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/Your time of evil has met its end, Alduin./ Aurida glared as she watched the large black dragon flying above her, unable to hear the roar it let out when it opened its mouth. The young Khajiit tightly gripped her Nordic swords as she readied herself to attack. She was not going to waste her arrows on Alduin unless she was out of options. The sky quickly became dark as meteors began to fall, striking the ground around Aurida as she did her best to dodge the large rocks.

If she were to defeat Alduin she had to ground him to do so, which is what she intended to do. As soon as the dragon flew close enough Aurida used the Dragonrend shout, directly hitting Alduin as it forced him to land, causing him to slam down with a tremendous force that shook the ground. This gave Aurida the chance to attack as she ran towards the downed dragon, having to act quickly before Alduin could become airborne again.

He saw the Khajiit running towards him and growled. "How dare you hold the title of Dovahkiin! You are nothing more than a pitiful abomination that should be put out of its misery!" he roared, letting out a pillar of fire from his jaws right at the Dovakhiin.

Aurida barely had time to dodge the stream of fire, quickly tucking and rolling to the right to avoid being burned to ashes. The heat of the fire was intense and it even singed her fur and scales of her tail, causing her to wince from the burning pain she felt. She glared at Alduin and gave a snarl as she ran at him, swords raised as she moved around him and swung her blades at the dragon, the metal slashing at the dragon's leathery armored hide. Alduin barely flinched and gave a wicked chuckle before knocking Aurida back with one swift motion of his tail.

Needless to say it knocked the wind out of her as she landed a few feet away on her back, letting out a cough of pain. /Damned dragon! I will kill you and make a nice chest plate with your hide!/ She took the time to notice that her Dragonrend shout was beginning to wear off. The last thing she wanted was to give Alduin the advantage of flight to use against her. Aurida quickly stood up and sheathed her swords, readying herself to use the Dragonrend shout again.

Alduin noticed this as well and glared at the Khajiit, his red eyes watching her. He could tell she was about to use a shout, no doubt the same one she had used to force him to land. He reared his head and let out his Unrelenting Force shout just at the same time Aurida released her Dragonrend shout. Both shouts collided with each other, causing the ground to shake from the force of the collision.

Unfortunately it did not end there.

The aura from both shouts swirled around in the air until they became one, creating a small black dot in the center from the swirls of color. Both Aurida and Alduin stared at the small black dot in fascination, both questioning on what it was and why it was there. The dot soon began to grow with each second, the wind picking up as it was pulled towards the hole.

It was similar to a conjuration portal, but instead of something stepping out of the portal it seemed to be pulling everything towards it instead. Aurida took a few steps back as the pulling force from the portal slowly grew stronger and stronger as the portal continued to become bigger. The sky above became dark and cloudy as bolts of lightning struck the ground around the portal, making it larger and larger. Aurida took off running, seeking shelter behind a nice sized boulder as Alduin tried to fly away from the mysterious portal.

Unfortunately for the dragon it was too late for him as he was pulled towards the black swirling portal, the force stronger than him as he was slowly pulled into the portal, disappearing as he let out one final roar. However the portal did not stop there as everything around it was continued to be pulled in, including the boulder Aurida was hiding behind. Once that was gone the Khajiit was quickly pulled in, being lifted off the ground as she disappeared into complete darkness.

The portal then disappeared as if nothing had happened, leaving nothing behind.


A sudden light pierced her vision as Aurida regained consciousness, feeling as though she had been asleep forever. She struggled to her feet, feeling a bit nauseous and woozy as she stood up. The Khajiit quickly checked over herself, making sure she had not lost any limbs from what ever she had been in. So far everything was okay and she still had her weapons and armor, although she caught a glimpse of her half-torn cowl of her Nightingale armor, making her growl. /It'll take me forever to fix that./

She turned around.

Her attention was drawn to the blade of a golden scepter with a blue glowing orb in the center where the blade met with the hilt of the scepter. The blade was sharp and dangerously close to her chest just over her heart. The owner of the scepter was a man with a young face and black hair that reached his shoulders. His eyes were a bright green and his clothes were green and black with a bit of gold in some areas. /Is that armor? Very interesting design. I think I'll take that after I kill him./

Unfortunately he wasn't alone.

