Both were dead. A large pool of blood surrounded the lifeless bodies.

A spine chilling groaning noise. Followed by robotic footsteps...

"It's finally Friday!" Aura shouted. "I can finally relax!"

It had been difficult for Aura during the past couple months. Having to constantly work at her full time job to make enough money for rent and other things for the house was exhausting but worth it in the end. The only days she had off were the weekends, but sometimes she was busy even on the weekends when she had to go to the Arcane University to take her classes. Most times she took classes after work if she had enough time, but now she had a chance to relax and she felt the need to celebrate.

" feels like forever since I've seen my friends. Guess I'll start with Angel first." she said to herself, smiling as she pulled out her phone and dialed Angel's number, giggling as she waited.

After a few rings Angel finally answered. "Hello?"

"Hey Angel! Long time no talk!" Aura replied.

"Hi Aura." Angel said, happy to hear Aura's voice. "How've you been? It feels like forever since we've talked."

"I've been doing okay. Just working my ass off at work and the university." she said.

"That's understandable. Have to work and make money to live."

"Yeah..but since I have the weekend off this week I'm going to relax." she smiled, excited to relax. "But I feel like doing something before relaxing."

"What do you feel like doing?" Angel asked in curiosity.

"Going on a hike in the woods. Want to join me?" she asked.

Angel smiled as his tail began wagging. "Definitely! It has been a while since we've gone on a hike. I'll get ready and meet you at the usual spot in 10 minutes."

"Okay, see you there. Bye!" Aura said, giggling.


With that, Aura pocketed her phone and grinned wickedly, forming a plan in her head. She dressed herself in her usual t-shirt and jeans, putting her goth boots on before grabbing her hoodie and quickly headed out the door. It was already November and it had snowed a few times, a light layer of snow covering the ground. The sun was out so it wasn't too cold outside that day which made it easier for Aura to just wear a hoodie that day.

Within moments Aura finally reached the path heading into the woods, seeing Angel there as she neared. "Hey Angel! Glad you could make it. Especially today."

"I figured it would be a good chance to take some good pictures and post them later online." he replied, holding his camera.

"Awesome." Aura replied, smiling. "Anyways let's get going before it gets too cold."

Soon enough the two of them were walking in the woods, following the snow covered path while leaving footprints in the snow. Angel took many pictures along their hike, trying his best to take the pictures at certain angles to make the pictures look amazing. Aura was only watching and enjoying the hike, giggling every now and then as they walked further in the woods. Soon Aura and Angel suddenly heard melodic and hypnotizing voices that drew them away from the path without noticing, drawing them to a large clearing surrounded by large thick trees that had many vines hanging from the branches.

But what amazed them the most was that the clearing was warm and the snow leading to the clearing melted just at the entrance. There was some sort of light source keeping the clearing lit as bright as day, but the source was hidden from them. Angel walked forward, still in awe at what they stumbled upon, and began taking pictures. Aura was also in awe, but that slowly went away when she noticed the large fallen tree in the middle of the clearing, hearing the voices that seemed to be coming from inside the tree itself.

The voices did not escape from Angel's attention as he lowered his camera and cautiously moved towards the large tree, looking at it everywhere with much interest. Aura took this as an opportunity and giggled as she stared at the vines, her fingers moving and twirling around as the vines began to lower themselves right above Angel. Not once did he notice anything that was happening around him.

"This's so beautiful.." he muttered, lightly touching the tree as if it might break at the slightest touch.

" is.." Aura replied, smirking as the vines carefully removed Angel's clothes, leaving him in his socks, shoes and pink panties.

Reaching into her pocket, Aura pulled out two pairs of blue furred wristbands, a length of strong thick rope and a pink ball gag. The female werewolf carefully removed Angel's camera as he continued to gaze at the fallen tree, not even feeling his arms being tied and pulled up. Aura then shackled the fox boy's legs together right above his shoes and finished with slipping the ball gag on, having magically sealed in the back. She grinned and stepped back, only to giggle and laugh as blue tendrils began to slither out from the many holes in the fallen tree.

What appeared before the fox and werewolf were different colored flowers...only these flowers were more round like a ball. A ball with sharp teeth. The melodic voices were coming from the plants themselves as they sang, their blue tendrils slithering towards Angel and wrapping around his legs, traveling up his body.

The flowers stopped singing for a moment, giving Angel enough time to snap out of his trance like state and notice the situation he was now in. "Hmph! Aumph hlmph mmph!" he muffled as he struggled and squirmed.

