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It felt like a lifetime had passed since she was back in class, but that is what happens when you have to put work first. Aura now had the chance to have a few days off which gave her the opportunity to attend class in the morning again, but she had grown to love the night classes, always feeling refreshed during the night rather than during the day. Today she was in class, but she and Wynter were the only ones there at the moment, having shown up before the University opened.

"Okay, this will give me the chance to practice a bit on my rope golem. I never have any time to use it and study its abilities." Aura spoke as she reached into her bag, pulling out a large pile of rope.

Wynter smiled as she watched closely, amazed that Aura had managed to fit all that rope in her back pack. "Work and class will do that to you. At least you can work with it now that you have off from work."

Aura gave a nod as she set the pile of rope on the floor, moving her hands through the air as the rope came alive and began to move on its own accord. "That's true. Such is the reality of life when it leaves you very little time to relax and have fun."

Once the golem was whole it stared at Aura, waiting for her to give it a command. The black wolf went on to give it simple instructions, steadily increasing each task to become difficult and harder for the golem to complete. So far it managed to finish every task without much trouble, impressing Aura and Wynter as they watched.

Of course Wynter seemed to be paying more attention to the golem than Aura.

An idea quickly formed in Aura's mind as she grinned mischievously. "Tie and bind the silver panther to the teacher's seat. Leave no clothes on her."

The wolf's unidentified language caught Wynter's attention making the silver panther draw her attention to Aura. "What was that?" she asked as the golem immediately went to work on carrying out the command given to it.

"Oh nothing. Just a dead language no one knows about. Jack taught it to my mother and my mother taught it to me. It was used in case anything bad happened." Aura explained, smiling innocently as she watched the golem carefully remove Wynter's clothes.

Wynter seemed intrigued with Aura's language, along with her somewhat mysterious past. "You know Aura, you've never really told anyone about your parents or where you came from."

"It's not exactly a good table conversation for me...too many bad memories." Aura replied, frowning.

"Sorry, but I really like the language. Maybe you could teach me to write and speak it?" Wynter asked, her tail twitching eagerly.

"You want to use my family's dead language?" Aura asked, a little surprised that Wynter was interested.

Wynter gave an enthusiastic nod. "Yes! Maybe if the rest of our friends learned this language we could use it in our games and against any enemies that might come along."

It sounded like a good idea, and maybe doing this would revive her family's long dead and forgotten language. But would doing this put everyone in danger? Aura knew her father still had enemies that were alive and searching for him, and knew that if his enemies happened to stumble upon her friends who could speak her father's language then they would be in more trouble than they could handle. But the chances of that happening looked very slim, so what would the harm be?

"Alright then, I'll teach everyone." Aura said, grinning all the while. "This will prove to be very interesting."

The minute she finished her sentence the golem had removed all of Wynter's clothes, leaving the silver panther naked. Unfortunately Wynter wasn't aware of her situation as the golem swiftly bound and gagged her, causing her to thrash and struggle as it tied her to the teacher's chair.

Her muffled cries made Aura laugh as she struggled to get free of the rope that bound her to the chair, being rather unsuccessful at it. "Maybe the teacher will award you with a perfect attendance reward for showing up before everyone else!" Aura said, continuing to laugh.

Unfortunately she would not be walking away scotch free.

Unbeknownst to the black wolf Wynter had cast a little spell when they had been on their way to the University. It hadn't yet taken effect since it would only react if Aura had used magic, but now it would begin to show as the black wolf began removing her own clothes, loosing control of her limbs which made her unable to stop herself.

"What the hell!" Aura shouted as she tried to stop herself, having zero control of her own body.

In just a few minutes Aura had used a piece of extra rope to tie onto the back of her dark purple panties before throwing the end of the rope over one of the rafters in the ceiling. She grabbed the rope and then tied it to the desk sitting in front of the dry board. It pulled on her panties, giving Aura a bad wedgie the made her squirm which only made it worse.

Then to add onto her misfortune she grabbed a few more pieces of rope and bound herself tightly before the spell wore off completely. Now Wynter and Aura were both bound and naked in the classroom with a golem watching them both, almost looking as if it were enjoying the show. Both girls struggled and squirmed against their bindings, getting nowhere closer to being free.

That's when they heard voices and footsteps in the halls.

The University had opened.

Wynter and Aura both glanced at each other, unsure of how they would explain this to the teacher. The golem, however, quickly hid itself in Aura's back pack, silently watching its entertainment unnoticed as the classroom door opened.
Attendance requirement
At least they won't be late for class...not sure what their policy is for whatever dresscode they have.

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The operation, if anyone could call it that, was a success. Amy had stitched up where she had cut and cleaned the blood away, making sure none of it had touched the fur. Once she made sure the stitches would hold she wrapped a layer of gauze around Kootra's chest, hoping it would help keep the stitches from coming loose and opening the incision. The Creature was still out from the sedative as the metal bands disappeared back into the table, no longer holding Kootra down. Amy chuckled as she watched him sleep, thinking of a sleeping kitten as she began to pick him up, struggling as she did so.

/He's a lot heavier than I thought he was./ She had measured Kootra while he was sleeping, measuring him at almost 7 feet. But with how she watched him move in the trees when she caught him Amy figured he couldn't weigh that much. Right now she was being proven wrong as she managed to lift him up enough to get him off the table, unfortunately when she backed up Kootra's weight shifted back as well, causing her to stumble back and fall. Now she was laying on the floor, pinned down beneath the Creature's full body weight.