There were four others as well, one of them wore a black patch over his eye and didn't seem too happy of the man with the scepter, holding some type metal satchel in his hand that he seemed very protective of. Aurida was unsure of who was friend and who was foe, but her thoughts were interrupted when the man with the eye patch fell to the floor, dropping the metal satchel. Something about the satchel seemed important, she could feel it and she wanted to know what was hidden inside it.

Without hesitation the Khajiit kicked the man holding the scepter right in his chest before taking off, grabbing the satchel as she ran past it. Of course she did not get very far after feeling a sudden burst of pain in her back and in her leg, causing her to stumble and fall to the floor. Despite the immense pain she felt Aurida managed to get up and continue running, using her Whirlwind Sprint to distance herself with her attackers.

Only to be met with more enemies in front of her.

The next several seconds were absolute chaos.

Bullets whizzed past Aurida as she continued running, heading down a long concrete tunnel that hopefully would lead her out of this place. More pain erupted from her back and legs but she did not dare stop running. She did not have enough arrows to take out all of these enemies and whatever kind of weapons they were using outmatched her swords and daggers. Growling in frustration Aurida halted in the middle of the tunnel, raising her hand in front of her as she used what magic she knew to summon the skeletal horse known as Arvak. Without further hesitation Aurida quickly mounted Arvak and held on as the skeletal horse galloped out of the tunnel.

The tunnel itself seemed to stretch on forever as Arvak galloped fast until Aurida could finally see a way out of the tunnel, smiling and sighing in relief as they finally exited out into the night. But there was a problem. Aurida did not see any landmarks of Skyrim or any plant and wildlife that lived in Skyrim. /Where am I?/ It would be a question to answer later as Arvak continued to gallop through the barren land, his eyes and mane glowing brightly in the darkness of the night.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she glanced behind her in time to see a large explosion of the strange building she had been inside of. Her night vision was very helpful when she noticed a large and strange creature flying in the sky. /Is that a dragon? Maybe the dragons are different here...where ever 'here' is./ Her attention was drawn to the large creatures traveling on the ground, carrying several people, some that Aurida could recognize.

Steering Arvak in the opposite direction Aurida took the time to take a look at her new prize, her hands feeling the metal briefcase for a way to open it. Her claws traced the edges until they stopped near the handle, her eyes narrowing as she observed the locks on the case while grinning. /Nothing the Skeleton Key can't open./ Aurida reached into her satchel and felt around until her hand grabbed hold of the Skeleton Key, pulling it out as she went to work on picking the locks of the case.

It took a few minutes for the Khajiit to finally open the case, revealing a blue glowing square nestled in the center. /This is definitely mine now./ If there was anything Aurida enjoyed more in life it was stealing anything shiny or anything she deemed interesting, and this thing was certainly both. She could feel a strange source of power surging from the cube as she held it before putting it in her satchel. The Khajiit closed the metal briefcase and tossed it behind her, no longer needing it. /Now to return home and rest. I could use some mead right about now./

Unfortunately for Aurida there would be no rest for her.

The vehicle that Loki resided in was following after Aurida, catching up very quickly.
Of dragons, gods rage monsters?
What happens when a Khajiit from Skyrim is suddenly thrown into the world of the Avengers? Obviously nothing good can come from that given her infamous reputation in Skyrim. Of course being deaf is not going to help her situation.

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The sun was beginning to rise as the remaining four Creatures waited in the cavern, Ze currently pacing back and forth while the other three lounged around, all of them waiting for the return of Immortal, BlackHawk and Nova. There was still no sign of Kootra and they were starting to think the worse had happened, but none of them wanted to leave in fear that they wouldn't return.

"Okay, how about all four of us go out tonight and look for them. That way we stay together and we won't lose anyone." Ze spoke, pausing in his pacing to look at the others for their response.

Spoon gave a shrug as he kicked a small rock with his hoof. "Sounds good. As long as it keeps us from disappearing."

BatDanz gave a nod in agreement, stretching out his leathery wings. "I can keep an eye out from above and maybe be able to spot the others if I see them."

