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She was excited today. The new Riddick movie was showing today and she wanted to see it. Aura had planned for this day ever since she saw the previews for it. Of course she would take someone with her to see it, namely Abby. She had been planning something after the picture she got of Wynter kissing Abby. It made her upset and jealous that Wynter got to Abby first, but Aura was determined to win this battle no matter what.

Tonight would be the perfect time to put her plan into action. Right now she was heading toward Abby's shop, smiling as she walked. Her new pet, Animal, had come with her, wrapped around her neck disguised as a necklace. She had to admit that he had turned out better than she planned, although Bryan was not too happy about the new guest. She giggled as she reached the shop, opening the door and walking in to see Abby at the counter, cleaning one of the many guns she had in her shop.

"Hey Abby. Ready for tonight?" Aura asked with a hint of excitement in her voice.
Abby looked up at Aura and smiled, nodding. "Yeah. But why didn't you invite Dante? I mean he is your boyfriend." she asked.

Aura smiled nervously. "Well I still have this little crush on the Riddick character and didn't want to make Dante jealous. The good part is he doesn't know about it. And we've never hung out that much before." she said, giggling.

"That makes sense." Abby replied, smiling. "And I am interested in seeing this movie. Anyways, let me go get ready. I'll only take a few minutes." and with that said Abby disappeared to the next room.

Aura grinned as she went behind the counter, taking a quick peek at Abby's laptop, seeing a few pics of people in straight jackets as they posed. She had found something that Abby was interested in and Aura was going to fully use this to her advantage. Now she just had to think of how to use this in her plan for tonight.

Hearing Abby's footsteps, Aura quickly got back on the other side of the counter, leaning against it. "Okay, I'm ready." Abby said as she came out, walking around the counter over to Aura, wearing her usual mid-driff red shirt and camo shorts. "Let's go."

Aura nodded and headed outside, opening the door for Abby as they left, Abby of course locking the door before they headed for the movie theater.

After watching the movie, the two headed back to Abby's shop, talking about the movie as they entered the shop. "Riddick is so hot. I will always have a secret crush for him." Aura said as she tried to keep from blushing.

"I have to admit, he is badass in the movie. And very good at staying a step ahead of the enemy." Abby replied, smiling while her clothes were removing themselves without her even noticing.

Aura grinned and giggled, her tail wagging as Abby's clothes silently dropped to the floor, leaving her in her bra and panties. Her grin slowly widened as a straitjacket carefully slipped on Abby from behind, watching as Animal was putting it on Abby as well as going undetected by the ferret. Everything was going as planned so far, she just had to keep Abby distracted long enough.

"Hey, where'd your necklace go? Did you lose it at the theater?" she asked with concerned when she noticed that Aura's necklace was gone.

"Uh...yeah, maybe. But it's okay, I can go there tomorrow and ask if they found it." Aura said, smiling nervously.

Abby shrugged and nodded. "Good idea. Well I guess I should head to bed." she said. By now the straitjacket was completely on her, securely tied and keeping her restrained. When Abby tried to move her arms, she looked down to be surprised. "What the-" she said, only to be cut off by a black ball gag that was magically sealed from behind.

Aura giggled and laughed at the struggling ferret, smirking as she grabbed the arm of the jacket and pulled Abby to her room, pinning her down on the bed. Abby continued to struggle in the confines of the jacket, but her tail wagged happily as if it was enjoying the situation. She shook her head from side to side, kicking her legs until they were tied to the bed posts, spreading them open.

"Aumph! Lmph mmph gmph!" Abby muffled, trying to pull her legs away.

"What's that? Turn on skype and let everyone see it?" Aura asked teasingly. "If you insist." she turned her head, looking at Animal who had followed them and had stayed hidden. "Go get Abby's laptop, please." she said, giggling as Animal left the room, coming back with the open laptop.

"Good boy. Now to set everything up." Aura muttered as she set the laptop on a dresser that was across from the bed, logging onto Abby's skype account and turning on the webcam. "There we go." she smirked and went back to the bed, grinning as a few hovering candles appeared along with several feathers. "Time for the torture!" Aura giggled as Abby's muffled protests went unheard.


As Wynter was about to turn off the lamp and fall asleep, her phone vibrated on the nightstand. She grabbed it and saw that Aura had sent her a text with a picture. The picture was of Abby in a straitjacket tied to the bed and Aura giving Abby a kiss as wax dripped from the candles above and the feathers tormented Abby. Another text popped up suddenly, saying turn on your laptop.

Glaring at the text, Wynter quickly got out of bed, turning on her laptop before sitting on her bed. Once it was on, she received a video call to her skype account. She clicked on the Answer Call button and was rewarded with giggling, laughter and moans of pain mixed with pleasure.

Aura broke away from the kiss and looked at the webcam, smirking. "I win." she said, before tearing away Abby's panties and grinning as a purple dildo appeared.

Abby saw the dildo and started shaking her head, pulling her legs an squirming even more. Wynter smiled and chuckled as she turned the laptop off and closed it. "Okay Aura. You're on." she said, then went to sleep.
this is way over-due. i apologize for that and i hope you all enjoy it (:
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Wolven-Slave Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Student Photographer
^.^ yay for an ownership war! That was awesome :-) very well planned out.
furyanwolf13 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
thank you ^^ sorry that it took so long to put up >.< but i'm glad it came out all right (:
Wolven-Slave Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Student Photographer
I love it ^.^ always fun. I haven't gotten a chance to see the movie yet, I'll have to wait until it comes out on video sadly. I hope it was as good as the last few have been.
furyanwolf13 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
i haven't seen the movie either but anything with vin diesel is always kickass x3
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