"Damnit. I should've bought the tables you can move around." she said to herself as she pushed Kootra while trying to pull herself out from under him.

Finally she managed to free herself and brushed herself off before grabbing Kootra by the wrists and dragging him across the floor. It made things a lot easier for her as she dragged the Creature back into the cage, laying him out on the floor as she shackled his wrists and ankles again. Once that was done Amy left the cage, closing the door and left the basement that sat beneath her home. She was still excited with her catch and began to wonder if there were more like him, or maybe there were different species!

Thoughts of capturing different Creatures and finally becoming a real scientist made her eager and happy. The idea was too good to pass up as she ran upstairs to her room, getting herself ready for tonight as she had done previously. If there was the chance that other Creatures were alive and flourishing in the forest then it would be a perfect chance for her to catch the rest.

Unfortunately there was a problem.

Amy began to pace in her room, thinking of the problems with her idea. "What if these Creatures behave differently than the one I caught? And if there are others...does that mean they're at war with each other?" she pondered the thought before heading downstairs, walking over to a closet in the hallway. "Maybe that explains why I only saw Kootra when he was hunting...or maybe he just hunts alone." her eyes widened. "If he has a pack...oh my god that would get me in Manning Labs for sure!" Amy opened the closet to reveal a large array of various traps and devices to capture live targets.

It took several trips to the closet and back as she loaded up her car with what she needed. Most of the time the equipment was never used after many failed attempts at capturing a Creature to prove their existence. But now she was sure to catch another possible living Creature. It was a constant battle in her mind on whether there was more than one or not, part of her hoped that there would be more than one but the thought of having her hopes crushed didn't seem too good.

Amy shrugged as she got in her car and drove off, heading back to the spot where she had caught Kootra. "Could there be more? Or was it just a fluke that I even saw a Creature at all." she said, sounding a bit disappointed. "Screw it. If there's more then it gives me more of a chance to get accepted in Manning Labs and be set for life." she smiled at the thought, gripping the wheel tightly. "First things first though...time to get dirty."

To make sure she was undetected Amy stopped at one spot where she had been before. It was a mud pit close to the river that ran along the forest, plus a good place to use when having to cover up her scent. It was messy and disgusting but in the end it was worth it. /Definitely will be taking a shower after this. Thank god for body wash and shampoo./ Sadly this wasn't the first or second time Amy had done this, but if it helped her become hidden from the Creatures then so be it.

After her mud bath Amy grabbed several sets of trapping equipment from her car and walked the rest of the way, leaving her socks and shoes behind. Walking barefoot through a forest was very uncomfortable, especially for her and stepping on sharp objects was a huge pain in the ass, but going barefoot made her a bit quiet and less noticeable. The smell of rotting flesh suddenly hit her in the face like a wave, almost making her gag from the putrid smell. /Looks like I'm here./

Having reached her destination Amy quickly got to work, setting up various traps near the carcass and around the trees that surrounded her. She reached into the pocket of her camouflage hoodie, making sure none of the five syringes she brought along were broken. It never hurt to be prepared. Once the traps were set Amy checked each one to make sure there weren't any problems in case one trap failed to work. So far so good. After concealing each trap she hid in a bush and watched silently, anxious for nightfall to come.

She took out her camcorder and held it tightly, ready and waiting for her targets to come along.


Nightfall approached quicker than the day before as Immortal, Nova and BlackHawk awoke from their slumber. Each one gave a yawn as they stretched out their aching limbs, being slightly uncomfortable with their makeshift den. The cool night breeze was comforting as the three of them left the den and headed back to the rotting carcass, ready and eager to attack if the one who captured Kootra had returned.

They silently moved through the trees as quickly as they could, hoping to find the one responsible for taking their leader away. Unfortunately to their dismay they saw nothing but the carcass, not even catching a scent of anything else or spotting any tracks. They were disappointed and frustrated as they searched the area, hoping to find anything that would help them.

Nova however could barely focus on searching, the smell of the rotting carcass overpowering his mind. "Well this was an absolute fucking failure." he said, clearly annoyed and upset. "You have anymore bright ideas, mutt?" he gave a grin followed by a chuckle.

Immortal immediately shot Nova a glare, giving a warning growl. "I was sure they would come back. But I guess I was wrong, so we just need to go look for him." he replied, wishing that his idea had worked.

Unbeknownst to them Amy was silently watching them while recording, staring in amazement as she watched. /Two more! Two more Creatures! If those traps work I'll have two more!/ Amy wanted to let out a squeal but held it in, not wanting to give herself away. The one searching near the carcass was very close to a trap while the other was only a foot or so away from the next trap. /Maybe if I'm lucky the one near the carcass will start eating it and won't notice the sedative covering it. That'll make it easier to catch the other one./

Again Nova glanced at the carcass, unable to resist the smell of rotting flesh. Without further hesitation he moved closer to the carcass and knelt down, quickly biting into it as he tore a chunk of flesh away and ate it. He noticed it tasted funny, different from the many times he ate rotting flesh. However he shrugged it off as nothing and continued eating, pausing to snarl when Immortal walked over to him.

Immortal stared down at Nova with a somewhat irritated look. "We're trying to find Kootra and you choose now to eat?" he asked.

"Hey, I didn't have anything to eat last night! I'm fucking hungry so leave me alone wolf boy!" Nova replied before continuing to eat.

/Hope I put enough sedative on that thing. It should be kicking in right about now./ As soon as the thought left her mind Nova had begun to feel drowsy and strangely tired, but that did not keep him from satisfying his hunger. He tore off a few more pieces, eating them whole as blood covered his mouth, pieces of rotting flesh hanging from his sharp teeth. He wanted to eat more but could not stay awake as he fell to the ground out cold, snoring away.