Ze smiled before staring at the last Creature, waiting for his response. "What do you think, SSoH?" he asked.

SSoH gave a sigh, the rattle on the end of his scaly tail buzzing as he shook it a few times while thinking. "Sure. Why the hell not." he finally said. "Let's all get captured, killed or disappear forever." the sarcasm could be clearly heard.

It wasn't a good answer but it would have to do. "Alright, let's get ready for tonight so we can find our fellow Creatures!" Ze said in a triumphant voice, trying to be uplifting.

However the moment was short lived.

A metal canister was suddenly thrown into the cavern in the blink of an eye, releasing a large cloud of thick smoke that quickly filled the cavern. The Creatures were unable to see and could barely breathe as they coughed and gagged, trying to figure out what was going on. Ze attempted to feel his way around, staying close to the rock wall of the cavern as he felt around.

He failed to notice that the others had strangely stopped coughing.

"Are you guys okay?" he shouted, coughing harshly as he listened.


Suddenly a small stinging pain erupted on his neck as if a bee had stung him. He moved his furred hand to his neck, feeling something sticking out on his neck before he began to feel tired. The strange wave of exhaustion overcame him so quickly he didn't even have enough strength to fight it off as he fell to the ground. His eyes fluttered, his mind fighting to stay awake as he heard many footsteps drawing near to him, causing Ze to weakly look in the direction of said footsteps.

"Kootra?" he muttered before darkness engulfed him.

Standing near Ze as he slept were several men in black uniforms, all wearing bulletproof vests and armor that covered their arms and legs. Their heads were concealed by very advanced looking armor that had a visor to let them see everything, even infrared for the night. Each one had a rifle with tranq darts for ammo along with electric prods and sets of advanced-looking cuffs, nothing like what the police usually carried.

The leader of the small team checked each Creature to make sure they were asleep. "Sir, we have them and are transporting them to the lab now." he said, glancing at the sleeping Creatures.

"Good." replied a British voice, sounding pleased at the moment. "Make sure none of them escape."

The leader gripped his rifle tightly, wanting one of them to wake up just to shoot it again. "Yes sir."

"One more thing..." the British voice spoke. "Let's make sure to give Amy a nice friendly visit tomorrow night before she returns from her nightly run."

If he hadn't been wearing his helmet you would be able to see him smirk. "Will do, sir."


After the sun had risen Amy groaned as she awoke from her slumber when she felt the light of the sun hit her right in the face, the brightness pulling her out of her dreams. She wanted to go back to sleep but had to check on her four pets and also had to give them food and water. It was the pet bunny all over again. At least this time she wouldn't have to worry about these four escaping out the front door and end up as road kill.

Amy left the comfort of the couch as she made her way to the basement, opening the door to be met with four Creatures, three of them very upset and pissed off while Kootra was almost curled up and watching the others in silence. He had a clear look of irritation on his face as he glanced at Amy, giving her a deadly accusing glare as if he was blaming her for the chaos.

She rolled her eyes as she closed the door behind her, catching the attention of the other three who went silent very quickly and began to glare at her. "Uh...good morning. Nice to see you are all long have you been awake?"

Kootra immediately answered for them. "An hour after you brought them here." his voice was full of hatred.

"You guys were up all fucking night! What the hell is wrong with you! Don't you understand the goddamn concept of sleep!" she shouted, feeling her moodiness begin to stir. She was never a morning person.

"If you let us go then we'll sleep you fucking crazy bitch!" Nova shouted back at her, continuing to punch the plexiglass while ignoring the pain.

Amy only scoffed at Nova's response. "You think I'm going to let you go so I don't get paid for doing my job? How stupid are you?" she said, only making Nova more frustrated. "Now would you like to eat? Or do you want to starve for the whole day? Your choice so choose wisely."

They wanted to say something, she knew that, but Amy knew they wanted to eat more than argue. The silence confirmed their answer as she left the basement, heading upstairs to the kitchen to grab whatever raw meat she had stored in the freezer. All that meat she hunted gone because she had to make sure the Creatures stayed alive and healthy until Dex sent his team to pick them up. At least she wouldn't have to take them to get a checkup from Joe.