"Now this is a worthy picture to show everyone at the university." she said, laughing as she began taking pictures of the struggling fox.

"Whmph! Aumph nmph! Lmph mmph gmph!"

Aura chuckled as she pulled out a key that unlocked the blue furred shackles and tied it around one of the flowers that were further away from Angel and backed away. "I'm sure you'll find a way to get free before dark." she smiled. "If not...well...I might come back for you later. Anyways, see you later!" with that said, Aura turned and walked away, holding the camera close to her.

Angel let out a muffled sigh and looked at the key, thinking of a way to reach it. Unfortunately the plants began to sing again, their melodic, hypnotizing voices ringing through Angel's ears as the tendrils began to move and tighten around his body. His tail began to wag as he tried to squirm again, causing the plants to sing louder.

Today was going to be a long day for Angel...
Musical plants
A request from a friend of mine ^^ goes with a picture he drew---> Fallen tree hides a surprise..
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So far Amy had managed to make her way to a larger part if Arkham City, although it had taken her an hour to maneuver her way around the maze-like city. It seemed like all the building looked the same to her which confused her to no end. Soon she was standing in an alley, peeking around the corner of the building to see a larger open area and a courthouse sitting right in the center. Amy also took notice of the small group of thugs standing around near the large front double doors of the courthouse, and if to make that any worse she noticed a few of them were carrying guns.

She did her best to try and remember which villain had taken over the courthouse, her memory finally reminding her that Two-Face had made the courthouse as his hideout. "Or maybe this is supposed to be his own personal kingdom." she asked herself. "But what happens at the courthouse? God it's been so long since I've played this damn game." she muttered, angered by the lack of information her brain gave her.

Fortunately her question was soon answered when the sound of gunshots rang out from inside the building. Amy stared at the building, watching and waiting for something to happen. Secretly she was hoping for an explosion to follow but was disappointed when the gunshots were silenced and all was quiet. Nothing followed afterwards for a while until she saw a tall and dark shadow on the rooftop of the building standing beside the courthouse. She stared at the shadow until it ran off, disappearing behind the building.

"That must have been Batman making his way to the next challenge like he does in the game...which means I'll be stuck here forever if he doesn't move his ass!" Amy shouted, not caring if anyone heard her. "Fucking goddamnit!"

"Well well well. Looks like there's a new cat in town." a sultry feminine voice spoke up from behind Amy. "But you look more like a kitten that just came from a nasty catfight...or maybe you escaped from a couple of dirty mutts?"

That sentence alone was usually enough to piss Amy off any day of the week, but instead it startled her and caused her to hastily draw her bowie knife. She turned around, pointing the blood covered blade at the mysterious woman that stood behind her, only to lower it with a relieved sigh. The woman turned out to be only Catwoman, also known as Selina, which gave Amy some comfort that she was with a person that wouldn't hurt or kill her. What surprised her was that Catwoman barely flinched at Amy's little outburst and only raised a brow at the startled teen.

Amy sheathed her knife and glared at Selina with a look that would kill. "What the fuck was that for?! Sneaking up behind me and scaring the shit out of me?!" Amy asked in annoyance, unable to keep her voice down.

The only response she received from Selina was silence as her eyes looked Amy up and down with a hint of curiosity before finally speaking. "You got a mouth on you." she spoke. "I'm guessing you were jumped and somehow miraculously made it out alive."

Amy gave a sheepish grin as she fidgeted in her spot. "You could say that...only these-" she gestured to her wounds. "were self-inflicted...playing dead to a couple of men wearing makeup is not as easy as I thought."

Catwoman gave a nod and began circling Amy, her hips swaying as she circled the teen, watching her as a cat would with its prey. Sizing it up and toying with it before going in for the kill. "Well...since you're alive and standing-" Selina paused, standing behind Amy. "it must have worked good enough for you to be alive."

Having Catwoman standing behind Amy made her very uneasy and extremely nervous.  " be perfectly honest...I had to scare them away instead." Amy retorted, still fidgeting in her spot, slightly afraid to turn around. "By the way, are you carrying any white face paint on you?"

Selina wasn't sure on how to respond to the strange question that was asked of her. "What would you need face paint for?" she asked. "Planning on joining with the Joker?" she said his name with a hint of disgust, as if spitting out a bad after taste just by saying his name.