Immortal had gone back to searching, deciding to let Nova eat instead of argue with him. When he heard a light thud he turned to see Nova asleep next to the almost bare carcass, snoring away. His ears perked forward, listening carefully as his canine nose took in the many scents around them. Something was wrong. He cautiously moved over to the sleeping Nova, taking in the scent in that spot. The carcass smelled strangely, the smell of rotting flesh mixed with a strange foreign scent he could not place.

His tail went straight and stiff as his eyes scanned the area. Immortal couldn't see anything so far as he carefully moved over to the trees, ready to expect a surprise attack. BlackHawk was flying high above the trees, seeing no threat anywhere as he circled. He could see the posture Immortal was in but did not see any signs of anything else. BlackHawk was beginning to get very nervous, wondering if there was going to be an attack.


Immortal let out a long howl, signaling to BlackHawk to fall back and send for help. He didn't want to leave Immortal alone but two Creatures fighting the enemy alone would not end well. Without a pause BlackHawk quickly flew off to the cavern to get help, hopefully Immortal would still be here when he returned with the others. They weren't too far from the cavern but it was still a long ways to travel for BlackHawk, thankfully he didn't need to walk as flying was much faster so he should reach their home in no time.

As soon as BlackHawk left Immortal was now alone.

He let out a warning growl to anyone or anything that might be watching, feeling the eyes of something watching his every move. Amy was beginning to become worried, afraid that the Creature might find her and attack her or worse, kill her. She dared not move or speak as she watched, praying that the Creature just take a few more steps back. To her surprise Immortal began to back up even more until he was standing between two trees, flexing his claws anxiously.


In the blink of an eye Immortal was lifted and tangled up in a strongly built net, causing him to snarl and thrash in an attempt to free himself. In the confusion Amy took the opportunity to leave the safety of the bush and run over to the struggling Creature, taking out a syringe as she tried to find a spot to insert the needle. Immortal kept thrashing and struggling however, making it hard for Amy to even insert the needle without hurting him. Groaning in annoyance Amy reached out with her free hand, holding onto Immortal's right leg and quickly inserted the needle into his thigh, immediately injecting him before releasing the hold on his leg. Once the sedative was injected it was only a minute or two until the effect kicked in, leaving the Creature knocked out and limp in the net.

"I did it...I fucking did it again! Hell yeah! I caught two more Creatures alive! I am going to be fucking famous!" Amy said aloud, putting her camcorder away as she untied the main rope holding the net, watching it fall to the ground.

Dragging the net caught Creature over to the other near the carcass Amy tied the rope around the sleeping Creature's legs, making sure the knot was good and secure before grabbing Nova by his arms and dragging him through the forest. She had to admit that dragging two Creatures was extremely difficult, being its own workout as she made her way back to the car.

"Note to self....find a better transport Creatures..." she said, huffing as she pulled.

Unfortunately Amy did not notice the four unused syringes lying on the ground near the carcass.
Creatures of insanity Ch. 3
Amy managed to catch two more Creatures, will the others find out what happened and track Amy down? At least Kootra won't be alone now.

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Was it morning already?

Kootra could hear birds chirping even though he was locked in a room with no windows. It saddened him though because now there was no chance for the others to try and find him during the day, he would have to wait until midnight to send out another call and hope they would find him. In the meantime this would give him a chance to try and think of a way to escape from the insane woman that was keeping him here.

"Good morning! Did you sleep well?"

Speak of the devil.

Instead of greeting her Kootra gave Amy a nasty glare along with a threatening growl, his tail twitching in anger. He wanted to kill her. He wanted to sink his teeth into her delicate neck and rip her organs out with his claws, but for now he could only dream of such things while being imprisoned in a cage. Amy frowned at Kootra, disappointed that he didn't greet her back and growled at her instead. Maybe he wasn't satisfied with the food she brought him, but then again the bowl was empty so he must have enjoyed it.

Oh well, no sense in worrying over nothing important. "Okay Kootra, today is going to be fun and interesting."

His ears perked forward a bit. "And how is that? Did you decide to let me go?" he asked, hoping that she was going to let him go.

"I am going to run a few tests on you as well as take a few x-ray shots and we'll see where we go from there." Amy replied as she began to get everything set up and ready.

Tests? X-ray? What was this crazy human planning on doing to him! He felt his heart starting to race in his chest, able to hear it beating crazy fast. His eyes darted all around to look for something, anything, that would help him get away from this place. So far he didn't see anything that could help him and began to pull against his restraints, using all of his strength to try and break free. But as much as he pulled the chains did not give an inch, making him pant from exhaustion. Never in his life had Kootra felt as helpless and powerless as he did now.

"Alright, everything is ready. Now let's get you on the table." Amy spoke, walking towards the cage.

Kootra growled as he laid on the floor, ideas running through his mind as he tried to think of something that he could use to his advantage. Wait...if she wanted him on the table that meant she would have to unchain him to do so, which would give him the opportunity to kill her and get out of this place for good! Calmly sitting up he waited, watching her as she unlocked the cage and opened it, walking in with confidence while showing no signs of fear.

Amy reached into her pocket, taking out a small skeleton key to unlock the shackles before pocketing the key once more. She left the cage and looked back at Kootra, smiling at him. "Come on you lazy kitty!"