Once she had enough frozen raw meat Amy carried them downstairs, her fingers growing numb from the coldness. Of course this time when she entered the basement she was met with silence, making her smile a bit as she began to distribute two frozen pieces of meat to each Creature, having some left over. The Creatures weren't sure what to do as they stared at their frozen meal while Amy began to distribute water to them.

It didn't take long for her to notice that none of them were eating. "What the hell is wrong with you guys? Eat up."

Immortal glared and growled at Amy. "How the fuck are we supposed to eat something that's frozen solid?" he snapped, baring his canine teeth.

"Yeah, we normally eat things that are fresh and...not frozen." BlackHawk added, poking a talon at the frozen flesh.

Amy gave a frustrated sigh as she finished giving them fresh water, crossing her arms while staring at them. "I'm not used to taking care of things except for myself. So sorry if my hosting skills don't meet your standards."

Kootra gave a growl as he sat up and leaned his back against the wall, glancing at the piece of frozen flesh in disgust. A puddle of water was beginning to form beneath it caused by the change of temperature. Everything had been quickly turned upside-down for them so quickly that it didn't seem real to him, but here they were stuck with a mean and psychotic woman who could care less about them. He wanted to kill her, but in his current situation that did not seem possible.

"I'm going to be out running errands, so you guys just make yourselves comfortable and I will return tonight." and with that said Amy quickly left the basement, going off to do whatever it was that she planned to do.

Time to sleep the day away.
Creatures of insanity Ch. 5
What surprise does Dex have in store for Amy? Must be a birthday surprise. Kootra and the others don't seem to find their accommodations very comfortable, but what can they do?

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"The chip implant is finally working. I suppose that hit to the head with the bat was more useful than harmful." Hugo spoke as he watched the monitors with a smile. "Such a pity Mr. Tetch is dead, but he proved useful in our little experiment."

Pushing himself away from the monitors he sat up from his chair and walked over to the window, looking out to see another TYGER helicopter returning with more destroyed animatronic parts. It seemed his luck was turning around quickly, making him smile as he calmly left the room to take a look at the new parts that had arrived. Soon his creation would be complete and alive to carry out Protocol 9. Of course if his creation failed they would fall back on Protocol 10 as a fail safe.

Nothing could go wrong with his idea. And no one would stop him.


No. It couldn't be true. It had to be an illusion. A hallucination at best.

The Dark Knight was furious and upset with the news he had received from Robin. Not only had Robin managed to find Amy but he also witnessed her killing the Mad Hatter in cold blood. He could not come to terms with what he was told. It had to be in self-defense. It just had to be. But a part of Batman somehow knew what Robin told him was the truth.

He had trusted Amy enough to know she wasn't a danger to him or anyone else. She looked harmless enough, and yet here she was killing Jervis Tetch for no reason. Robin told Bruce that he saw Amy get free and had the chance to escape, but instead she stayed to kill Jervis and take his hat, along with taking control over the thugs Jervis had under his mind control. And to make it worse there was an animatronic as well, obeying Amy without even trying to kill her.

Now she had her own little gang along with an animatronic that would be difficult to kill.

There was one question that continued to repeat itself in Batman's head. Was Amy secretly working against him? And would he have to fight Amy and send her to Arkham Asylum after all of this ended? A large part of him said yes while only a small part deep inside told him no. It was hard not to think about as he glided through the night sky, in search of any animatronics roaming the city below. He had to forcefully push the thought away as he tried to remain focus on the task at hand.

Batman would deal with Amy later, right now he had a job to do and the last thing he wanted was a distraction while fighting. "How could you do this Amy?" he asked himself. "I trusted you. But now you've shown your true colors." letting out a sigh Batman landed on a nearby rooftop and contacted Robin. "Keep an eye on her. Follow her and let me know if she does anything else."

"Already on it. So far she's being carried by the purple bunny and looks to be asleep." he paused for a moment. "Want me to take her out?"

"No. Do not let her know you're following her." Batman glanced over the edge of the roof, scanning the area below before spotting movement in one of the alleys. "I will deal with her myself."