"Oh yeah. That's exactly what I'm doing. My plan is to put on some fucking face paint so I can go and join the Joker." Amy replied sarcastically. "I just need some white face paint to make myself look more...dead."

Catwoman took a few steps back, observing her surroundings as she spoke. "Sorry kid, but I can't help you with that." her eyes spotted a fire escape ladder on the left side and smirked. "If I were you, I would find a safe place to stay at."

With that said, Selina jumped and grabbed the ladder, then pulled herself up and made her way to the roof. Amy was left in silence as well as frustration, her hands curled up into fists and shaking at her sides from the rage that was building up inside her. She wanted to just scream out loud to get rid of the pent up anger that boiled deep inside her. She would have to search for what she needed and hopefully that would give her some kind of advantage in making her way through the hell hole to find a way back home.

Unfortunately she might not live long enough to make it that far.

A pair of strong rough hands grabbed her arms, pinning them by her side as she was then violently pushed against the brick wall of the alley. Her tolerance of pain was very low so she couldn't stop herself from letting out a small cry of pain, feeling the harsh pressure of pain coursing through her arms and back. Her blue eyes met with the dark brown eyes of a thug wearing a mask that was normal on one side and horribly disfigured on the other side, giving her a sign that this thug belonged to Two-Face's little followers.

"Now what's a pretty girl like you doing in a dangerous place like this?" he asked, his voice sounding deep as well as perverted. "How's about I introduce you to the boys and we can keep you company?"

Her eyes widened as thousands of scenarios rushed through her mind, none ending with a good result. "Uh no thank you." she said, doing her best to keep calm. "It's a nice offer but-" Amy stopped speaking, her words caught in her throat as her eyes stared back past the guy holding her against the wall.

Large cartoon-like eyes stared back at Amy. The eyes belonging to a purple animatronic bunny that stood taller than the thug as it stared down at both of them. Its head and jaw twitching every now and then as it made a very chilling robotic noise, as if it were trying to say something. Luckily for Amy, it caught the man's attention pretty quickly as he turned to look behind him at the tall purple rabbit, letting go of Amy.

"Who the hell are you? Is it Halloween already?" the guy asked jokingly, laughing as the rabbit stayed silent. "Look I'm a little busy with something so take a hike or I'll make you."

No response. Only silence.

The Two-Face thug started becoming aggravated by the lack of response from the rabbit. "Listen pal, you better get moving or I'll beat the shit out of you!"

Still no response.

"Okay, that's it!" the man shouted, raising his fists, ready to make the first punch.

However his fists never made contact as the purple rabbit grabbed the man by the neck, its death grip on the verge of breaking the man's neck, before throwing him against the wall. The thug yelled out in excruciating pain upon his back making impact with the wall, his spine damaged but not broken. But that did not stop the animatronic as it again grabbed the thug, this time grabbing his left arm and throwing him against the opposite wall with much more force than before. This time an audible cracking sound could be heard clearly.

There was a loud blood curdling scream. Then the scream was silenced as the rabbit grabbed the thug by the neck once again and began walking away, dragging the man behind him as he attempted to struggle in the animatronic's death grip. Suddenly the rabbit paused in its tracks and slowly turned its head, its eyes scanning the alley as if something was missing, but saw nothing and turned its head back, continuing to walk again. Soon the purple rabbit and man disappeared into the darkness that engulfed the alley.

Amy had watched the whole thing from behind the safety of a few trashcans that were close by. Her whole body was shaking from pure fear, refusing to move from the safety of her spot, her eyes constantly searching in case it decided to come back for her. It was hard for her to fight back the tears that threatened to fall, her heart beating fast and loud as she tried to calm down.

"Fucking Bonnie is here?" she asked herself. "I hope to God the rest of them aren't here...especially that stupid bear Freddy." she muttered.

Checking the alley once more, Amy finally moved from the trashcans as much as she didn't want to, and began making her way out of the alley. She had a feeling that being in an open area would be a better advantage for her, not caring if any thugs happened to be around. Running into inmates seemed a lot better than running into a possessed animatronic that wanted to stuff people into a suit that would kill a person. Fortunately the streets were empty for now as she quickly moved, unable to shake the feeling that she was being followed.

From the shadows in the alley, a pair of eyes watched Amy as she made her way through the streets. A figure moves around in the dark alley before letting out a deep spine chilling laugh.

Footsteps make their way onto the street. Following Amy's direction.

"I-I-I'm a s-s-sad bear." the head and mouth twitch violently. "You c-c-c-called me s-s-stupid."
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