There was nothing more Kootra hated than being called a kitty, but he gave a fake smile as he stood up and exited the cage, practically having to duck to get out through the doorway. He looked down at Amy, grinning at her with a wicked looking grin as she walked over to the table. Now was his chance to attack and get out of here. Kootra gave a snarl as he leapt at Amy from behind, his claws outstretched and his teeth bared, ready to sink into her flesh and taste her blood.


A strong electrical shock coming from Kootra's neck ruined his plan of attack as he fell to the floor, laying inches away from Amy. Another shock made him writhe and spasm on the floor until he was curled up into a ball, twitching in pain. It hurt. Never had he felt pain such as this before. Once the shock had stopped and the pain subsided he stayed curled up in a ball, not daring to move in fear that he would be shocked again.

"Are you going to play nice or do I have to shock you again?" Amy asked, staring down at Kootra, waiting for him to reply. "I knew you wouldn't play nice, so I got you a little shock collar in case you try to misbehave."

Reaching his hand up to his neck he could feel the small thick layer of metal embracing his neck, snugly fit and not too tight. He stared up at Amy with a look of pain, anger and hatred in his blueish gray cat eyes. He had been inches from ending this human's life only to have it taken away by a stupid shock collar. With no response he stood up and laid flat on his back on the table without complaint, not wanting to look at Amy as he stared at the wall instead.

"That's a good kitty." she said, putting on a pair of latex gloves.

Kootra had to resist the urge to swipe his claws at her, letting out an irritated growl as his only response. He heard a beep that resounded close to his head and nearly jumped when metal bands suddenly sprouted from the table, holding down his wrists, ankles, waist and neck. The sudden touch of Amy's latex gloves startled Kootra even more as she moved her hands along his chest, arms and legs, examining his body structure. He couldn't hold back the purr that escaped him, his tail laying arching up and curling at the end.

Amy couldn't help but admit that it was cute, reminding her of normal house cats when they purred from receiving affection from humans. But then again this wasn't a house cat. "Creature shows gentleness when receiving affection like the common house cat, becoming completely harmless until it feels threatened or provoked." she spoke, writing down more notes on her iPad.

Upon hearing this Kootra's ears flattened against his head as he gave a warning his, baring his teeth and clawing at the table with his claws. Amy watched him for a moment before jotting down a few more notes before opening a drawer beneath the counter, taking out an empty syringe as she closed the draw and went over to the table, grabbing Kootra's arm and turning it around so his paw pads were facing up.

"This might hurt a bit, so if you feel any pain feel free to yell." she said casually, placing the tip of the needle close to his wrist, just inches from the metal band that covered his wrist.

When he saw the needle Kootra began to struggle against the restraints holding him down, unable to move or get away from the sharp metal object. This did not stop Amy as she inserted the needle, causing the Creature to give out a roar of pain before she began to draw his blood. She did not stop until the syringe was almost full, pulling the needle out and wrapping the spot where the needle had been inserted with a thick layer of gauze.

"Blood sample is retrieved, now time for some x-ray scans to see the bone structure of our very interesting subject." she spoke with a bit of joy and excitement.

The x-rays weren't bad at all as Kootra had first thought, he had taken the time to relax for a moment, his thoughts on escaping still playing in his mind. However once Amy was finished looking at the x-rays she returned to the table holding a new needle in her hand. This one unfortunately was not empty as the previous one had been. This syringe was full of a thick dark golden liquid, droplets of it could be seen on the end of the needle.

Kootra stared in fear as she examined the syringe, making sure the needle was clean and flicking it to get rid of any air bubbles that were possibly formed. "What are you doing?" he asked, trying sound confident and brave, but his fear slipped out at the end.

Amy looked at the Creature with a reassuring smile as she placed the needle at the spot of the elbow, tapping his arm so she could find the main vein. "Well you can't stay awake while I'm cutting you open." she said as if it were a normal thing to say. "You'd be screaming in pain and that won't help me concentrate."

Cut open? Cut open! Was this human mentally crazy? The last thing he wanted was to be cut open by some insane woman that seemed to find joy in torturing others. Kootra struggled and thrashed as much as his restraints would allow him, shouting as he struggled. "NO NO NO! DON'T DO THIS TO ME! LET ME GO! PLEASE LET ME GO!"

His pleading cries fell on deaf ears as Amy inserted the needle into his vein, injecting the strange liquid into him. Kootra roared out as loud as he could, wishing the others were here to save him from this horrible nightmare. Once all the liquid was gone Amy removed the needle and tossed the syringe away, removing her latex gloves and replacing them with new ones as she prepared for the operation.

Kootra could feel himself growing tired, his eyes becoming heavy and weak as he tried to force himself to stay awake. The effects unfortunately took over with ease as the Creature was finally out cold, allowing Amy to begin as she grabbed the scalpel from the counter.


"Did you find him?" the antlered Creature asked with a tone of urgency.

"No. But we found a kill he made last night and caught his scent." Immortal replied.

"Were there any tracks?" asked the winged Creature that still hung upside down.

"There were some tire tracks not too far from where we found his kill. They lead to the eastern part of the forest." BlackHawk spoke, ruffling his wings.

One Creature scoffed. "So what you're saying is you didn't find him, right?"

Nova gave a growl. "At least we caught his fucking scent which means he's not dead...yet."

"Then tonight you three will go back out there and follow those tire tracks to where ever they go." another Creature said.

"But that could take us days! He might be dead by then!" Nova argued, not looking forward to going out and searching again.

The antlered Creature gave a sigh. "Until we find his corpse that says otherwise Kootra is still alive. Now when nightfall arrives you three will go back out and look. Do not come back until you find him."