He could almost hear Robin frowning. "Understand." Robin replied in a somewhat disappointed and upset tone.

After ending his conversation Batman narrowed his eyes at the alley where he had spotted movement, using his bat vision to help. So far he could see no signs of anyone or anything in the alley and figured it was just his mind playing tricks on him, although he could go without anymore tricks tonight. He was about to use his grapple gun when a strange noise made him pause and sent a slight chill down his spine.


The sound itself almost sounded like radio static, only it was low and a bit demonic. He stared at the alley, expecting something to pop out while attempting to decode the radio static to see if someone was trying to send out a hidden message. Unfortunately he picked up nothing and saw no signs that any message was being sent. His eyes searched the area frantically below for the source of the static but could not place where it was coming from.

And it was growing louder and louder with each second, almost as if it were right behind him...

"There you are."



Being carried around felt fantastic and relaxing for Amy as she continued her nap, Bonnie still carrying her in his arms while he kept walking. So far there had been no disruptions during their little walk, everything was quiet and peaceful for a change. Her arm however was still bleeding due to the injuries from the bullets and her knife, but she could care less at the moment, right now was the time to enjoy the peacefulness while it lasted.

Unfortunately for Amy, said peacefulness will not last very long.

The sudden stop was enough to wake her up as her eyes opened, staring up at the cloudy night sky above. It was eerily quiet which made Amy on edge as she slowly sat up, stretching her arms and legs as her mind woke up. It felt like she only had a five minute nap since she still felt very tired, but she forced herself to stay awake, hoping they had found a safe place to stay at so she could go back to sleep.

From what she could see they were in a large back alley, a barrel sitting near a corner with a lit fire inside that was still burning. Even from where Bonnie was holding her she could feel the warmth, which in turn began to make her tired. /No, stay awake. Find a bed then you can go to sleep as long as you there even any beds in this fucking game?/

Amy took a quick scan of the area, seeing two concrete stairs leading to two different doors. One was standing in front of her while the other sat close to where the fire barrel sat. Leaving the safety of Bonnie's arms Amy walked up to the door across from her, wasting no time in attempting to open it. She was surprisingly calm as she grabbed the doorknob, mainly because of how tired she was as she jiggled the doorknob.


"Which leaves door number two." she muttered, glancing at the other door. "No surprise there. They never make it easy." she turned to look at Bonnie and her gang, just now noticing the dark green hat sitting on one of Bonnie's ears, half-concealing it. /That explains a lot right there...of course I didn't notice it because I was tied to a goddamn chair by a fucking weirdo who kept calling me Alice!/

Walking over to the second door Amy let out a sigh, ready to face whatever monstrosity was hidden on the other side. By now she could care less if she was killed, at least she would be able to sleep and never wake up. Amy could also tell that her temperament was not on the good side at the moment, feeling cranky and moody from the lack of sleep. May God have mercy on whoever crosses her path while she is in this state of mind.

Grabbing and turning the handle Amy opened the door with ease, being welcomed to the sight of a comfortable looking chair. She glanced back at her gang with a slight grin. "I'm going to look inside. You guys stay out here and keep intruders away." she said. "If you hear me yell or scream, come inside and save my ass. Bonnie you're in charge, keep the guys in line." then she walked inside, closing the door behind her.

Bonnie looked down at the hypnotized thugs with a blank stare before walking over to the door, standing in front of it protectively as the others spread out and kept watch. It was quiet for a good five minutes before the sound of footsteps made themselves known, coming closer and closer to their location. The narrow alley leading out of the small area they were in was concealed in darkness, the fire from the barrel lighting the area as best it could but not enough to reveal the alley.

One thug walked over to the alley in curiosity, hearing strange noises coming from the darkness. Staring into the darkness he could clearly see two small red dots that seemed to be floating in the darkness itself. He readied himself to attack whatever or whoever was in the alley, taking one step forward.

That one step ultimately cost him his life.


A metal robotic hand reached out from the darkness and grabbed the thug by his head, crushing his skull in one quick motion before pulling him into the darkness where the sounds of bones being broken could be heard. The others were alert and were ready to attack after witnessing the thug being snatched away by the robotic hand, staying clear of the darkness.

