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It was another boring day at the university for Aura. There was not much to do besides listen to the professors and mages talk about how to use magic wisely along with staffs and wands, along with having to take notes. Such talk made her bored very quickly and she wanted to fix that somehow. Her ice blue eyes scanned the room until they landed on Angel as he listened intently, and took notes. An idea slowly began to form and a sly grin made its way across her face.

The idea was there, but there was also a slight problem with her plan. The thought of using her staff had briefly crossed her mind followed by an instant mental no. To Aura, her staff was useless, so she would have to come up with something clever. So far, nothing came to her mind that would be sure to help.

She couldn't help but growl in annoyance, causing the professor to pause in the lesson and stare at Aura with a raised brow. "Is there something wrong Ms. Aura?" she asked, tapping her foot impatiently.

The black wolf looked at the professor, smiling nervously as she tried to stay calm. "Uh...nothing is wrong." Aura replied, her eyes searching for something to give her an excuse. "I...uh...I don't feel too well.." she said, trying to act sick and convince the professor.

The professor stared at Aura with disbelief, then gave a sigh. "Fine. You may go see the nurse. I will tell them you are on your way." she said.

Aura smiled and stood up, trying not to run out of the room. As soon as she was in the hall, she gave a giggle as the shadows around her came together and grew, taking on a large vulpine form. The form stood on all fours, its black fur surrounded by shadows and darkness, its large ears swiveling around to listen. The head was nothing but a vulpine skull staring up at Aura with no expression, yet Aura could see some expression and emotion on the creature's skull.

"I know Jack is making you watch me, so how about you help me with something." she said, grinning when the shadow vulpine nodded in reply.

She giggled and glanced through the small window of the door, staring at one person in particular, her ice blue eyes giving off an eerie glow as she focused on the one person. Once the glow in her eyes had disappeared, some of the lights in the room flickered, making her smirk before she looked at the vulpine and gave it a simple nod. It gave a nod back as it disappeared without a trace.

Several seconds had passed before shouts and a few screams were heard from inside the room. The vulpine from earlier had suddenly passed through the solid wood door with ease and ran down the hall. Aura stood against the wall as the door opened quickly, watching the professor chase after the shadowy fox creature while being followed by everyone in class...well almost everyone.

Stuck in his desk by unseen shadows was Angel. Aura smiled as she walked in the room, watching as the fox boy struggled in his desk. He saw Aura walk in and smiled in hopes that she would help him. "Aura! I'm glad you're here. Can you help me get out of this desk? Someone must have put an enchantment on it before class started."

The black werewolf only grinned as she went over to her desk, reaching into her back pack and pulled out a thick roll of duct tape. Angel had watched her and his smile disappeared, a confused look had quickly replaced the smile as Aura calmly walked back over to Angel, holding the roll of tape firmly in her paw.

Angel gave a nervous smile at Aura, his eyes fixed on the tape. "Uh...what's with the tape?" he asked.

Without warning, Aura tossed the tape into the air, watching with a smirk as it came to life and began binding Angel's arms and legs to the chair itself. Aura began to laugh as the fox boy struggled even more. "Looks like I win again." she said, smiling. "Oh, and we definitely need to lose those clothes." she spoke, giggling as Angel's clothes burnt off from one of her shadow spells, only leaving him in his striped pink and purple panties and his blue tennis shoes.

"Hey! This is so not fair! Let me go!" Angel shouted as the tape continued binding his arms and legs until there was nothing left but the tape roll. He struggled as much as he could but he was securely taped to the chair.

"Well that was fun." she said, smiling and laughing as she went back to her desk and grabbed her back pack, heading out the door. Suddenly she paused, glancing back at Angel with a smirk. "It sounds like everyone is coming back. Hope you have fun until school is over."

And with that said, as she left the room to head outside, a ball gag crept out from the werewolf's back pack and hovered in the air before flying at Angel's face to gag the helpless fox boy. 
a request for a friend of mine (: i hope he likes it ^^
Wolven-Slave Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Student Photographer
Right on ^.^ makes me curious to exactly everything the shadow fox can do. I love the moment of hope Angel had before he saw the tape :) now the class gets to see him tapped and gagged in his panties, I wonder if anyone will help him escape or if he's doomed to wiggle and squirm until he gets free..
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