They said nothing more as the day went by, leaving at night to search once again for their leader. Immortal led the way as Nova followed from behind and BlackHawk followed from above, keeping an eye out for anything. Nova was muttering complaints the whole way even after they left the safety of the cavern, but Immortal ignored it so far, being focused on finding Kootra or a trace of where he could be.

"I fucking hope we find him tonight. I'm missing out on my goddamn hunting time!" Nova said in anger, crossing his arms frustratedly.

Immortal gave Nova a glance and rolled his golden brown eyes. "Well if you would stop complaining and actually help us..." he replied, giving a smirk when Nova growled.

Upon finding the tire tracks the three Creatures followed it until the tracks disappeared, making it even more difficult for the three to find Kootra's trail. BlackHawk glided down until his feet touched the earth, standing close to Nova and Immortal. "What if a human caught him and took him away? he asked.

"If a human did manage to capture him then they must be very stupid." Immortal replied, staring down at the tire tracks. "Maybe if this human is stupid enough they might come back and try to catch one of us again. So all we need to do is go back to where they caught Kootra and wait there."

"For how long?" Nova shouted. "And what are the chances of the human coming back to the same spot?"

Immortal looked at Nova. "If they knew where to catch him that means they have been watching him for a while...which means they might have seen the rest of us." he said.

"I think it's a good idea. That way we have the element of surprise over them." BlackHawk replied.

"Then it's settled, we'll have a makeshift den in the area where Kootra was hunting and when they show up we attack. Then we can find out where Kootra is being kept at." Immortal said as the three Creatures made their way back to the day old kill Kootra had made.

"If we end up getting caught because of your stupid idea I'm going to bite your tail off and keep it as my personal chew toy!" Nova shouted, following behind.

Hopefully Immortal's idea would be enough to help them find their leader.
Creatures of insanity Ch. 2
They are slowly getting close to finding Kootra, but how long will he remain alive?

Mature Content

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"Is she dead?"


"No, just unconscious."

More voices.

"Hey, that looks like the girl that got away earlier!"

Oh no.

"Looks like we'll have a good excuse for the boss when we get back then."

Amy had regained consciousness a while back but kept still and quiet, hoping the clown thugs would think that she was dead and just leave. But it wasn't enough to fool them if they could feel that her heart was still beating. /Damnit damnit damnit! Why don't any of my fucking plans ever work out! I only had one plan that actually worked and that's it!/ She let out a few mental curses, her hands curling into fists as anger and frustration rose up inside her. /Might as well end this little charade and get on with it./

"Can we have fun with her first?"

/Definitely time to end it!/ Her eyes immediately opened as she sat up, only to feel a shot of pain hit her where the bat had struck her head. The blood had dried a bit but some of it was still fresh and wet. "No you may not! And if you try I'll make sure to call the rest of the robots here so they can kill you both!" it was a bluff but there was no way these idiots would know that.

Reese scoffed at Amy. "You're bluffing. There's no way you can do that."

/Fuck./ "I can!" she pulled out her phone. "And I can prove it."

Unfortunately before she could even continue on with her plan Jeff snatched her phone away as he looked at it with interest, staring at it while touching the screen. "Cool phone. Did you steal this?" he asked.

Amy only glared at him. "Oh yeah, I was put in here for stealing a goddamn phone, I bought it you fucking retard!" she shouted, slowly standing up to keep herself from becoming dizzy and fall over.

"Retard? I think you owe my buddy an apology for that rude comment." Reese said, chuckling.

"Fuck you both, I don't apologize to anyone." Amy replied. "Now give me the phone or I will punch you in the throat." she spoke in a dangerous tone.

"Oooh, we're so scared!" Reese commented, gripping the bat tightly in his hand, ready to use it again if he had to.

"I'm not hurting it, and I don't think you'll be needing it after we hand you over to Joker." Jeff said. "Once he's through with you this phone will be mine."

/That's it. I'm done playing nice. They had their chance and blew it./ Truthfully Amy had wanted to do this ever since she arrived in Arkham City, now she will have her chance. "Hey, want to know a secret?" she asked Reese.

Reese raised a brow, giving her a questioning look. "What secret?" he asked.

Amy gestured him to move closer to her, smiling as he did so with no complaint or refusal. "Here's my secret." she said.

Warmth. Wetness. Sticky.

It was difficult for Reese to comprehend what was happening. "What the-" he felt a piercing pain coming from his stomach, something sharp penetrating his flesh.

Looking down at his stomach Reese was met with the sight of a bowie knife, the hilt of the knife almost touched him as the rest of the blade was hidden inside his stomach. He looked at Amy with a look of surprise and disbelief, amazed that a girl like herself would do something like this. And what scared him about it is that Amy was smiling a very creepy insane smile as she gave a quick twist of the knife, causing Reese to cringe and grunt from the pain it created.

Slowly she began to pull the blade out, blood covering the knife as it began to pour out freely from the gaping wound made from the knife. Blood splattered to the ground as Reese dropped to his knees, staring up at Amy with a pleading look in his eyes. Would she spare his life after greatly wounding him? Or would she give him another torturing wound for him to deal with. He glanced at the blood covered knife that she held in front of his face, the end of the blade dangerously close to his face.

"Jeff-" Reese began to say before he was abruptly cut off.

With a slow but careful move Amy pressed the blade against Reeses' neck, slicing his throat as she pulled the knife across, pressing hard against his skin. More blood began to pour from the newly opened wound, some of the blood occasionally squirting out as well, splattering onto Amy's shirt but that did not bother her at all. She stood there, watching Reese in silence as he fell over, choking and sputtering as blood escaped from his mouth before he went quiet and still.