The horrible sounds of bone breaking soon ceased completely.





Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped! Ch. 20
Strange is up to something diabolical, Batman doesn't know what to do with Amy and now Amy has her own little gang...of course we all know that won't last long for her.

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"That actually turned out better than I thought it would. Well done everyone." the author spoke as the cast and staff began to leave for the day after rehearsing the scene for chapter 19. "Can someone please tell Jervis to stop acting? We're done for the day."

Nick rolled his eyes as he walked over to Jervis, kneeling down. "Hey, you can stop playing dead. The scene is over."

No response.

"Jervis?" Nick said, poking at him a bit before shaking his shoulder. "Dude are you okay? Get up." he shook a little harder. "Must have hit your head against the ground a little harder than we thought."

It wasn't until the coppery smell of blood hit Nick's face, causing him to almost gag from the smell. He looked closer at the supposed fake neck wound and lightly touched the still bleeding wound, only to realize that it wasn't fake blood. Nick felt his body freeze in place, unable to move as he stared at the dead body in fear, his mind still trying to process the new information.

"H-H-Hey...I n-n-need h-help!" he stuttered, saying it loud enough to grab the author's attention.

She walked over to Nick and stared at him with a look of confusion. "What's wrong with you? Why are you stuttering?" she asked.

"He's dead." Nick simply said, unsure of how else to say it.

"What!" the author replied, kneeling down beside Nick to check Jervis' body for a pulse.

No pulse. No heartbeat.

Only silence.

"Shit, shit! How the fuck did this happen!" she shouted, loud enough to grab Batman's attention.

He walked over to them and stared down at them questioningly. "What happened?" he asked, noticing that Jervis still had not moved from his spot.

The author did not want Batman to even know what was going on for fear that he would do something to Amy. "Nothing. Nothing happened. Everything's okay!" she said, trying to sound happy as she elbowed Nick, gesturing him to act normal.

"Uh yeah...everything's A okay here. No one died or anything like that." he spoke, the nervous tone in his voice being easily heard.

Batman was not stupid and knew there was something wrong. Using his bat vision he stared at Jervis' body, seeing no vital signs of life. He was dead. Amy had actually killed Jervis' in cold blood and did not try to tell anyone. He could feel his anger boiling and rising inside him as he gave a hateful glare before lashing out, punching the wall next to him which left a nice-sized hole from his fist.

"Where is she." he asked, hatred filling his tone.

"I...she...I don't know where she is. She left before I even noticed." the author replied, secretly lying to him.

Batman glared at the author. "When you see Amy, tell her I would like to have a word with her." and with that said he left.

Nick watched Batman walk away, looking at the author after he left the room completely. "She's hiding in the other story, isn't she?" he asked.

The author gave a nod. "Yeah. She knows he can't cross over there unless I allow it."

Nick scoffed. "Good luck on dragging her ass out from that story. Right now that's the only thing keeping Batman from finding her and beating the shit out of her." he glanced at Jervis' body and shuddered. "What are you going to do with him?" he gestured to the body.

"Don't worry, I have an idea on how to bring him back...just hope it works." then the sound of radio static filled the area, nearly scaring them both. "Goddamnit Mangle! Would you knock that shit off?"

"What the fuck is THAT thing doing here!" Nick asked, his voice holding a slight hint of fear. "It died in a vat of acid! There's no reason for it to be here!"

"Actually..." the author began, smiling nervously at Nick. "I plan on having Mangle make another appearance. I don't think she had enough spotlight so it's only fair if she got a little more attention. Plus the reader's wanted to see more of her."

" exactly are you going to bring it back? It melted in acid! Therefore it is destroyed beyond repair!"

The author gave a sly grin. "I have my ways. Now let's start cleaning this mess up and preserve the body."

So many surprises she had in store for everyone that no one would ever guess what will happen next.
Complications have arose for the author again...but I'm sure she can fix it...I think.

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The next few hours were completely exhausting.

Amy's trek to the truck was long and slow much to her displeasure. She had to keep reminding herself that she was being paid to hunt these Creatures with each step she took. Of course after finally making it to the truck there was another problem she had encountered, and that was getting all three Creatures in the truck-bed. Amy fell over several times when trying, being pinned down each time until she finally succeeded in putting the sleeping Creatures in the truck-bed.

"Motherfucker...those assholes are heavy..." she said, huffing in exhaustion.

The drive back to the house was relaxing, a little too relaxing after Amy almost dozed off at the wheel a few times. Once she made it back to the house Amy then had the lovely chore of dragging the Creatures one by one into the house and down into the basement. She put two of the Creatures in their own cells, clasping the shackles onto their wrists and ankles as well as slipping on the same metal collar Kootra had around their necks before bringing in the third Creature.

In the light she had to admit that the third Creature was a strange one and also figured out why there was a water tank added with the cells. The Creature in question was a mix between a shark and crocodilian, possessing the coloring of a great white with a bit of a dark green color along the top where the skin seemed to be crocodilian. His chest had the skin of a crocodile's underbelly scales but was fully white instead of a yellowish-green. Along his back was a shark fin and the tail of a shark could be seen as well, including the crocodile ruts going down along the tail reaching all the way to the tip.

But what pondered Amy the most was the black short slightly curled hair on his head connected with a short but thick black beard and a thin-lined mustache. How this Creature even managed to grow any hair despite being what he was made Amy wonder, but that quickly went away as she looked at the Creature's mouth full of sharp teeth, seeing noticeable shark teeth mixed with crocodile teeth.

"I wonder if I can talk Dex into letting me keep this one as a pet." she muttered before putting the Creature in the tank, shutting the top and locking it.

The step ladder she used to help her get the Creature in the tank was folded up and set aside for later usage. Amy was then about to head upstairs before stopping in front of the winged Creature's cell. /Can't let his feathers cause any problems. I'll have to fix that./ She headed upstairs for a moment before returning back into the basement with a strange leather strap Dex had supplied her with. She entered the Creature's cell and maneuvered the strap onto him, folding in the wings on his back as she did so. The strap came with a padlock to keep the Creature from removing it as she locked the strap into place.

Once she exited the cell and locked the door Amy headed upstairs, going into the living room and falling face first onto the couch, falling asleep from exhaustion and lack of sleep. She would deal with her newest guests after she woke up, which wouldn't be for a long while from now.



Such unbearable pain he felt.

Even after the sedative had worn off Kootra did not wake until an hour after Amy had returned from her hunt. The pain he felt in his chest made him want to vomit as he laid on the floor, a wave of nausea rolling over him. He didn't want to move, but he felt very dehydrated as he began to crawl over to the bowl of water Amy put in the cell. It still had water in it, not too much but it was enough to quench his thirst. After finishing what was left of the water he laid his head back on the floor, staring at Immortal, BlackHawk and Nova as they lay in their own cells still unconscious.


Despite the nausea Kootra quickly sat up, his eyes wide with surprise. "Immortal! BlackHawk! Nova!" he shouted, struggling as he got to his feet, staring at all three of his pack members.

They did not move or respond to him, the effects of the tranq darts still at work until the effects wore off, which wouldn't be for another hour. In a way Kootra was happy now that he would no longer be alone, but was also terrified, frightened that part of his pack had been caught. Would the others come looking for them when they did not return? Or would they just give up hope in looking if they couldn't find them? The thought alone was frightening but he couldn't let himself think like that.

So for the next hour Kootra sat in silence, watching and waiting impatiently for his pack members to awaken. His tail would occasionally twitch nervously, his ears swiveling around as they listened to the dead silence surrounding him. It slowly killed him to wait so long for the others to wake, feeling bored and a bit sad at the same time. Why did this have to happen to them? None of them deserved to be treated like this or even have to endure being trapped and separated from the rest of the pack.

Soon enough Kootra began to see movement from the others, a twitch here and there before they slowly awakened. They did not look to be hurt or injured in any way that Kootra could tell, making feel a little better. "Are you boys okay?" he asked, waiting for their response.