"You say something Reese?" Jeff asked, turning to look at him only to be horrified by the bloody sight that lay before him. He stared with a horrified look as his mouth was agape, letting the phone in his hand drop to the ground. He turned his look to Amy, backing up slowly in case she decided to attack him next.

Amy could feel the adrenaline rush coursing through her after what she had done, her mind and thoughts were nothing but a blur. She wanted more. /Maybe I should kill Jeff./ She turned her attention to the terrified clown, holding her knife as if ready to attack. /Wait, I need him. Can't make it out of here without having some kind of protection./ Amy leaned over Reeses' body, sliding the blade against his shirt to wipe away the blood that covered the blade. Once it was clean she put the knife back into its sheathe and gave an innocent smile at Jeff. /If Jeff manages to make it out alive maybe he'll start spreading the word about what I did. Then no one will think fuck with me./

"Alright, we can do this my way or I can kill you and be on my merry way without a care in the world. Your choice." she spoke, her tone making it sound like a warning.

Jeff did not show any signs of complaint as he gave Amy a weak and nervous smile, nodding. "We'll do it your way! No other way is better than your way!" he said, the terror in his voice could be easily heard.

Amy began walking over to Jeff. "Awesome sauce! Now, where is my phone- oh, there it is...on the goddamn ground." she said in irritation, picking it up to discover the whole screen was now cracked. She stared at her phone in silence for a moment before showing it to Jeff, glaring at him. "What, the fuck. Is this how you handle other people's shit?" she asked, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Uuuhh..." was all that Jeff could say, unable to think of a good excuse.

Amy rolled her eyes. "Never mind, just fucking forget it. Now let's get moving before something else decides to show up and say hi." she said before walking off in the direction the clowns had originally been heading in.

He was hesitant to follow at first but walked after her quickly, not wanting to be left alone and attacked. Jeff couldn't help but stare at Amy, amazed at how quickly she had killed off Reese and asserted her authority without any fear. The girl was clearly mad and insane, reminding him of Joker. It made him think if this girl was secretly related to the Joker somehow, but he never heard anyone mentioning or knowing of Harley being pregnant, much less having a baby. There would be no way to keep that a secret from everyone.

Unfortunately Jeff would never find out after being knocked out by a blunt object.

Amy had no idea that she was walking alone at this point, but she still felt confident as she walked on. /Maybe I should have Jeff in front in case anything tries to get the jump on me./ Her confidence flew out the window when she turned around to see that Jeff was gone, leaving her by herself. If he had decided to go back she would've still been able to see him thanks to the lack of hiding spots. If he had went past Amy she would have definitely noticed unless her mind had been in LaLa Land at the time.

The sudden vibration of the phone in her hand made her jump, the feeling of panic almost rising as she closed her eyes, trying to calm herself. Once she felt calm enough Amy answered the phone, expecting to hear Nick's voice when she answered. "Are you checking up on me again? I told you I'm fine." she said.

"Are you fine?" spoke a very familiar terrifying voice. "Last time I heard you had a target on your back with two bullets that had your name on them, hehehahahehehaha!!!"

/Why does his laughter have to be so goddamn creepy!/ Amy continued to walk, picking up the pace while searching around her. "How the fuck did you get my number! I don't remember exchanging numbers with you before I left!"

"Well you were asleep at the time so I went ahead and added myself on your phone!" Joker said, chuckling as well as coughing. "I didn't want to be rude and disturb you! By the way, I didn't know I had my own personal stalker! How did you manage to get such great pictures of me!" he asked, laughing and coughing harshly. "I must say you captured my good side!"

/Motherfucker. He went through my goddamn phone and saw the pictures! Fuck! How do I lie my way out of this one!/ Thinking of a lie was a talent that Amy did not have. "That is classified information that I cannot share with you so fuck off!"

"Not willing to say? I'm sure you'll want to tell me all about it when we meet again!" he said, laughing before ending the call.

Muttering several curses as she pocketed her phone Amy face-palmed, her hand sliding down her face while leaving large streaks of still fresh blood. Once she took notice of the blood on her hand and what she had done Amy groaned in frustration. "Goddamnit all to hell!" she shouted, desperately wanting to punch something.

"Alice? Why are you so upset my sweet Alice?" spoke a strange male voice coming from everywhere around her. "Maybe you should rest and then we can have our little tea party with our guests!"

"Who the fuck is Alice?" Amy said, trying to find the source of the voice. "My name is Amy, not Alice you fucking asshole!"

The sight of a small figure, not even reaching her own height made itself known in front of her before her vision became blurry and darkness swallowed her once again.


A fist slammed down on a table in clear frustration as the main monitor was showing Amy's body moving around, possibly being carried off to God knows where. Hugo was already upset that Deadshot had shot the girl twice in the arm after clearly explaining to not harm her, but then again he was impressed by her nature to kill another with no remorse whatsoever. Maybe she would prove more useful than he previously thought.

"The pieces that were managed to be salvaged are being prepared as we speak." Ra's spoke, standing close by, glancing every once in a while at the monitors. "My assassins are searching the city for the other animatronics and will notify me when they have found one."

Hugo looked at Ra's, giving a nod. "Good. My TYGER guards are also on the look out for them. So far they found another damaged animatronic that seems to have exploded. I'm guessing Batman is also on the hunt as well but for a different purpose."

"Protocol 10 will be used as a backup if Protocol 9 is a failure." Ra's replied, making his way out of the room. "You better pray for your plan to succeed, Hugo Strange." and with that said he was gone.