"Kootra, you're back." Immortal spoke, still a bit groggy from the sedative. "How'd you get away?" he asked.

Kootra only gave Immortal a very confused look. "What are you talking about?" he asked. "I didn't get away, you guys were caught!"

BlackHawk gave a tired yawn as he stretched out his arms. "Hey we found Kootra." he said tiredly.

Giving a frustrated groan Kootra remained silent until the others were fully awake, taking notice that Nova was still asleep in the tank, snoring by the looks of the many bubbles escaping from his mouth each time he exhaled. Once Immortal and BlackHawk were wide awake they both took in their surroundings more closely this time and began to panic.

Immortal pulled against the restraints using all of his strength while BlackHawk tried to tear away the leather strap that kept his wings folded in. Kootra shook his head as he watched them helplessly, unable to do anything to help. Then it was around this point that Nova had finally began to awaken from his slumber, noticing that he was underwater in some kind of large tank with strong metal bars blocking the top of the tank to prevent him from escaping.

"What the fuck is this shit!" Nova shouted, his voice being easily heard by the others thanks to the three speakers built on three sides of the tank. "Where the fuck are we?" he shouted again as he began slamming his fists against the strong plexiglass tank.

Sadly their attempts at trying to get free were impossible as they only succeeded in wearing themselves out. "You need to save your energy so we can come up with a plan to escape." Kootra said, hoping they would listen to him.

"Yeah?" Nova spoke with a growl. "And how well has that worked for you Kootra?"

Kootra growled back and glared, crossing his arms as he looked away. "I was working on a plan!" he replied.


The sudden noise silenced them as they looked up at the ceiling in curiosity.


The sudden vibration and ringtone from Amy's cellphone woke her up abruptly, causing her to roll off the couch and fall on the floor with a loud thud. As she began to stand up her head connected with the dark oakwood coffee table that sat in front of the couch, making her wince from the pain as she moved away from the table and stood up. She furiously rubbed where the table hit her head as she pulled out her phone, glaring at it while answering.

"What! What the fuck do you want!" she shouted, clearly frustrated that her slumber had been interrupted.

"Do you forget who you're talking to?" spoke a male voice that held a British accent.

"I don't fucking care, Dex! You woke me up while I was trying to sleep!" Amy replied in anger.

"Did you catch all eight of them?" he asked, caring less if he woke her up.

Amy was hesitant before replying. "Uh...I got four of them. But-"


She really did not want to be arguing with Dex right now, especially with how tired she still was. "It was pure fucking luck that I even caught three tonight! I don't even know where the other four are at and I highly doubt interrogating them will work!" Amy said, hoping he would just hang up so she could go back to sleep.

There was nothing but silence on the other end for a minute or two before Dex finally spoke. "I know where they are hiding. I'm going to send in a team to capture the remaining Creatures and bring them to Manning Labs. Then they will return for the ones you've caught and you'll get your payment."

Amy was very surprised by Dexter's response and wasn't sure how to respond. "" she shook her head and shrugged. "Whatever. I don't care. I'll make sure the Creatures I have don't escape before you send your lackeys over here."

And with that said she hung up on him without another word, turning her phone off to avoid any more calls before returning to the couch and going back to sleep. /The pay better be good after the lack of sleep I've been suffering through./ She honestly didn't think the conversation would have gone that easily but then again she didn't care. All Amy wanted now was peace, silence and no interruptions while she was sleeping.

Unfortunately her luck would only get worse from this point.
Creatures of insanity Ch. 4
A call from Dexter at this time of night? Usually not a good sign, but he plans on capturing the remaining four creatures and pay Amy just like that? Something about this seems a bit off...however Amy was too tired to see it.
Hey guys, I'm making this journal for all to read because I am giving permission to anyone who wants to draw scenes from my story Achievement Unlocked as well as the behind the scene parts. The only characters that belong to me are Nick and Amy. So if you love reading this story and want to draw a part from one of the chapters or if you want to draw the whole thing to make as a comic, go ahead as long as you remember to mention that credit for the story goes to me.

Again, this is for anyone interested in the story. You have my permission to draw out the whole thing.

Anyways that's all I have to say. See ya later!
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