Hugo turned his attention back to the monitors, keeping an eye on what was happening to Amy. "I do not need to pray for my success. I have my knowledge and science to rely on."
Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped! Ch. 18
Is Amy more insane than she was before? Or is she becoming more insane the longer she is stuck in Arkham City?

Mature Content

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"Holy shit...I found one. I actually fucking found one!" she whispered excitedly, trying not to alert it of her presence.

The night vision feature on the camcorder allowed Amy to watch one of the infamous Creatures as it moved through the trees and foliage, seemingly in search for food. The Creature in question was a male that had the body features of a human and a large cat mixed together as she tried zooming in to get a closer look, unfortunately her camcorder had low image quality making the image blurry. Earlier she had watched him from the bushes as he climbed up a tree using his claws and carefully made his way from one tree to the next using the overlaying branches to cross.

It fascinated her as the Creature moved so silently without making any noise as he went on his search for food. Amy was relieved that it was midnight which gave her the opportunity to watch without exposing herself. She knew all felines had perfect night vision, especially for hunting, but the camouflage hoodie she was wearing had concealed her, along with the scent of mud and dirt that covered her face and hid her scent. She had been practically rolling around in mud during the day to be ready for tonight.

Doing her best to move from the bushes without making any noise Amy followed after the Creature, staying behind as he kept moving, pausing when he stopped in one of the trees. It looked like he was watching something down below. Amy aimed the camcorder to the supposed spot he was staring at and spotted a group of deer, two doe and three bucks, one of which was a young buck that looked to be around two and a half years old. It was hard to tell which one the Creature was targeting from where she stood so Amy just kept watching, waiting to see which he would attack.

"Okay...he's found a small group of deer and it looks like he's picked one out. Not sure which one but we'll find out." she spoke, mainly to the camcorder for video purposes.

The Creature's tail twitched several times as he watched, his cat eyes reflecting in the moonlight as they narrowed before leaping from the branch he had been settled on, tackling the young buck and biting down onto its throat. His claws dug into the buck's skin beneath the fur, puncturing the flesh as the smell of blood filled his cat nostrils, making him bite down harder onto his prey. The other deer had quickly fled by now as the buck struggled against the Creature several more minutes until it went still.

"Holy fuck, did you guys see that! That was an amazing kill he made!" Amy exclaimed in a whisper, trying to zoom in closer. "That kill should be enough to satisfy his hunger for a while until he needs to hunt again. But tonight he won't be getting away." she faced the camcorder at herself. "Because I have a plan to capture him alive." she said before turning the camera back to the Creature as he began to feast on his kill.

Three hours had passed before the Creature had finally fallen asleep, having eaten most of the young buck. Now Amy had the chance to act before he woke up as she quietly moved towards him, continuing to film as she drew closer and closer. The excitement welling up inside her almost caused her to trip on a rotting tree branch laying on the ground, but she managed to catch herself in time.

"Look at him. What a beautiful Creature he is." she whispered, moving the camcorder closer to the sleeping Creature. "When I get him back I'll be able to figure out which cat DNA he has."


She stayed silent, remaining still until she was sure he wouldn't wake up. "That was close. Now..." Amy pulled out a syringe from the pocket of her hoodie, holding it in front of the camera. "Time for this kitty to take a nice longer nap so I can move him."

Carefully placing the needle close to the Creature's arm Amy quickly stuck the needle in, the sharp metal end puncturing the skin as she injected him with a sedative. However as she was doing this the Creature was waking up, opening his eyes and lifting his head to see what was causing the stinging pain in his arm. Luckily for Amy the sedative began to kick in, causing the Creature to become tired again before blacking out.

Amy pulled the needle out and placed it back into her hoodie pocket, smiling happily. "I did it." she said softly. "I did it!" this time she said it louder in triumph. "Take that Dexter Manning! If I'm a so-called amateur then capturing a Creature alive makes me better than you! HA!" she shouted as she shut off the camera and grabbed the sleeping Creature by the arms, dragging him through the forest back to her car.


 Twitch. Twitch.

His eyes slowly opened as he finally woke up from his slumber, a bright light source nearly blinded him as he quickly shielded his eyes from the annoying light. Once his eyes adjusted to the brightness he noticed his current surroundings and wished he hadn't woken up. Instead of waking up to the forest he woke up to steel bars that surrounded him, the floor beneath him was white and concrete, and to add above all of that his wrists and ankles were now shackled. Chains connecting from the wall behind him to the shackles he wore would limit his movements, mainly to keep him from attacking and escaping.

"What the-" he said, confused and angered at what was going on.

The room he was currently being kept in was large, the walls being made of some kind of metal that was also colored white, making the room itself brighter. Along the walls sat many monitors with a single keyboard and mouse sitting below them. But what worried him the most was the long metal table sitting at the far end of the room with a set of mean-looking medical tools that sat on a counter next to the table.

He didn't want to be here. The smell of this place stung his nose, making it difficult for him to smell anything else. Standing up the Creature pulled on his restraints, testing them to see how strong they were. Unfortunately they were strong enough to the point of being unbreakable. He let out a sigh as he leaned against the wall, trying to think of plan to escape this place before anything else happened to him.




The sound of footsteps made his cat ears twitch and perk forward, listening as the footsteps were coming from above, moving around before getting louder as they drew closer and closer. Across from the cage he was in was a metal door that had no handle on it as far as he could see, but it surprisingly opened inward, revealing a set of wooden stairs that led up. And standing in front of the stairs a young woman was revealed as well, smiling at him.

"Nice to see that you're awake. At least you didn't overdose on the amount of sedative I gave you." she said casually as if she were talking to a friend. "I hope you're not too uncomfortable. But then again I don't want to risk being attacked and mauled by your teeth and claws." she continued, walking into the room as she shut the door behind her.

Instead of wearing her camouflage hoodie from earlier tonight Amy was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans, along with a white lab vest and black sneakers. When she came up to the cage he let out a warning growl before trying to attack, only to be held back by the shackles he wore. Baring his large feline teeth he glared at the woman with hatred. "Let me go and I will reconsider killing you." he snarled, his ears flattened against his head.

Amy only ignored his threat as she looked down at her iPad, writing something on it using her stylus. "Creature is very aggressive and hostile while showing the behavior of a threatened feline, mainly that of a big cat." she spoke out loud while taking notes, glancing up at the Creature. "I'm Amy by the way. Do you have a name? Or should I just call you Cat?" she asked, wanting to see what kind of response he would give her.

"Why would I tell you! Let me go now or I will kill you!" he shouted, his raised tail and the layer of fur covering his body fluffed and standing on end.

Amy took the time to observe the Creature and the markings on his fur, raising a brow in curiosity. "Creature has the markings of the seven known big cats as well as some of their features. His hair almost resembling the mane of a lion while spots and stripes cover his body. His nose and the coloring around his face definitely resembles that of a cougar." she paused, glancing at his face before returning her attention back to the iPad. "Yet his face is almost human as well as his body form."

"Kootra!" he shouted, grabbing Amy's attention. "My Kootra." his fur and tail lowered, losing its fluff. "Can you please let me go now?" he asked, pleading to her.

She had to admit the pleading was cute but she had to be professional about this. "That is a very interesting name. Did you pick that name for yourself or did your parents give you that name?" she asked. "And what are your parents names? Are they like you too or are they human? Or did they find you in the wild and adopt you?"

All these questions only made Kootra more and more frustrated until he could no longer take it. He let out a half-human, half-cat roar that would frighten almost anything into running away, however Amy only stood there with a look of fascination on her face, smiling as she wrote some more on the iPad. Kootra had enough of this as he let out a very low growl, not to threaten, but to call out for help. His low growl sent out a low frequency that humans couldn't hear, but other Creatures could hear the frequency.

"You will be sorry for not letting me go." he snarled, flexing his sharp black claws.

"I'm sure I will be. But until then, make yourself at home." Amy replied, showing no fear of him. "I'll bring down some food and water for you in case you get thirsty or hungry."

Amy turned and stood in front of the door, letting a small glass orb in the middle scan her eye before opening. She exited through the door and closed it, a loud click signaling that it was securely locked before she made her way back up the stairs. Amy wanted to shout and jump for joy to celebrate her successful capture of a living and breathing Creature, but that would have to wait. She wanted to call Dexter and gloat to him of her success but she didn't want anyone else to find out about her success until she was done studying 'Kootra' as the Creature called himself.

Things were finally looking up.



The sound was followed by a vibration in the earth that alerted seven dark figures that were deep in a cavern near the mountains surrounding the forest. They recognized the sound and knew what it meant. Each of them were taught what to do in case one of them were in trouble, but none of them ever figured it would come from their leader.

"Kootra's in trouble." spoke one Creature that had antlers adorning his head.

"We need to find him before something happens to him!" said another, the silhouette of feathered wings could be seen as they ruffled nervously.

"You expect us to go out and find him right now?" asked a Creature who began pacing back and forth. "It's going to be morning in three hours! There's no way we'd be able to find him in three fucking hours!"

"But we can't just leave him out there without doing something!" shouted a Creature that hung upside down from the cavern's ceiling, his leathery wings stretching out slightly.

One Creature rolled his golden colored eyes. "Maybe we should just have three of us go out and look while the rest stay here in case he comes back." he said.

"Oh sure, let's have three of us go out searching for him and possibly never come back." replied a sarcastic Creature. "That's a smart idea."

Another Creature gave a snort as he stomped his hoof down. "Then stick together to avoid being caught." he spoke. "How hard is it to find one of our own?"

They seemed to come to an agreement and gave a nod to each other. "Alright Nova, Immortal and BlackHawk, go out and look for Kootra. If you can't find him before sunrise return back here and we'll figure out a plan for tomorrow night." the antlered Creature said.

The Creatures Nova, Immortal and BlackHawk left the cavern, entering the forest in search of their leader. They still held the hope of finding Kootra without any problems before the night ended, but one could only hope so much before having to face reality. Their lives depended on the secrecy of their existence in the world. Sure they've had a few close calls with humans but none bad enough to expose them.

Soon their existence would be exposed to the world.
Creatures of insanity
What happens when Creatures that have lived among humans for many years have one of their own caught by an amateur scientist and taken away to be studied? Only chaos and death will follow until their leader is rescued. Or will their rescue attempt only lead to their capture as well? Read and find out in this amazing tale of the Creatures.

Chapter 2 ->…
Hey guys, I'm making this journal for all to read because I am giving permission to anyone who wants to draw scenes from my story Achievement Unlocked as well as the behind the scene parts. The only characters that belong to me are Nick and Amy. So if you love reading this story and want to draw a part from one of the chapters or if you want to draw the whole thing to make as a comic, go ahead as long as you remember to mention that credit for the story goes to me.

Again, this is for anyone interested in the story. You have my permission to draw out the whole thing.

Anyways that's all I have to say. See ya later!
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